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The Story Behind God Made Light’s Artwork: 4 Interesting Details About Illustrating Matthew Paul Turner’s Children’s Book

**The following post is written by Matthew Paul Mewhorter, the illustrator for my new children’s book, God Made Light… **   My name is Matthew Paul Mewhorter, and I had the sincere pleasure of illustrating God Made Light.    I’m writing this at the end of a mind-blowing opening week of God Made Light. In its peak, the book ranked #231 on Amazon and #2 in Christian … [Read More]

20 Problems with Progressive Christianity…

I’m a progressive Christian (or I think I am), though I’m not sure I’ve ever uttered that sentence aloud. That’s not because I’m ashamed of the label, but more or less because nobody seems to define “progressive Christian” the same way. (<-That’s problem … [Read More]

This is my last blog post about Mark Driscoll…

Nine current Mars Hill pastors have signed a letter to Mark Driscoll, requesting their leader to resign from his job as pastor and all other ministry responsibilities. And then, former Mars Hill pastor, Bent Meyer, released this. According to Seattle news, … [Read More]

5 Lingering Effects of Fundamentalism

People often talk about fundamentalism like it’s a geographical location, a place or environment where they experienced the dark ills of religiosity. “But thank God I walked away when I did,” they’ll often say. Or they’ll note, “that place was evil! Happy I'm … [Read More]

My 38 Theses: Ideas for the Church

Last month a friend asked me to tell him my best advice for the Church. At the time, I just laughed and said, "That's not my place... right?" He shrugged, "Why not?" Later, as I thought about his question more, I started writing down a few things, just a … [Read More]

Dear God, Elias starts school tomorrow… (a prayer)

Dear God. Elias starts school tomorrow. And thankfully, he's excited about it. Which is awesome. Thank you for helping him to be a confident bright kid who's actually looking forward to school. And of course, I want him to love school. I want him to be … [Read More]

John Piper’s ‘Ebola,’ a poem…

As we know, Piper often puts his thoughts down in rhyme. Today, he released his latest poem to World Magazine, a Dr. Seussesque ode to the Ebola virus, inspired by tweets from Donald Trump... Ebola Summer 2014 Today a thousand dead. And more To die. … [Read More]

Mark Driscoll has apologized. Now he needs to resign.

Mark Driscoll has apologized. Again. And now he needs to resign. It's time. Hell, it was time in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, and six months ago. But now—either today or possibly tomorrow because it's a Sunday!—it's time for Mark Driscoll to step down, to … [Read More]