Why does Jesus’s six-pack have testicles?
I know, that’s just wrong.
But seriously, what was wrong with those old painters?


On a completely different topic, does this man’s legs begin at his belly button?

Christian Nightmares


Looks like God’s little ray of light broke her arm.

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I adore author Sara Miles.

As soon as I read Take This Bread: A Radical Conversion, a memoir about Miles’s journey into faith, her love affair with communion, and her quest to feed the hungry mouths of the San Francisco community where she lives, I Googled her name. Finding her website, I emailed Ms. Miles about my love for her book and inquired about whether or not she’d be willing to read Churched and possibly endorse my book. She agreed, and a few weeks later, I received her glowing review of my work.

Since that time, I’ve followed Miles’s writing career closely and was ecstatic when I learned of the title to her second book, Jesus Freak: Feeding Healing Raising the Dead. For those of us raised in evangelicalism, “Jesus Freak” as a title might seem cliche or old-fashioned, even a rip-off of the DC Talk song (and book) by the same name. But such a judgment toward Miles entitling her book “Jesus Freak” would be hasty and uninformed. For one thing, if Sara is aware that there’s a 1990s DC Talk song with the same, my guess it’s only because she’s Googled the title and not because she’s ever listened to it for pleasure. For somebody like Sara, an open-minded liberal who’s openly gay and a novice to practicing organized Christianity, the given title of Jesus Freak is in my opinion, brilliant.

In Jesus Freak, Miles offers readers a bird’s eye view of her everyday faith, from conversations with friends who think her “Jesus revelations” are crazy to a host of personal and theological reasons as to why she believes in a real resurrected savior. Furthermore, in addition to the journalist turned nonprofit-guru turned author writing in detail about why she takes the things Jesus says literal, Miles also shares honestly about the fears and joys that often come when one attempts to be Jesus in the here and now. One thing’s for sure, Miles can write; her prose flows easily from the humorous and lighthearted into the deep and painful and back again.

In the same way Take This Bread caused me to rethink how I viewed and partook of the Lord’s Supper, Jesus Freak caused me to wonder when the last time a stranger or friend thought of my love and passion for God as freakish.  

For Miles, freakish isn’t about standing “on a box in the middle of the city,” but about being the beauty, grace, and reality of Christ in everyday experiences. And again, in Jesus Freak, that way of life is no cliche.

Quote From Jesus Freak: “But Jesus is real, and so, praise God, are we. Every single thing the resurrected Jesus does on earth he does through our bodies. You’re fed, you’re healed, you’re forgiven, you’re pronounced clean. You are loved, and you’re raised from the dead… Go and do likewise.”

Read an excerpt from Jesus Freak here.

Purchase Jesus Freak here: Jesus Freak: Feeding Healing Raising the Dead



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