Dear God, Elias starts school tomorrow… (a prayer)

Dear God.

Elias starts school tomorrow.

And thankfully, he’s excited about it. Which is awesome.

Thank you for helping him to be a confident bright kid who’s actually looking forward to school.

And of course, I want him to love school. I want him to be passionate about learning, about experiencing new things, and about engaging new relationships. I really want that, God…

Which means you’re gonna have to protect him, God. Of course, I would love for you to protect him from all of the outside forces that tend happen in and around schools, you know, drugs, bullying, and school lunches. But right now, I mostly want you to protect him from me.

Because I love him so much, God. But sometimes I love him so much that I can be overprotective. Which is normal. But sometimes I can be far too preemptive in my protecting, God.

And as you know, I didn’t love school. It wasn’t all bad. But I have some baggage, mostly just a few fears and assumptions that seem show up the most in my parenting.

And God, the last thing I want to do is to negatively affect Elias’s school experience by projecting my own experiences onto his.

So help me, God. Help me to be the kind of daddy who guides without defining…

Who inspires without assuming…

Who engages without manipulating…

Who’s involved without being too involved…

Because Elias possesses a brilliant spirit, God, one so full of joy and imagination and wonder. And I’d like for him keep those things for as long as possible…

So protect him.

Don’t coddle him. But protect him…

From the bullies… the asshole teachers… and from me.



So well said. I, too, have some heavy baggage from school. My kids are an incoming 6th and 4th grader - I still deal with having to bite my tongue and pray so that I don't make my story into their story. Elias will be fine ... and so will you!


Legit. Regardless of faith or beliefs, this should resonate to some degree for every parent. We're living in the same script with different characters.