Zondervan presents: ‘Duck Dynasty’ VBS curriculum…

This is real.

According to the product info: Now you can bring the fun and excitement of America’s favorite family, the Robertsons from the hit TV show Duck Dynasty, into your church and teach your kids the gospel at the same time! In the easy-to-use Willie’s Redneck Rodeo VBS program, your volunteers will enjoy acting out the antics of Willie, Jase, Jep, Phil, Godwin, Martin, Si and others as they teach kids five of the Bible’s most beloved parables. This director’s guide includes instructions for everything you need to lasso your children’s hearts as you teach them God’s Word. Read more here.

Yesterday, I learned that a couple of the Duck Dynasty gang were releasing a study bible in October and while I certainly wondered why a Duck Commander study bible was necessary, the product didn’t surprise me.

But this surprises me.

One of the reasons is because personality-branded VBS programs are relatively unheard of. I mean, I’m not saying they’re non existent.

I don’t dislike Duck Dynasty. In fact, I’ve only watched one episode of the show. And while I didn’t get sucked in, I sort of get why many do. Many of my closest friends say nothing but wonderful things about the DD cast, boasting much about their kindness and generosity.

And I don’t doubt that. I disagree with them on a good number of theological and social issues. But I don’t doubt they are kind. And I’m sure, in context to their worldview, they’re intentions are good.

“Faith Commander” is a church-wide curriculum. This is the kids version.

But even if you believe that your intentions are good, are there no limits to how much “good” you should turn into products and sell at Christian bookstores? Doesn’t anybody on their team think, “Let’s be careful not to saturate the Christian market with junk?”

The truth is, Willie and kin may have no say in what publishers and Christian manufacturers create with the “Commander” name on it. Or perhaps they handpick each idea. I don’t know. Watching the promo video seems to imply the former, at least, in the beginning:

Regardless, using the Duck Dynasty brand to teach kindness, obedience, and Jesus’s parables to 4 to 10 year-old kids seems like a huge gimmicky stretch, one that quite honestly feels forced and manufactured to make money.

What do you think?


  1. Gustafa says

    Kinda like the Jesus Prayer Snuggies. 
    I know businesses are in business to make money, but in the Christian world we lose sight of so much.
    But hey, if Thomas Nelson can release “Heaven is for real” and it lines up with zero percent of scripture and rake in the dough, the DD boys can at least slap some camo on a bible and sell it.

  2. KimAnnWright says

    It also seems to me that DD isn’t personally hand picking what they are promoting. It seems like they are allowing a PR company to promote the DD name into Christian products and “run” with it.
    These VBS materials sound like a bit overboard. It’s not like it’s themed VBS materials, but it’s promoting DD during VBS and that to me just isn’t right.
    I have to say that I’m not for these VBS materials. Sorry DD fans. I’ve watched the show, and my husband is a fan. I’m not.

  3. KimAnnWright says

    DD had SATURATED the market EVERYWHERE with everything from t-shirts to garden gnomes, welcome mats, chirstmas ornaments, drinking cups, DD Character Bobble heads, DD dog treats, DD DVDS, DD cookbooks, DD hats, DD fake beards, DD greating cards, DD key chains, DD dog collars & leashes, now a DD Bible & VBS materials, and ,…if you can think of it, DD probably has their logo and pictures all over it. Face it. They are in it to make the big bucks. They argued last season about their contract price. This is why I don’t care to watch them and don’t have much respect for them.

  4. EricBoersma says

    “Let’s be careful not to saturate the Christian market with junk?”

    Whoa. That ship sailed a long, long time ago.

  5. Duck Dynasty Fan says

    “I disagree with them on a good number of theological and social issues.”

    Are you cool with the fact that DD stridently denounced the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of the utmost racism?

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