The most hate-filled church sign I’ve ever seen (maybe hell does exist)


If hell exists, I believe it’s for religious people who put up signs like this in front of their churches…

And for people like those in Arizona whose love for God fills them up with such hate that they work toward creating inhumane laws and legislation against strangers, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members (who are gay)…

Hell might exist for the American Christians whose influence and money helped Uganda pass laws making it against the law to be homosexual…

But honestly, these kinds of people are already experience some form of hell, a hell defined by ignorance and fear and anger, a hell that they don’t wake up in but rather one that rages inside of them…

Friends, we better start speaking up… Christians who remain silent about the “faith-based hate” that is spewing out of the mouths and hearts of their “brothers and sisters in Christ” are a part of the problem… People who refuse to stand up for our GLBTQ brothers and sisters are a part of the problem…

YOU might be a part of the problem. Just by saying and doing nothing.

You might not make the church signs…

You might not tweet hateful words on Twitter…

You might not vote in favor of anti-gay legislation…

You might not even know where Uganda is…

But if you’re not speaking up against the “American Christian evangelical anti-gay hate” machine that seems to be raging out of control in this country, then…



A part.

Of the problem.

Standing up against the hate is bigger and more important than your doctrines and theologies. It’s bigger and more important than whether or not you might piss off a family member… it’s bigger and more important than the relationship between you and your church… Standing up for our GLBTQ brothers and sisters should be our doctrine, our theologies, and a good and holy and natural part of our relationship with the Church…

If hell exists, I believe it’s reserved for people who do evil in the name of God, who hate in the name of God, who use God as a reason to be ignorant and prejudice and intolerant and anti-gay…

Please. Speak out against the Christian hate against gays. Vote against it. Challenge it.






How can a Christian say "hell might exist because these certain people are horrible"? Have you earned your own salvation, then? Are you good enough to not only pass God's judgement, but to elect yourself the judge over the sins of other human beings? 

Yes, it is the Christian's duty to love and not to hate BECAUSE OF THE GREAT GRACE THAT THE LORD HAS GIVEN US! Do not respond to the hate of sinners with hate and contempt, but first consider yourself the worst of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15) and leave it to the Lord to judge. 

PLEASE do not find your justification by comparing yourself to other sinful and hateful people and do not lead others into doing the same thing. It is only Jesus Christ who can suffer your punishment for you and make you clean, and he is has the power to change the hearts of the people that you've mentioned, so pray for them and do not damn them.


This isn't a church. It's the headquarters of one man's (James David Manning) radical and extremist ideology. He is on a crusade against homosexuality, Obama, and interracial relationships. How he remains a pastor at this church baffles me. It's extremists like these that need to be yanked from the pulpit and taxed by the very government he despises. It is a disgrace to the Body of Christ and it simply needs to be plucked from the body and thrown into the fire.


I can't even get my head around what this sign is saying. 


I cannot comprehend how people's love of God leads them to such hate. I cannot comprehend how someone didn't stop this sign from existing. Why do we cloak hatred under the banner of "truth" and permit it to continue? 

Hate is not okay. 

This makes me sick.


@saved, people like this need to be exposed and called out.  The sinner?  I don't hate him.  I don't know him, and don't care to.  He's provoked my outrage, but not my hatred.  A Christian can't be silent while this goes on. Kudos to Mr. Turner for shedding a light on this sign and not being silent. 


@saved That's so awesome that you call yourself "Saved."