By the end of the day, KISS’s Gene Simmons will be Christianity’s new hero…

That might sound crazy. But it’s very possible. The folks over at, which is basically the evangelical version of UpWorthy, has uncovered a Fox News clip from last year, one in which Gene Simmons of KISS (Kids In Satan’s Service!?) denounces the religious intolerance that many media folks have shown toward Tim Tebow.

In the headline, FaithIt writes: These Words! Gene Simmons Sums Up Everything I’ve Wanted to Say About Tim Tebow and Religious Tolerance. Brilliant.

Then, in the subhead for the clip, they offer a not so subtle praiseclaimer, adoration creatively mixed with slight renunciation. This short segment has me convinced–Gene Simmons is brilliant–not for his music, but his thoughts on culture and religion.

Now, I’m exactly sure this quote proves Gene’s brilliance, but that said, Simmons does offer some good words!

So prepare yourselves. There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing this video clip in your Facebook feeds real soon.


  1. LynnKalinosky says

    Love him or hate him, his words should be taken seriously.  He speaks as a son of a woman who, with her brother, were the only ones in their family to escape extermination in Germany.

  2. JoelR says

    Gene Simmons, aka the Demon, the lead Knight In Satan’s Service, is Christianity’s hero? I swear, sometimes it feels like I’m living in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  3. CerebralZoo says

    Yet Gene Simmons has no problem spewing filthy lies about Michael Jackson all over Twitter. So…he’ll never be my hero. He is a brilliant man. Brilliant at drumming up publicity for himself.

  4. KatherineRay says

    LynnKalinosky  Christians in America are in no way, shape or form close to being “exterminated”.  In a free society, your religion may be criticized, and in Tebow’s “I’m going to patent my prayer position” case, up for ridicule.

  5. LynnKalinosky says

     OH, goodie.  I get to list all the things I never said or thought or posted.  Well here you go:  I never said or thought or posted that we would be exterminated.  But nothing is impossible, and I for one, will never assume that history won’t repeat.  That’s dangerous.
    I never said or thought or posted that we can’t criticize religion.  So please, do go ahead and tell me all about my religion and how it’s to blame for everything that’s bad.  It would be ever so re-hashed.  I can only be responsible for how I practice.  So you won’t hurt my feelings, and my faith won’t budge.
    What I actually said, which I will repeat just for you, is the word Tolerance.  AS in, Tim Tebow puts himself out there for ridicule because he’s a show-off, but I’m deciding to be responsible and not turn that into a religion-bashing in the media for two reasons:  It’s not going to fix what’s wrong with religion, but it will cause an uproar and bring some lovely attention to me and my ego, making me no better than Tim Tebow.


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