1. CerebralZoo says

    Beaver Lick seems a little risqué. But I think the church should keep it. I would go to that church just to see what a Beaver Lick church is all about.

  2. PMAbbott says

    Matthew, this is my first occasion to see/read your blog–and frankly,¬†your approach¬†seems¬†a bit disconcerting.¬† Do you honestly believe it is edifying (EPHESIANS 4:29) to have¬†your fellow servants of Christ¬†focus our attention on this item (PHILIPPIANS 4:8)?¬† It is not my intention to condemn, but hopefully you would agree that there is some material that is simply “not fitting” among God’s People, like “filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting” (EPHESIANS 5:4).¬† I’m not sure where your line is.¬† Take care–¬†¬†¬† your brother Paul

  3. 317Russ says

    PMAbbott¬†I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the town (there is one in Kentucky).
    Maybe the appropriate response for these believers would be to avoid contact with the townspeople, leave town and never return so they don’t have put this sign outside their church or be soiled by the people who remain in the town with the vulgar name that has been in existence since the late 1700s (along with other questionably-named towns like Big Bone and Sugartit).

  4. PMAbbott says

    317Russ¬†PMAbbott¬† Hey there, 317Russ.¬†¬†Avoiding¬†judgment, I’m not sure how to take your posting: as a sincere recommendation, as a specious attempt at humor, or as a sarcastic correction.¬† None of those motives, however,¬†provides¬†a reasoned or reasonable¬†response to my original question/point: do you yourself have a line?¬† Or do you believe that, as children of God above reproach, our referencing of the “vulgar” need not look any different than that of¬†the crooked and perverse generation in which we find ourselves?¬†¬†Allow me to be more direct: do you truly not see the difference between those alternatives you pose and amusing ourselves with the vulgar?¬† Is it too much to expect an intelligent dialogue on this issue?

  5. LynnKalinosky says

    PMAbbott¬†317Russ¬†PMAbbott, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.¬†
    Something’s wrong when a person just can’t stand to see other people¬†laugh.¬† So the sarcasm was well earned.
    “Avoiding judgment”, I think your wig needs a powdering.¬†
    I think the church should keep its name, the name implies a part of a creek or river that was known for a beaver population, and once I got over my vulgar perverse giggle, I thought it was quaint.¬†¬†If for whatever reason, it’s causing undue stress or danger to the members, by all means change it.¬†(Goodness I hope that was intelligent enough. Phew.)

  6. 317Russ says

    PMAbbott FYI this only took me like 30 seconds to Google:,_Kentucky
    30 seconds is probably 10 times as long as it takes to make a kneejerk reaction.
    I would suggest that if anyone who lives within the state of Kentucky or Boone County that is offended by this to contact their local representation to have the names of these towns changed (as well as the other towns listed at the bottom of the cited source).
    Otherwise, the rest of us should probably not care a whole lot and chalk it up to a local anomaly.

  7. PMAbbott says

    Wow, tough crowd. Okay, folks, I
    get it. We’re a brave new Church today, where snide snarkiness displaces
    considerate exchange and humble seeking of truth together. Since (as I had initially
    mentioned) this was my very first acquaintance with this site, perhaps someone
    should have taken pity on me and explained your ground rules: no earnest
    questions allowed–because (a) they only invite sarcasm and ridicule, and (b)
    they don’t get answered anyway (even by you, Matthew, to whom I had actually addressed
    my concern).Brave new Church, where
    those who are fused members of one another somehow feel free to take cyber-shots at the sincerity and
    character of people they have never met.I get it, really.But I prefer the brave old Church, where “those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart
    of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience‚ÄĚ.So take care, folks.(I honestly mean that, as old-fashioned and open for mockery as it may seem.)

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