THIS is what @StevenFurtick is teaching the kiddos!


While the grownups are listening to Pastor Steven preach, the little ones are in Sunday school learning about “unity.” I actually cringed when I saw this. Not even the fundamentalist church I was raised in featured coloring pictures of our pastor.

There’s nothing good or holy or trustworthy about this kind of b.s. It’s dangerous religion. It’s the kind of evangelical brainwashing that all of us should be calling out. This should make us angry. Because its wrong. And because it’s not Christianity.

And even if the members of Elevation Church challenged this idea, who would listen? Their visions don’t matter. Only Steven Furticks’s vision matters. It’s his way or else.

That’s not unity. That’s not a community. That’s an idea bordering on cult. That’s a one-man led gathering masquerading as a church.

And if this is the kind of stuff that they proudly hand out in Sunday school to small children, what’s happening that we don’t know about?

This picture represents the smoke.

And where there’s smoke…


Here’s another coloring page from the Elevation program.


The information on these coloring pages also matches Elevation Church’s “The Code.”

Also, check out THIS about how Elevation Church manages to secure baptisms.

**UPDATE #2**

This is for those who still remain in doubt…

This is the Tweet that Pastor Furtick sent out when the first edition of this coloring book released (there’s a second edition in the works according to one source).


Where does that image link take us? HERE.

Or to this image…


This video presents Pastor Furtick talking to the kids about whether or not they should take the blue pill or the red pill The Code. THE. CODE. Asking the kiddos to memorize The Code. Giving the dice to help them remember The. Code…

Pastor Steven’s April Video to eKidz: The Code from Elevation Church eKidz on Vimeo.

Thanks to Chris for the heads up.