My 6-minute Blog Post: Can You Do Better?

So I got an email from some “social media” expert (whatever that means) offering advice about how to write a great blog post in 6 minutes. Since I’m the slowest writer ever, I decided to read the advice and try to put it in practice. That’s what I’m doing right now, trying to write this entire blog post in 6 minutes.

I only have 4 minutes left. See? I told you I was a slow writer. I’m actually not a slow typer, just slow at putting good words together to form good sentences that form good paragraphs.

I suck at this. I keep stopping and starting and stopping and thinking and stopping to look at the timer.

And you’re not supposed to do that according to the 6-minute blog-post professional. He says I’m supposed to ignore everything around and just keep writing. I’m supposed to ignore the timer. Never press the backspace button. Just let the words flow from my head to my fingers. And I’m never supposed to pause. He says I need to just type whatever my brain thinks. Obviously, he has no idea what my brain is capable of thinking.

I have 2 minutes left. This is going to be the worst blog post ever.

Mostly because I’m so nervous. Timers make me nervous. I’ve never been great at anything when it’s timed. As soon as there’s a clock timing my progress, my leg starts shaking like the leg on a dog that’s dreaming.

The BUZZER just went off.

That’s how I’m supposed to end the blog post, just like that. Because it’s not a 6 minute blog post if I keep type into minute 7.

So… what kind of blog post can you write in 6 minutes?


  1. jonathanmalm says

    It’s silly advice. It’s like saying all good songs were written in 15 minutes. Ya…some were. But others took hours and hours to craft.

  2. says

    I don’t mean this as criticism, but this post reminded me of a comment I got on the first paper I wrote in college: next time you write something, you should think of something to say first.

    Maybe a Seth Godin or other wunderkind can just spout off amazing ideas in a few minutes. But it seems to me that many people who write quick posts have very little worth saying. 

    I have to plan a solid 3 hours for each of my blog posts. Occasionally I can get one out more quickly, but I’ve found 3 hours is what it takes. I don’t think I’m a particularly slow writer. But my thing is taking really complicated ideas and communicating them in accessible, engaging ways. It’s a challenging, complicated task that just takes time. 
    Anyhow, in my opinion, if you can think of and compose something in just 6 minutes, you have a Facebook status on your hands, not a blog post.

  3. BerylWrites says

    A “social media” expert. Can I think of a more ephemeral, unsubstantial job description? Yes, writing without using the breaks is a good way to crank out text that you can later spend lots of time editing.  To quote Sheridan, “You write with ease to show your breeding, but easy writing’s curst hard reading.

  4. CaroleSmithTurner says

    My name is Carole and I am a Social Media Expert. Said like someone addicted not as a bragging right. 😉

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