1. LeanneZeck says

    If God is Almighty and Sovereign, why does it matter if the devil can understand it?
    And who is she that the Satan would pay attention to her? I am pretty sure there are bigger fish to fry in this world for the Satan….

  2. ChrisHyde1 says

    I’m feeling really sorry for the woman in the background in the steam who “doesn’t know Jesus as her Lord and Savior”.  If I was her and was experiencing that first-hand, I’d be running for the hills!

  3. EllieRavinsky says

    I’ve never liked that stuff.  It scares the crap out of me and I
    immediately leave.  It seems like performing and I’ve seen incidents of
    performing.  I went to a church service similar to this.  A woman
    arrived late.  People were up front dancing like crazy.  I already knew
    I’d never come back but I watched this woman.  The woman went up to the
    front, put her Bible down on a chair, kicked off her shoes, looked
    around to see if anyone was watching her, and then just immediately
    started dancing full-tilt with the others.  If this is “spirit led” then
    what was that all about?  I would think whatever makes you stand out as
    some “specially gifted person” is not really of God.  God would always
    seek to be front and center not a person.  I have seen a certain former
    friend become totally self absorbed about praying over people because
    she has a “healing gift”.  She talks on and on about how “exhausted she
    is” but she will keep praying over people.  It’s a pot of crap…she has
    been off about people’s illness and plays “psychic” saying things that
    aren’t true and could lead people to think they have other medical
    issues.  I know someone who was told she had anxiety problems when it
    was really major heart issues and she had to have surgery.  These
    show-offs needs to stop as it causes people to become frightened of
    church and worship, and possibly misdiagnosed by someone who isn’t
    qualified to diagnose in the first place.

  4. EllieRavinsky says

    BTW this woman sounds bat crap crazy and wants to be on camera.  People who are genuine servants of God don’t seek to be seen or toot their horn, good grief is this some demented opera?  Think of Mother Teresa…I see nothing but the usual Charismatic showboating to “prove” they are really something.

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