Hey Church, Can We All Just Calm the ‘Duck’ Down


BREAKING NEWS: The Christian Dynasty in America is angry today! In fact, they are really really angry!

No, they’re not angry about the number of homeless people roaming our city streets. And no, they’re not angry about the number of children dying everyday from malnutrition. And no, their anger isn’t about President Obama (though give them some time, they’ll connect the dots soon enough).

So why are so many members of America’s Church up in arms today, filling up our Facebook and Twitter feeds with complaints, threats, and demands?

Because one of their beloved, Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson, is being persecuted y’all. Yes, PERSECUTED! No, he’s not being held hostage by Bible-haters somewhere in Southeast Asia. It’s worse than that. The eldest member of America’s favorite reality TV family has been suspended indefinitely by A&E! I know, right? This is some serious prayer chain fodder for sure.

Now, why did A&E suspend Robertson? Well, because of comments the star made during an interview with GQ writer, Drew Magary. What did he say? Here are a few quotes…

On the topic of homosexuality: “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers—they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

On why he believes vaginas are better than anuses: “It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

On growing up with African Americans “pre-entitlement”: “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

Read more here and here.

A few hours after GQ posted that interview online, A&E suspended Phil. And that’s when a plethora of Christians began erupting into boisterous protest. My Facebook feed turned into a Duck Dynasty lament, a chaotic display of fury. Some Christians offered prayers. Some bemoaned that, in America, “freedom of speech” was officially dead. Some Christians offered phone numbers, links, and addresses, encouraging their friends to voice their disgust to A&E. Some Christians updated their statuses with opinions that bordered on insane.

Can we–members of the American Church–all just calm down for a moment and look at ourselves? Because we look ridiculous. We look foolish. And worst of all, some of us sound downright ignorant. Because how we respond to events like this matters—ducking matters!

First of all, stop making this about freedom of speech. This isn’t a freedom of speech issue. Trust me, read Phil’s interview. The Dynasty patriarch possessed all the freedom in the world to say exactly what he wanted to say. But sometimes, depending on who’s offering the paycheck, there are consequences to what we say. That’s been true since America’s beginning, while you have the freedom to say nearly anything you want to say in America. Sometimes saying whatever you feel like saying comes with a backlash. This isn’t about Phil’s freedom of speech; it’s about what—and more specifically—how Phil expressed his opinions that caused A&E to push the pause button. So please, if you’re going to complain, complain with wisdom. Have your facts straight. Understand the real issue here. Don’t stoop to Sarah Palin’s level.

Secondly, remember this is about a reality TV show, a meaningless TV show about a family of outspoken rich hunters. It’s just entertainment, people! Some Christians seem to believe this is a really important thing to be angry about. But it’s not. Did you know that 500 people were killed in Sudan yesterday? Did you voice your grievance about that? Because that’s actually important. Whether or not Phil ever appears on Duck Dynasty is completely meaningless in comparison. So let’s get our priorities in order here. There are much more important events happening in the world.

Thirdly, we the Church need to remember that, regardless if you agree 100 percent with every single comment Phil said in the interview, some people were deeply offended by his comments regarding homosexuality and race. Your support of Phil and Phil’s messages, whether you mean it this way or not, is hurtful toward other people. And that should matter to us. Why? Because we are the ones who proclaim the grace and mercy and love of Christ. And Christ cares about those who are offended by Phil’s speech. Some people call Phil’s words homophobic. Others seem to believe his comments about the African American community are racist. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree. It doesn’t matter that Phil didn’t mean it that way. That’s what happens when we speak our minds in the media. We end up saying things that hurt or offend other people. And we, those who declare the way of Jesus, need to care about that. So please, before you support one rich celebrity hunter with your opinion, remember that your affections for DD might be deeply offending a large group of people. And if that doesn’t matter to you, that’s your problem, not theirs. Because as followers of Jesus, that should matter.

Fourthly, as you’re raging against A&E for putting Phil on suspension, it might behoove you to consider whether or not your own church would welcome Phil in all of his ‘Duck’ glory in their congregation or on their stage without some major edits to his lifestyle, speech, or overall image. Maybe you go to one of the few churches that accepts people–all people–just as they are. And perhaps your church would welcome Phil as he is to your congregation. But how long would it last? How many times would he get away with saying the words “vagina” or “anus” in public without getting a talking to from the pastor? How many churches would allow somebody to stand up in their congregations and say what Phil said regarding black Americans? Maybe some. But in many churches, those words would raise much concern. So really, do any of us have any room to judge A&E’s decision when most of us go to churches that tend to try and micromanage people like Phil? Would Phil be able to teach Sunday School at your church? Would you allow him to be a deacon? And remember, it wasn’t too long ago that a church/ministry canceled an appearance by the Duck Dynasty crew because they have their own brand of wine. So before you lash out at A&E for “being closed minded liberal Hollywood elite,” remember that America’s “rightwing conservative elitist” Church has a lengthy record for putting people on “hiatus” for a myriad of reasons. Let’s not be hypocrites on this.

And lastly, remember that it is we who, every single Sunday, proclaim the values of kindness, love, humility, hope, grace, and mercy. While these virtues are not exclusively “Christian values,” as America’s biggest religion, most Americans, regardless of their spiritual creeds, are well aware that it is Christianity that preaches these values of Christ as the best standards for living. A&E does not preach these values. Some of their directors might love Jesus, but the Beatitudes are not their brand. GLAAD does not promote on a weekly basis the values of Christ. They might LOVE Jesus, but it’s not something they proclaim on a regular basis as their mantra. But we do. Christians do promote the Beatitudes as their creed. So while it’s fine and necessary for us to look in the mirror and judge how we are adhering to Jesus’s teachings against hate, pride, calamity, and the like, we do not have the right to cast judgment on other groups of people or individuals who do not share our beliefs. Hatred or unkindness from other people or groups is no excuse for us to return hate with hate. Regardless what A&E ultimately decides, we are the ones who should respond with humility, grace, and mercy. Because that’s our creed. That’s what we preach every damn Sunday. That’s the message that we believe speaks louder than protest, anger, and hate. So remember that as your tweeting your frustrations about Phil and Phil’s messaging.

And in the end, Church, Phil will survive this. He might not be on TV. But he’ll survive. But to us, the Church–those of us who lift up the values of Christ–how we respond to these kinds of situations, whether they are meaningless or of great importance, will be remembered long after the controversy is over. Why? Because when we act like fools, we are adding our foolishness to a legacy of foolishness that America’s Church has become well-known for.

So let’s be wise.

Let’s be careful.

Let’s get our priorities in order.

And for God’s sake, let’s all calm the duck down.

UPDATE: Read a follow-up post here.


  1. robcreece says

    Christianity is about injustice, however your picture of people of Sudan killed is not all the injustice. The injustice is sin against God, and are we not to proclaim such? Jesus didn’t seem to have an issue calling out sin. You mentioned the grace and mercy of our God, however it seems that the apostle Paul preceded it by telling people about their sin, why do you ask? Paul states “but by the law I had not known sin.” And we know that the “law of the Lord is perfect to save the soul” So in order for people to properly come to the saving cross of Christ they must know what standard has damned them. Sinners must know what their sin is before coming to the cross. If we are to proclaim “repentance (turning from your ways to Gods ways, turning from your sin) for the remission of sins” and “without repentance (turning from your ways to Gods ways, turning from your sin) there is no forgiveness” then the message is incomplete. Why do people need to repent? Why do people need forgiveness? Because of their sins. How will people know they are sinners? By opening up Gods law. God is not solely a God of mercy and love and forgiveness, this god is no god at all. God is Just, Righteous, Wrathful, Angry daily at sin, and at the same time he is Loving, merciful, and forgiving. This is a truer picture of God Almighty. And for those who would disagree about God being angry, just, and wrathful read your old testament and revelation and 1John 2John, Matthew 7, etc.. And since God “Does not change” he is the same “yesterday, today, and forever” and his wrath with be poured out on all those who refuse to put away their wickedness through repentance. I challenge you that this just like a Sudan murder spree is just as important because murder is the same as any other sin in Gods eyes, condemnable, read 1 Cor. 6. And yes I fall into that category like everyone else, the difference is Christ has saved me and granted me eternal life through his shed blood on the cross. I am not better than anyone, however I am better off than many.

  2. BradBates says

    I’m going to have to disagree with you. I believe this is more of a matter of standing behind people who are being bullied by the media for holding to a biblical belief regarding marriage and sexuality. The last time I checked, we live in a nation open to the free exercise of worship and religion (so says the 1st amendment). 

    Did he offend people? Sure…so did Jesus. And lets be honest…just about anything offends people these days, and when it comes to Christians…simply stating “I believe in the traditional idea of marriage” is enough to offend people. Remember Chick-Fil-A? But nothing in what he said was wrong. 

    As for your comments about not getting upset about 500 people who died in the Sudan…it is very sad…but I personally wasn’t even aware of the event. Had I known…I would’ve definitely said something. And I’m sure more would have had they actually known about the story. Let’s be real…who actually pays attention to CNN for news? And No, there is no comparison between what has happened to Phil Robertson and those people. 

    All of that said…I agree that we as believers need to be cautious of how we respond to situations like this. But I do not believe people should be pistol whipped or accused of being hateful simply because they vocally support someone who is being demonized by the entire lamestream media for voicing something that wasn’t incorrect or even laced with hate. If you read the comments he made (which you reposted) he didn’t call them evil, he merely said it was sin, and that he didn’t understand the attraction. This wasn’t even an issue until people from GLAAD made it an issue. He responded to a question that was asked of him. 

    I’d just say…show a little support instead of bashing those who are showing support. If you don’t want to show support, that’s fine…but why go off on those who are?

  3. baylormum says

    As usual, mpt, you speak with such sanity in the midst of insanity! I have bigger problems in my own life; I don’t need to worry with what Phil Robertson said or how he said it. I have bigger problems in my city; lots of homeless & hungry people-including children of all races & nationalities. I would rather be on God’s Bandwagon, than on a hay ride with a duck call…

  4. jsgjs says

    “And for God’s sake, let’s all calm the duck down.” <That statement says all I need to know to ignore the writer of this article.  Reading his article makes him sound like one of the “agenda” people themselves.  RED FLAGS.

  5. jsgjs says

    baylormum”Haters.” A new, Internet-community based word that tried to pigeonhole people who disagree.  Hate? Yes, many things.  Blind hatred? Of course not.  I’ll say back to you (unfortunately), “Children gonna cry.” Grow up into maturity.

  6. beckeye says

    I’ve been trying all day to come up with the words to describe how I feel about what is happening with this situation.  This is word for word it.  Thank you.

  7. jvonehr says

    BradBates If I work at McDonalds and I keep telling customers that the burgers suck and could make you sick, does the 1st amendment protect me? It seems to me that Phil was, and remains, quite free to speak his mind. But the promise of free speech is not a promise of consequence-free speech.

  8. baylormum says

    jsgjs baylormum I “hate” that my sarcasm doesn’t shine through in this internet community. I love to read other’s perspectives because it just might change mine. I remain open-minded & teachable…


  9. BradBates says

    jvonehr BradBates  I wasn’t even going there regarding free speech or consequences of free speech. In fact I said: “I believe this is more of a matter of standing behind people who are being bullied by the media for holding to a biblical belief regarding marriage and sexuality.”

    That said, the assumption being made is that he said something wrong or offensive. He did not. He stated a simple fact, and a view held by most Christians. Alec Baldwin actually made fun of gay people, and harassed people using vile language concerning gay people…and yet it took months of pressure to even confront the issue. 

    Fact is, this isn’t about free speech at all…this is about Christians being demonized for holding biblical beliefs that are in contradiction to what culture says is “ok”. People like Martin Bashir say horrible things about Christians and conservatives…people like Piers Morgan have a talk show where they berate people for holding certain views…and silence. had Phil Robertson not been a Christian…I highly doubt his words would’ve held the same “potency”.

  10. iamjakz says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I see situations like this Duck Dynasty debacle, see people taking action and taking a stand, and it makes me sad. What would our world look like if a fraction of the time and energy these people are spending defending a person from a reality tv show was spent towards good, towards making a difference and helping real people with real needs? Where’s our indignation over real issues, like hunger, homelessness, lack of clean water, children still waiting for forever homes?

  11. abower4 says

    jvonehr BradBates That would be different because you are working for the McDonald’s company, and your job is to sell their product. If while you were at your job working, you were slandering their product, no matter how correct your statements are, that would be understandable grounds for dismissal. 
    Phil wasn’t slandering the company he holds a contract with or anyone else, just answering specific questions he was being asked by stating his biblical beliefs, and in no way was he calling those he addressed as evil, merely sinful, which we ALL ARE. 
    Hence, this is a 1st amendment issue

  12. abower4 says

    GeorgeDwyer BradBates He obviously used it to prove a point..that mainstream media is lame..which it is. And I find it funny when people jump in with curses when there really is nothing better they can say. I suggest developing a more “educational” opinion in the future.

  13. GeorgeDwyer says

    I’m actually quite educated, I just don’t care about people’s opinion of me on the internet.

  14. BradBates says

    GeorgeDwyer abower4 BradBates It’s not really about caring what people think of you, as much as it’s about “common courtesy”.

  15. HeydenPeery says

    I’m gonna disagree with your last couple of points. You started out super well and overall I think this is an incredible post; however, it sounded to me like you think Phil should worry more about being politically correct than worry about the Truth of Scripture. I would love to be wrong, but even if that IS how you meant it, I am okay with differing on that because there was a lot of truth surrounding that area of the blogpost. Well said.

  16. LynetteCowper says

    jvonehrBradBatesIt’s actually more similar to working at McDonald’s and telling LGB customers and their families and friends that they are the moral equivalent of animal rapists. Or do people not understand that bestiality = rape of animals, because it’s not like the animal has the capacity to consent. Equivocating being LGB with rape (pedophilia, bestiality, the attempted gang rape of the angels in the Sodom story) announces loud and strong to the world that Christians can’t tell the difference between consensual sex and rape, and then we wonder why people react like we’re amoral monsters. We need to stop making these LGB people = rapists arguments and we need to stop screaming support for people who do make them, ’cause, dude, that’s just sick.

  17. mmmirele says

    abower4jvonehrBradBatesIt is NOT a First Amendment issue. The First Amendment comes in only when there is *government* action. Do I see any government action here? Nope, the only action I see is that of an employer (A&E Television) telling an employee he’s on hiatus. I strongly suspect there’s a clause in Robertson’s contract with A&E TV that allows A&E to put Robertson on hiatus at A&E’s discretion. Or Robertson’s contract may have a non-disparagement clause which allows A&E to take this action if, in A&E’s opinion, Robertson’s actions bring disrepute upon the “Duck Dynasty” brand. 

    Now, at no point in all of this did I say anything about the government, so the First Amendment, which starts out “Congress shall make no law” (and has been extended to other branches of government and the state by judicial decision over the past two centuries), *does not apply.* I’m vehement about this because I had to learn this distinction when I went to law school nearly three decades ago and it irritates me to see people say, “This is a First Amendment issue,” when, in point of fact, it’s an employer-employee issue. That’s all.

  18. momo33 says

    What an incredibly ignorant post!!!  I’m pretty sure ever Christian is concerned about the welfare of those hurting, starving, lonely, sad and all that applies to that.  What is at stake is the Christians right to say what they believe.  The show is about THEIR life style, their beliefs and who they are.  What he said was in an INTERVIEW!  He didn’t say it on the job, he was asked a question and answered it honestly and openly.  All over cable is smut, filth, trash, moral decay and they have ONE show about a God fearing family, although rich, is spreading traditional values and they ARE being persecuted for it!  Every Christian SHOULD be angry and every Christian SHOULD be afraid and doing everything they can to fight THIS kind of intolerance!

  19. momo33 says

    And on the opposite spectrum!  Why don’t we see thing like “Really LGBT?? There’s hungry, starving children all around the world and your upset because you can’t marry your partner and instead of putting all your good energy into making the world a better place, you put all of it into fighting people who don’t share your beliefs?”  What a hypocritical post, and a nation full of hypocrites!!

  20. DavidThormodsgaard says

    That’s pretty amazing.  Nice way to twist it and demonize freedom of expression.  

    BTW No animals were hurt during this filming.

    It is nice for Christians to be milky kind and ineffective.  As soon as they become activists…well lets crucify them.  Christians supposed to hide under their beds…

    For you to make an assumption that Christians are not concerned about the homeless and the genocide in nations such as Syria and Sudan etc…is well… a little assuming.  

    Yes I agree the travesty of Syrian USA backed rebels murdering Christians pales this little episode…however A&E made no mention of that.  Is it Christians fault that the media would rather debate whether or not Santa is white, and Pill’s right to express an old man’s opinion.  Wait…I just saw A&Es viewership take a large leap…maybe they wanted to increase their viewership over this little stunt?

    It is a shame that Christians have to “remain calm” when we all sit back and watch them being slaughtered…in Syria, Sudan and other parts of the world.  But I guess that was done before…with 6 million Jews…

    No One is willing to stand up for the rights of those being murdered.

  21. elegy36 says

    Can I ask what you suggest the Christian population should say in response to homosexuality? I agree we don’t need to be offensive, but yet, the things we believe are offensive to quite a few people – so how do you reconcile that?  You state:  “That’s what happens when we speak our minds in the media. We end up saying things that hurt or offend other people. And we, those who declare the way of Jesus, need to care about that.” So do you mean to say that Christians should never express a controversial or possibly offensive idea to the media and what – just stick with “no comment”?  I don’t think there is a solution to this problem – mainstream society has accepted things as not only okay, but declared them by law to be good and legal, so no matter what we ever do our views will continually be criticized.  But, I don’t think that pretending that we don’t have those views is something that we can do either.  It seems from your post that you mostly disagree with the way he expressed his views and expanded on them, but again I ask – how would you phrase your response?

  22. KateInMT says

    I would like to offer a different scenario to all of those who are wailing and gnashing their teeth over these hateful racist and homophobic comments ol’ Phil there made.  What if, in the interview, Phil had come out and said he was an atheist, and anyone who believed in God or Jesus was a fool?  What if he said he had seen the light and was coming out of the closet, a proud gay man?  Please, PLEASE tell me how you’d react to that.  I’m very interested in seeing how many of you would then say he was an asset to A&E’s programming.

  23. momo33 says

    @criticalmyth, yes he was indefinitely suspended for being Christian! As a Christian, he was asked his beliefs and as a Christian he answered it. Therefore, he wasn’t suspended for an opinion on some random topic, he was suspended for stating his beliefs which make up who he is!

  24. StephSharik says

    mmmirele abower4 jvonehr BradBates If Phil decides to sure A&E, then it might become a First Amendment issue…

  25. ladioffaith says

    If I hear one more person say he is “persecuted” I will personally go all Iningo Montoya on him. “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  26. KatherineWhite says

    elegy36 well, one option is to consider whether your words are profitable at all.  AT ALL.  That is to say, what do you hope to accomplish by saying whatever you’re saying.  Do you think a single soul will say, “Ah, well, if Phil says my life is sinful, I should definitely stop being gay.  If only I’d known!”  

    Proverbs says that even a fool will be considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut.  That would have gone a long way her.  

    Most of these discussions are simply not profitable, and are a diversion from what’s truly important.

    In fact, for most of us, living “quiet and holy lives” would go a lot farther than trying to convince everyone else about how they should view sin.  I find that the Holy Spirit is better and more gracious about convicting others.

    As the Church (proper), we have such logs in on our eyes, that we’re really not in a position to run around pointing at the world about how “they” need to get their act together…

  27. kobe14 says

    I have to disagree with the bit about offending others with our “opinions.” It should not be our concern if declaring something a sin that God first declares a sin offends other people. It didn’t concern Jesus, and most importantly, there is NO need for Jesus or any meaning behind the gospel if we are not first aware of our sin. Here, Phil called out homosexuality for what it is: a sin. Admittedly, he could have done it more tactfully, but anyone who has watched the show knows that is not how he communicates. All this being said, we must season our words with kindness and love. Not only because that is when our words are most persuasive, but because that is how Jesus did it. But we should never compromise the substance in the gospel for the sake of someone’s feelings.

  28. JohnMeadows1 says

    Wow!!!…last time I checked God’s word it read “come as you are.”…so first yes Phil would be welcomed at my church. Second using the words vaginia and anus is better than using “pussy” and “ass.” 3rd I don’t believe that Jesus would want us to be silent on our beliefs. in fact I know that Jesus told us that if we did not cry out then the rocks would. now I’m not saying that we speak to offend per se but we are too speak against sin. Jesus said to love one another so by that we are to love the sinner but hate the sin. so I’m sure that Phil Robertson does not hate the homosexuals he just hates the sin. the Bible says that the Lord Jesus Christ was put on the earth to die for all mankind and sins of the world. folks in the Old Testament God destroyed a whole city for this very reason. I’m not upset with A&E’s decision. I’m sure that Phil Robertson is upset but trust me the Bible also states that when one door shots another is open.

  29. kobe14 says

    KatherineWhite elegy36 I have to completely disagree with you here. Speaking the truth is something that is good in and of itself. At times in the Bible, whole crowds turned away from Jesus just because he said he was the only way to the Father. You seem to be saying it is better to not even mention sin, as others have no chance of ever turning to God anyway and it will only offend them. Thankfully Paul did not feel the same way you do. Sure, it led to him being stoned, whipped, and ultimately killed do to the offensiveness of his speech. But had it not been for him being faithful and speaking the truth in difficult situations, you would likely have never even heard of this Jesus fellow.

  30. kobe14 says

    StephSharik mmmirele abower4 jvonehr BradBates I’m in law school right now and am currently taking con law. mmmirele is right. This is NOT a 1st amendment issue because A&E is not a state actor. That said, we might as well get of the legal arguments. This is a discussion about what is ultimately right and wrong, and contrary to popular American belief, the law is not always reflective what is ultimately right or wrong.

  31. kobe14 says

    GeorgeDwyer abower4 BradBates  Then at least care about the point you are trying to make. You destroy the impact of your statement as soon as you use profanity to enforce it.

  32. kobe14 says

    RandDuren It’s true that Christians suffer much worse elsewhere. But how can you just turn your back on a fellow believer and say he is not persecuted? We can’t even begin to comprehend the effect that having a nation turn its back on you and label you an ignorant bigot can have.

  33. kobe14 says

    baylormum I hope you are not saying the two are mutually exclusive. It is not wrong to worry about other things besides this. In fact, I would think that is the best thing to do. But supporting a believer (and undoubtably his family, children and all) who is suffering persecution (and it is persecution) at the hands of the entire media is far from wrong.

  34. harpeme says

    KateInMTHonestly, I wouldn’t care if he came out or said he was an atheist or whatnot. I am very ready for a “so what” society – a hugely-paid basketball player comes out? So what? Phil Robertson is a hetero conservative Christian? So what? What matters to me is the content of someone’s character and the way in which their actions do or do not live up to their words.

  35. Funky Weather Texans Fan says

    You frame your article in a way that makes Christians look ridiculous for being angry that the only Christian representation coming out of Hollywood has been harshly censored.  Just for the record, I believe your viewpoint is the ridiculous one.

  36. kobe14 says

    ladioffaith It is true that Christians get persecuted far worse in other parts of the world. But there are some things you need to consider: Phil and his family (children and all) have been labeled as ignorant, hateful bigots. They will likely get hate mail and possibly even death threats just like Chick fil-a did. We have no idea what it is like to have the entire force of the almighty US media turned against us. I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss what that family is and will go through as insignificant.

  37. kobe14 says

    JimGoodbody robcreece Jim, are you saying that we are supposed to somehow proclaim the gospel without mentioning sin? Can you explain to me why I need Jesus without telling me how I am a sinful human being that is doomed without the grace and mercy of God? There is no need for grace if there is no sin. The story of the cross makes no sense without it. Face the truth: the faith you are now claiming is completely opposed to the culture you live in. You will not be able to live a life for Christ and not offend others. I would just ask you this: If you are going to continue claiming the name of Christ, please do not ruin it for unbelievers by changing his message and omitting how we are sinful.

  38. SharonJenningsBowler says

    I realize I might be living in a dream world. However I think that there are more reasonable Christians that the mean spirited and highly publicized extreme right.  Their wacky antics just make a better story. 
    I know so many Christians and some think that homosexual relations are sin and some don’t but nearly all agree that it is not our job to decide who will and will not go t heaven. It isn’t even our job to go around and telling people that we think God will send them to heaven. 
    As for the comments about African Americans; Maybe it’s just one more way I’m privileged but the Christians I know are either not racist or know enough not to make racist statements overtly.
    I really do think these extremest “Christians” are a minority who are motivated by power and politics and a mob who follow them.
    At least I hope so.

  39. momo33 says

    KatherineWhite elegy36 Sorry to say, but your words are not profitable at all, like AT ALL! 🙂  Fact is, Christians are being targeted from every angle because we’ve remained quiet TOO long!  Yes, A & E has every right to suspend him, but we have every right to speak out about their actions.  This article suggests that Christians have more important things to worry about.  Where’s the outrage to what put his suspension into motion in the first place??  The angry, nasty letters that demand A & E to fire him for speaking such horrible truths. This is the exact hypocrisy that exists and the intolerance for one group and one group only, CHRISTIANS.  People can speak out about Christians all they want, but don’t you dare udder a word about LGBT.  They can walk nearly naked in the streets, flashing incredibly offensive images, they can attack Christians on TV channels, have practical porn (it IS porn in my eyes) and display any rude and offensive gesture they desire and we are asked to “look away” and A & E suspends a man for stating his beliefs in an interview that directly asked his opinion??  NO, I will not be quiet any longer.  For the sake of my children and their children, something needs to change and I will whine, cry, be angry as HELL over it, because enough is enough!!!

  40. Cory_Huffman says

    JohnMeadows1 Lot’s of churches are great at practicing the “come as you are mentality”. Did you need to know that lying, lust, drunkenness, slander or disobeying your parents was a sin in order for you to turn to Jesus? Did you need to be shamed for them in order to turn to Jesus? Hopefully not. You did probably need to know that you weren’t perfect, and that without Jesus you would not get into heaven, and more importantly you needed to know how great God’s love was–that he  loved you enough to sacrifice His Son for you. Gay people don’t need to be told how much of a sin their lifestyle is. They need to know that they are sinners, like everyone else, but more importantly they need to know that God loves them, and wants a relationship with them. Phil talks about how all these different sinners won’t inherit the Kingdom of God, but he’s no better, and no less of a sinner than them. He’s leaving out the good news and making it sound like people need to change. We can’t earn heaven, we can only turn to God and let him work on us.

  41. Cristallo says

    This is the problem I have with Matthews rant. Why can’t we care about both. Are we as Christians only able to care about one thing at a time (and who decides what that one thing is)? Why can’t we reach outside our homes to help the poor and needy AND decide for ourselves what we want to see on television once we’re done?

  42. kobe14 says

    It seems to me that when faced with opposition for speaking the actual Gospel, Christians nowadays would rather simply “do good” for others while omitting the part about speaking soul-saving truth, which always starts with the fact that we are sinful and that is why we need Jesus. We want to provide water to those in other countries, but seem unwilling to provide the “living water” to those that live next door to us. The church is slowly transforming into nothing more than your typical secular charitable organization. It won’t be long before the only difference between the American church and the UN is that our supply boxes say “1st ____ church” as opposed to “UN.” According to Jesus, non-believers being slaughtered or starving to death in other countries are no better off than non-believers living a life of luxury here in the US. They both end up in the same place, apart from Him. The anomaly that is the American Christian will continue to be pulled between their society in their faith until they have to choose one over the other. We cannot serve two masters, and cognitive dissonance will only protect us from unyielding truth for so long.

  43. elegy36 says

    KatherineWhite  Actually yes, someone telling me that what I was doing was sinful is exactly how I decided to change my lifestyle and become a Christian.  If that person had kept their mouth shut I most certainly wouldn’t be where I am today, much less on a Christian blog.  How can the Holy Spirit convict someone when they don’t believe in it?   Everybody has a log in their eye.  Every single person.  That’s the whole reason we need Jesus so much, because we can never “fix” ourselves.

  44. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14baylormumA multimillionaire is being persecuted?  How so?  Has he had all of his funds taken away from him and given to his enemies?  Has the patent on his Duck Commander been revoked and he is now forced to repay the royalties he has earned on it?  Is he being thrown into jail, tortured, and/or burned at the stake?

    We Americans throw around the word “persecution” when none exists for us in this country of so many freedoms.

  45. ignatzz says

    Modern evangelical Christians are the world’s champions at straining out gnats and swallowing camels.
    They are also unbelievably thin-skinned and think they are subject to constant persecution.  Weirdly enough, they think it’s OTHER people who are always being offended, and this is pure projection.
    I mean, really.  A stupid TV show.  Some stupid jerk on a stupid TV show who said something stupid and his words were not consequence-free.  “THIS is our Holy Cause!”
    10,000 people will starve to death tonight.
    The shallowness is breathtaking.

  46. kobe14 says

    Cory_Huffman JohnMeadows1 Have you read all of Phil’s interview? He goes on to say that it is not for him to judge and that God loves all people equally. He didn’t leave out the good news. And I must disagree with your point about change. God does call for us to leave our life of sin after turning to him. This is expressed by Jesus to the woman caught in adultery, and Paul also states the same when describing how the members of the church used to be drunkards, thieves, homosexuals, etc. They didn’t earn heaven by changing, but changed out of a desire to live a godly life. Most importantly, you seem to be saying that the knowledge of our sinful nature, or the sins we commit are not vital to understanding the gospel. Tell me, if I have committed no wrong, am unaware what is wrong or right, or don’t even believe in such as thing as right or wrong, why do I need the saving grace of Jesus?

  47. Sydalish says

    I walked away from organized religion, specifically Christianity, because of people like you. You don’t understand the teachings of Jesus and you use your faith as a weapon. You judge others and see no problem with condemning them for THEIR sins, while lessening the value (if not ignoring completely) your own. You only see the fault in others and not in yourself. The greatest thing anyone can do to prove the legitimacy of their faith is to walk the walk – talk is cheap. As for this Duck Dynasty guy – I’m fairly certain I would also be in some hot water with my employer if I insulted some of our clientele in a national publication too. If you’re going to speak your mind on a large stage you need to be prepared for the reaction of your audience.

  48. kobe14 says

    ignatzz What is better in the eyes of God? To save 10,000 people from starving death and never mention anything about Jesus to them, or to tell the Gospel (which starts with explaining sin and our need for God) just once and never save anyone from starvation?

  49. TimothyMcPherson says

    SydalishThankfully not all of us Christians are like that.  Check out the Christian Left on FB.  They helped give me back my faith in Christianity.

  50. SoGaChick says

    “So let’s be wise.
    Let’s be careful.
    Let’s get our priorities in order.”

    Great advice. I just don’t think that Jesus would find your play on words or even cussing at the end of this ran, amusing. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though and what’s an important thing to stand up for to some, may not be the same for others, but that doesn’t make it minuscule.

  51. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14ignatzzActually, the Gospel starts off with proclaiming the Kingdom of God and invoking the greatest commandment:  which is to love God and others.  However, you cannot simply “proclaim the Gospel” and do nothing about the 10,00 people starving.  Then you would have missed the Gospel’s point.

  52. Sydalish says

    TimothyMcPherson I realize not all Christians are that way (thankfully) 🙂 but the vast majority well… they definitely leave a bad taste in my mouth. The victim mentality and hypocrisy is astounding…

  53. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 baylormum We are talking about the degree of persecution. Obviously getting thrown in jail/burned at the stake is horrible and does not compare to the present situation. But do you think money shield someone from ridicule? Surely you don’t believe that money is the real issue here. I hope you are never exposed to the full force of a scathing attack by the American media. I think you don’t grasp the full implications of it.  This is something that the entire family will be subject to, children and all. Do you remember when chick fila received hate mail and death threats for simply supporting traditional marriage? It will likely be the same story here.

  54. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 ignatzz Of course the two are not mutually exclusive, and given the chance you should do both. But let’s say you can only do one or the other do to peculiar hypothetical circumstances. Which one is more beneficial?

  55. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14TimothyMcPhersonbaylormumI wouldn’t even put this on any scale of persecution.  That’s just comparing apples to oranges.
    From Merriam-Webster to persecute means “to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict.”  This is not happening here.  He just got indefinitely suspended.

  56. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14TimothyMcPhersonignatzzTo quote Francis of Assisi, “Preach at all times.  When necessary, use words.”

  57. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 ignatzz I agree with that statement, but again: Is it better to extend the lives of 10,000 people before they are sent to hell, or tell one person about Jesus?

  58. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 baylormum Again, I think that being ridiculed by a national media would “injure” you.

  59. kobe14 says

    ExpectMoore kobe14 TimothyMcPherson ignatzz You’re statement sums up what I believe is wrong with the American church. The UN is doing good, but it not proclaiming the gospel. What sets you apart from a blue-beret?

  60. Sydalish says

    kobe14 TimothyMcPherson Perhaps he should have thought about that before he deeply insulted a large portion of his employers customers?

  61. meandonlyme says

    I believe Christ said to be angry and sin not.  I feel that many people are angry here because Phil was asked a question that they already knew the answer too, and now they are using that answer to get him off the airwaves- all to accomplish an agenda of getting Christ out of our nation.  Why is it ok to let Miley parade around making weird gestures?- should we say something about that or just roll over, like the writer is suggesting that we do?  I believe we need to stand up and support Christian beliefs, or we will loose them.

  62. ignatzz says

    kobe14 ignatzz  To a starving man, “Good news” is food.
    ” What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

    But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.”

    Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. 19 You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.

  63. kobe14 says

    Sydalish kobe14 TimothyMcPherson I’m sure he did. As Christians, we are called to do things that we know will bring persecution.

  64. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14ExpectMooreTimothyMcPhersonignatzzWell, seeing as how I am a Salvation Army officer, I have the opportunity of daily doing both.

  65. ignatzz says

    kobe14 TimothyMcPherson ignatzz If you preach to a starving man without helping him, he will hate your message, your Christianity and your God.
    Frankly, it sounds like the way of the Pharisees.

  66. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 ExpectMoore ignatzz And that is great. I seriously commend you for that. However, I want you to answer my question (or at least think about it if you are unwilling to answer) because your answer will tell you how in line with the teachings of Jesus you really are.

  67. kobe14 says

    ignatzz kobe14 TimothyMcPherson What you said is correct. I completely agree with it. But please, don’t inject a straw man into my hypothetical. That’s not what I posed at all.

  68. says

    Nicely done. Makes me laugh to listen to people claim he is being persecuted for his beliefs. He is a very wealthy man who is not going to starve or lose his home. Even if I ignore what sounds like ignorant religious rhetoric I can’t ignore the racial comments that make me wonder what world he is talking about.

  69. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14TimothyMcPhersonExpectMooreignatzzYour question is not valid.  To tell someone about Jesus without feeding him/her or meeting his/her needs is not spreading the Gospel.  If I simply talk about Jesus, but do nothing to help that person out, I have not spread the Gospel.

  70. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 ExpectMoore ignatzz Please stop assuming things about my question. The person in the first scenario has had all his needs met. Just assume he is a wealthy American if you must.

  71. Cory_Huffman says

    kobe14 I admit that I haven’t read the entire GQ article, so I am merely responding to the quotes, sorry about that. I totally agree that God does call us to leave our life of sin, AFTER we have started following him. I think everyone needs to know they are a sinner, but it often feels like outspoken Christians hone in on the gay lifestyle more than most sins. I don’t think the church will impact the gay community by telling them how bad and wrong they are for being gay. I don’t think the church needs to tip toe around the belief that it is a sin, I just think the focus should be their sin in general, and the good news of God’s love. Once they turn to God, He will convict, and then whatever christian person is in relationship with them can speak into their lives about turning from sin too. I just think standing on a pedestal proclaiming what is wrong or right doesn’t win people over for Jesus these days, entering into relationship and loving people does. In 1 Thessalonians 2:8 Paul says this, “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the Gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” I gather from this that Paul was compelled to share the Gospel with them because he loved them. As Christians we need to love people and share life with them, and if people know we love them they’ll be more likely to listen to the good news of Jesus. I think the gay community often feels like the church is saying: “Hey you’re bad, and you need to change and then we will associate with you.” I know that for most churches that isn’t the message they communicate, but I think a few loud voices are what they hear. They aren’t going to check out every church to see if they’re different from what imagine churches to be. Jesus said that the greatest commandments are to love God with everything we’ve got, and to love our neighbor as ourself. That means that loving people is a bigger priority than telling them their wrong!

  72. meandonlyme says

    iamjakz maybe if these multi millionaire liberals- including the prez would practice what they preach, and give their money away, we would not have as many issues as hungry homeless people.  The Robertsons don’t look or act rich, and I bet they give away more than the dens any day

  73. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14TimothyMcPhersonExpectMooreignatzzI was answering your original question.  The question was whether or not it is better to feed 10,000 people or to talk to one person about Jesus.  By feeding 10,000 people I have talked to more people about Jesus than by speaking to one wealthy man.
    However, if it is just me and the wealthy man who already has everything, I would tell him to sell all he has and give it to the poor.  Then he would have treasure in Heaven.

  74. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 ExpectMoore ignatzz I have to disagree with you. The UN feeds people. Does this mean the UN tells people about Jesus too?

  75. drew3573 says

    Mostly well said. I completely disagree with the “Thirdly” paragraph. The church is a family and we should never leave one of our own hung out to dry. Even if it means some might be offended by our show of support.

  76. EspinosaJoey says

    Best article I’ve read on this issue.
    I hate to see “Christians” spend more effort defending the “moral culture” in the US than on proclaiming the gospel.

  77. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14TimothyMcPhersonExpectMooreignatzzI’ve worked with the UN before (UNHCR).  Yes, they feed people.  I feed people to spread the Gospel and because I love God.  They feed people because they love them, too.  To quote Jesus, “For he who is not against us is for us.”

  78. TimothyMcPherson says

    drew3573I understand what you are saying, but there are many people who do things in the name of Christ who I will definitely leave to to be “hung out to dry.”  The Westboro Baptist Church and the KKK do all of their activities in the name of Christ.  I will not defend what they do, although they say they are Christians.
    I will not defend what Phil Robertson has said here, even though he says he is a Christian.

  79. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 ExpectMoore ignatzz  Please answer me with yes or no just once. Quoting lines of scripture does not mean much. Satan did the same to Jesus. The answer is no. After they have had their stomachs filled, these people will still have no knowledge of Jesus and be just as spiritually malnourished as before.

  80. ExpectMoore says

    kobe14 Sydalish TimothyMcPherson Things we know will bring persecution: Such as give everything we have to the poor and follow him.

  81. KateInMT says

    harpeme KateInMT Thanks, Harp.  That’s exactly how I feel.  I was directing my comment to those who are all up in arms about his suspension from his show.  More people should stop being so reactive to anything that threatens their idea of what being a Christian is or is not.  I honestly don’t care what anyone has for a faith system – Christian, Muslem, Buddhist, or Pagan.  It’s how they live their lives and treat all living things that matters.  And saying things that hurt others is NOT a good way to lead a life.

  82. TimothyMcPherson says

    kobe14TimothyMcPhersonExpectMooreignatzz However, I do not do that. You can assume the answer is “no,” but you would be mistaken. I know a good many Christians in the United Nations who are serving there because they believe this is the best way they can be used to help others.  So your answer is not necessarily true and is not so black and white as you would seem.

  83. kobe14 says

    ExpectMoore kobe14 Sydalish TimothyMcPherson I agree. But because he is not being persecuted for one thing does not mean he is not being persecuted for another.

  84. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson kobe14 ExpectMoore ignatzz No, it is. You do not want to answer it because it would conflict with what this world has taught you about what is “good.” Jesus is clear: gaining the world (or for the sake of this hypothetical, getting fed) is worth nothing if a man forfeits his own soul.

  85. Sugarbush_Gasm says

    meandonlyme Who exactly would getting rid of a reality show get Christ out of our nation?  If anything, this show is disgusting for exploiting God and the Christian religion.

  86. kobe14 says

    TimothyMcPherson drew3573 Tell me, what did Phil say that was not biblical? Was it the fact that he called homosexuality a sin?

  87. ExpectMoore says

    kobe14 TimothyMcPherson ExpectMoore ignatzz Seeing 10,000 starving and doing nothing IS forfeiting your own soul. Your hypothetical is meaningless. If you let them die, they die not hearing the word. If you feed them, they live and have a chance to hear the word. If you preach to them while they are dying of starvation and do nothing to help them, your words are empty. You like to debate so you are throwing things out without getting to the real core of Jesus’ teachings. His teachings were feed, clothe, give drink, care for, the poor, those in need etc. In regards to this situation of being “persecuted” by the big bad media I suggest we follow Jesus’ teaching that he gave by example. He did not “take on” the media or the persecutors. He let his work speak for itself.

  88. kobe14 says

    ExpectMoore kobe14 TimothyMcPherson ignatzz Firstly, I am not advocating “taking on the media.”Again, caring for others is absolutely something we should do and not neglect. And my hypothetical is not meaningless. You have made it so by injected facts I did not provide. Let me restate it for you and I will try to be very clear. Two choices. 1. provide 10,000 with food for a lifetime with the knowledge that they will never hear about Jesus; or 2. Tell one person (who has all his physical needs met) about Jesus. What I am trying to get to is this: is someone’s spiritual or physical wellbeing more important?

  89. Sugarbush_Gasm says

    elegy36 I’m still wondering why it needs to be said?  It just seems that so many are so terribly concerned with the actions of everyone else rather than their own.  Just because this guy “qualified” his statements with “confessing” to having lived sinfully before doesn’t sterilize what he said.  

    I want to know why any of us need to say anything about homosexuality.  Most people who believe that it is a sin also believe that gays can’t be Christians.  So, why does it matter?  We are so focused on sexuality as the sin, but we aren’t looking at abuse, manipulation, drunkeness, etc.  Why not?  Those are sins that affect other people directly and indirectly.  Homosexuality doesn’t harm people.  It only harms someone if they let it harm them by being so bothered by it that they can’t deal.  

    With that said, we have no business proclaiming sins.  As it was said so clearly and repetitively in the Bible, we are ALL sinners.  All.of.us.  End of story.  Period.  Proclaiming sins and talking about sins and trying to soften it by saying “it’s the word of God” doesn’t make it OK.  He NEVER told us to go out and tell everyone what to do or why they’re wrong.  Why does that always get ignored?

  90. Sugarbush_Gasm says

    ErikaSparkman kobe14 Cory_Huffman JohnMeadows1 Qualifying his judgment with “I was a sinner too” is BS and a cop out, at best.  First, he’s still a sinner, as are we all.  Second, he judged and then said “I can’t judge”.  That’s the problem.

  91. kobe14 says

    Cory_Huffman kobe14 I agree with everything you said. I just don’t think Phil is standing from a pedestal here. Here was asked a question in an interview. Ideally we want to have a relationship with someone before we tell them they are wrong, but we are not always given that option, especially if we are public figures. This fact should not keep us from speaking the unqualified truth, especially when asked.

  92. Sugarbush_Gasm says

    kobe14 JimGoodbody robcreece There may be a need to know sin, but there is no need to proclaim it for all people.  You are to worry about your own sin.  If your own sin is not homosexuality, then that is not a sin you need to concern yourself with.  It’s that easy.

  93. kobe14 says

    Sugarbush_Gasm kobe14 JimGoodbody robcreece I believe it’s our job to repeat what Jesus said. That is what the whole great commission was about.

  94. elegy36 says

    Sugarbush_Gasm From my understanding, he didn’t just up and randomly start preaching about homosexuality – he was asked “What, in your mind, is sinful?.”  Yes, we are all sinners, but as I stated in an earlier comment, not everyone knows it.  In today’s society lots and lots of things are normal and accepted and encouraged that your average Christian would consider sinful.  You say he never told us to go out and tell everyone what they are doing wrong, but how do you tell someone to do the right things without telling them how to stop doing the wrong things?  You can keep sleeping with as many random people all the time that you want, get drunk, do drugs, steal money, oh but if you just read your bible and do these other things, its all good?  The fact that we are all sinners is supposed to help us relate to those we are trying to help, not make us all high and mighty better than thou – that is the thing a lot of people get wrong.

  95. ExpectMoore says

    kobe14 ExpectMoore TimothyMcPherson ignatzz It may not be meaningless to you, but it is meaningless to the discussion. To create an imaginary situation in an effort to prove your point is a weak tactic. 1. If I choose to tell one person (option #2) then in turn I am also choosing to allow people to starve. 2. If I choose to feed the people, based on your scenario, I am taking the chance they are condemned to hell by never “hearing” about Jesus. You are providing a no win example in an effort to support your own belief. The fact is this – Jesus’ teaching encompassed all parts spiritual and physical. Based on Jesus’ teaching and his life, he actually instructed Christians to care for those in need and allow that to be the example that leads them to His love. Our words do not lead others to that love, nor do we as individuals. Jesus and the Holy Spirit take care of that in spite of us. Therefore, I feed the people in love as a result of the undeserved love I have received. Out of that action, they may never HEAR about Jesus, but many of them will know him because of the supernatural power that is the grace, peace, love and deliverance of God and his son. Also, in regards to the specific discussion on Phil, I do not need to defend him, nor does the church. We do not need to “speak out”. We are not called to “speak out” on Phil’s behalf (or God’s for that matter). We ARE called to feed, give drink, shelter, and care for those in need.

  96. Copia says

    You have to understand social pressure is an important power for change in a country. It’s what gets Christian prisoners released in hostile countries and it can affect future generations.
    I for one am glad A&E is getting heat, and I hope they get enough that a message is heard that if liberal groups continue their bigot-bashing it may backfire. That the media turning Robertson’s response into “un-Christian” isn’t tolerated.
    You have to realize the church has been passive as long as, or longer than, it’s been judgmental. And it needs to stand for truth. With the love that the people it is declaring it to really matter.
    I think about every gay friend I have every time I like, comment, or post. But my question to challenge this in response — are you willing to tell your gay friends, in love and emphasizing their inestimable value, that you believe living a homosexual lifestyle is wrong, according to God’s Word?
    If you are, then I’m listening. Really. This is good perspective.
    If you’re not, then this is just rhetoric.

  97. EllieSheaParkin says

    If I had said what he said, I would be fired. Most people, in fact, would be fired. 

    Goodness gracious. 

    So here is a hearty “amen” from me!

  98. MandiBristow says

    Sooo just an observation here. You say it’s ridiculous that people are getting worked up over this, when there’s more important matters to be concerned with. But how much time and effort did you put into writing this article about the same subject? You sort of defeated your own opinion by taking the time and energy to write such a lengthy article on something you thought was so stupid to be worked up about in the first place… Maybe sometimes it’s better to just have an opinion, and not voice it? Maybe let your actions do the talking? Maybe concern yourself with matters you find important, instead of taking so much time and energy to criticize what others are passionate about? Then maybe your opinions might carry a little more weight, and wouldn’t be contradicting themselves…

  99. JeffConner says

    I  have my  priorities in  order and yes I’m  angry  and whether  my  church  would support  him  I  do  Homosexuality IS  wrong and he has the guts  to  speak out   so  Go  Phil  to heck  with them  all God is the ultimate Source for our  rules , if  some one  doesn’t  like the rules  TAKE IT  UP  WITH GOD  HE  MADE THEM  not  phil  May  God bless and protect  phil and all his  family. I  look forward to  see if there are ANY  moral  net works  that  will take up his  cause , although I  doubt  it  because  Christians  don’t  have the same  rules applied to  us , we are told  to  keep our  opinions to  ourselves for  fear  of hate speech  or fear  of  being  labeled a bigot,  racist  or a homophobe ,  well I  for  one  say  here and now if  u are gay  and u  don’t  repent  and you  do  not  accept  Jesus You  will burn in  hell  along  with  others that  don’t   repent  for their  sins, Its  sad to  see so many  back  away  because they  dont  have the  guts  to  stand up  for this guy .

  100. RickADisher says

    How effective will the church be without freedom of speech. This is not just an A&E matter , they are part of the bigger machine . That is what you fail to realize . Yes he spoke freely but was smacked down by the main stream media to put him in his place . Also the church is not the one doing anything anyway , they are silent just like on the  Christians being murdered in the middle east .

  101. JennyMorris says

    just want to point out that the your “On the topic of homosexuality” is incorrect….Mr. Robertson was asked “what he considers sin” and he answered…”let’s start with homosexuality…….Bestiality, sleeping with that woman and this woman….”

    So you should have written “On the topic of sin” instead….

  102. AJPena says

    What you fail to realize is that this is more than Phil Robertson.  It is about the ultimate silencing of Christians.  The militant gays (and apparently christians like you) want to neuter the gospel.  Why would any homosexual ever come to Christ without ever coming face-to-face with the fact that homosexuality is a sin?  The gospel without the ability to call sin – sin, is simply half of the gospel.  I bet you crafted a long, ridiculous rant when the militant gay machine went after Chick-fil-A too.  Hmmmm…spending quiet a lot of time when you could be blogging about the plight of the polar bears or something more worth your while.

  103. tylerbrainerd says

    AJPena no one has been silenced. That’s the whole point. everyone who wants to have a say is having a say.

  104. AJPena says

    MandiBristowGood point!  People like this guy seem to think that standing against one wrong is pointless if somewhere in the world there is a bigger wrong to stand against.  Talk about stupid logic!

  105. Bartondad says

    “A&E does not preach these values. Some of their directors might love
    Jesus, but the Beatitudes are not their brand. GLAAD does not promote
    on a weekly basis the values of Christ. They might LOVE Jesus, but it’s
    not something they proclaim on a regular basis as their mantra. But we
    That is the dumbest thing I have read in a long time.  While living in a civilized democratic society I have the expectation that every group should be treated equally, but as a believer I can confidently say that A&E and GLADD are run contrary (not just differently) to the values of the Church at large.  Your words are the sound of a milktoast christianity that makes faith out to be a type or brand of kindness.  That would be a salvation by works brother, my kindness can be as big a stumbling block as it can be a fruit of the Spirit in my life.  I think you are guilty of the former.

  106. AJPena says

    tylerbrainerdAJPenaYes, so far.  But it is the goal.  There’s not a whole lot of tolerance for Christian beliefs about right and wrong.

  107. tylerbrainerd says

    AJPena tylerbrainerd So you’re operating entirely on your hypothetical idea of what MIGHT happen….

    and you don’t think that’s silly?

  108. KyleWarren says

    If I pay a guy to mow my yard, he says something that might offend my neighbors, and I fire him I am not in the wrong.  His freedom of speech is not valid on my property.  Now, if he wants to stand in the street, he can say whatever he wants, but I’m not going to pay him to stand there.
    It’s the same for A&E.  A&E is not a public channel.  It’s not a city hall.  It’s private property, and the owners decided that they didn’t want to offend the neighbors – simple as that.
    It’s all just free publicity anyway.  Congratulations everyone for contributing to increased sales of duck calls.

  109. AJPena says

    tylerbrainerdAJPenaI’m operating on what I see in society.  It isn’t a “might happen.” The Chick-fil-A CEO, the Bonilla Pasta CEO, Phil Robertson…if you speak against gays your gonna get attacked.

  110. DevinTown says

    RickADisher I don’t know if you have ever read about early church history, but it seems to have been fairly effective… given that the Roman Empire outlawed it and in 400 years the official religion became Christianity. Rights don’t effect God’s hand. We are to preach truth, in love, no matter the law. The issue is that American Christians don’t want to be uncomfortable, so we fight for RIGHTS instead of the Gospel.

  111. AJPena says

    DevinTownRickADisherI agree with you, but how can we preach the Gospel if we can’t talk about sin.  If a person is fooled by Satan, himself, or the world that his sin isn’t real then he is likely to die still in his sins.

  112. KyleWarren says

    AJPena LuanneBogart Technically speaking, no, there is no sin, and I’m talking semantics here.  “Sin” is just a symbol for abnormal behaviors.  Abnormal, of course, is subjective and subject to change.  Drinking alcohol is a sin to Southern Baptists, but it’s A-okay to Catholics, both Christian denominations.
    And to play devil’s advocate, Jesus died to save us from our sins, and he did so…so why are we all worrying ourselves about sin?  It’s done, nailed to the cross…literally.  We’re all forgiven whether we like it or not, so how about we make good on this incredible gift and shower each other with love and tolerance?

  113. CharlesHood says

    You left out the fact that Phil Robertson also said this in the interview:
    “However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.”

  114. RicMantraut says

    RickADisher he was smacked down by the folks who write his paycheck. freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. That’s the fresh scent of capitalism.

  115. ReformedSoutherner says

    Excellent post & I completely agree. The way that the Christian community has been carrying on about this is downright embarrassing.  The message they are sending is that it’s ok to be crude, offensive & ignorant as long as you quote scripture. That’s ridiculous. It just shows how worldly & idolatrous American Christians really are.  Also, the insinuation that people are making that Phil is being persecuted is offensive to every Christian overseas that is actually being persecuted. Phil is not being persecuted. He is merely facing the consequences of his foolish actions.

  116. LeanneZeck says

    Excellent post. As you point out, how we respond actually says a lot about how much we follow the teachings of Christ–love one another, forgive, turn the other cheek, following the example of Christ by having the mind of Christ in Philippians 2 which says Christ laid down his right……It seems we Christians know a lot about the Bible but know nothing about being like Christ. 
    Phil had the right to say what he did. A and E had the right to say they don’t want him on the show for a while. Everyone has gone to their corners claiming their rights. No one has been silenced. No one has been harmed. It is going to be ok.

  117. LeanneZeck says

    RickADisher Yeah, I am pretty sure Christian’s voices and message was much clearer when there was real persecution. You might want to check Church history.

  118. RicMantraut says

    kobe14 TimothyMcPherson drew3573 I go to a church that is 50% nonwhite. I can assure you that my brothers and sisters are deeply hurt by his language re: black Americans.

  119. JoshuaMcKenrick says

    CharlesHood He didn’t say that in the interview. He said it after he realized what he said and was offering an “apology”.

  120. Reallis says

    “…he’s not being held hostage by Bible-haters somewhere in Southeast Asia. It’s worse than that. The eldest member of America’s favorite reality TV http://matthewpaulturner.com/2009/08/25/family/ has been suspended http://www.nola.com/tv/index.ssf/2013/12/duck_dynasty_star_phil_roberts.html by A&E!”

    I seriously cannot believe you just said that Phil being suspended indefinitely, is worse that people risking their lives in Asia and being held hostage because of their faith. Sarcastic or not, are you aware of how ignorant you sound? I understand that this upsets you, and I think rants are fine, but this statement is foolish and insensitive. If you want to sound even somewhat intellectual, you might want to compare this situation to something else that is actually relateable. 

    During your next rant, I suggested that you have someone edit your post before putting it online in order to avoid additional senseless statements.  You have no idea what the Christians in Southeast Asia are going through, and that is clear by this naive statement.

  121. LeanneZeck says

    AJPena I came to Christ without having sin preached to me. I came to Christ because Jesus’ love and healing and compassion blew me away. I looked at the world and could see there was obviously something wrong. And Jesus stood in stark contrast to that wrongness. He didn’t condemn those on the outside of the chosen crowd. Instead he ate with them and offered healing. And because of that mercy, they were changed. I was changed. People know they are sinners. People know we get it wrong all the time. People need to know there is One who still wants to have dinner with us. The difference is made not in the judgment and the preaching of sin, but in the act of mercy and grace. I believe Paul stated that it is God’s mercy which leads to repentance–not the preaching on sin.

  122. LeanneZeck says

    RicMantraut  And that is what makes me even sadder as a Christian. Where is our outrage at the racial remarks? Why are we ok with what he said about black Americans?

  123. MichelleDaramy says

    Even though I do not agree with everything written in this post, some good points were made; however, these same points can be made without the sarcasm.

  124. projectmisha says

    JoshuaMcKenrick CharlesHood You dont know what was said in the interview, you only know what was written in the magazine, the edited version. Not saying I know, but no one really knows.

  125. JuliaJames says

    Religious persecution comes in all forms…this is a type in this country. No we are not tortured or put to death as in some, but we are persecuted for our belief in God’s word and standing for His word. You sir missed the mark! Nice rant of your own…

  126. jdallen1 says

    I read an article in World Magazine a few weeks ago detailing the demise of over 80 people in N. Korea.  Their crime was the possession of a Bible.  Their families got to look on as they faced the firing squad.  Then, the families were sent to work camps, never to be seen or heard from again.  Maybe I read this article wrong, but isn’t he just pointing out that, as Christians, we’d be better served simply serving God?  I’ve seen one half of one episode of Duck Dynasty, so I can’t claim that I completely understand what’s going on here.  Frankly, I don’t have a lot of time to what TV.  I think it is fantastic that these folks declare their faith on prime time television, but I live among extremely intelligent folks who reject Christ because they can’t get beyond the ignorance and persecution and lack of love they see INSIDE the American church.  They read threads like this one and see us tearing each other apart instead of trying to understand each other.  It’s pride folks, and it’s what Jesus asks us to give up so that we can accept Him completely.  I can’t imagine that there are many Americans, living most of their lives on American soil, who know what real persecution means.  He is merely challenging us to check our priorities.  We’ve become numb to and ignorant of the pain in the rest of the world.  We don’t know what suffering for Christ really means.

  127. momo33 says

    @sydalish, the truth is, we Christians have been offended on cable TV for quite some time. We have been mocked, and told to ignore the trash on TV, turn the Chanel, look away! Why does the same not apply to those who oppose Phil! This is the true hypocrisy in America. It’s ok to offend one group and condemn us for our short comings, (ie judging others) but its not ok for us! When you left Christianity, isn’t it true you’re throwing the same stone of those you accused?

  128. csspeegl says

    So, if you say we should be focused on other world evens that are so much more important then why do Americans spend all of their energy on gay rights when they could be spending it on orphans in other countries?  One is about life or death then the other is about social acceptance?  Gay rights and equal rights of people of different races are two totally different things, which I think it is odd that Americans feel that they are the same.  Gays and straights can both vote, drink from the same water fountain, and ect so clearly not the same struggle! We are disgusted by Miley and worried about how big Kim K got while pregnant… it is just what the media picks to focus on. Also, for the record anti-gay views are not wrong just like gay views are not wrong or right… why does everyone not respect each other’s opinions?!  Sin is sin no matter what way you slice it and we are all sinners, but dont force me to think that sin is ok, ever!

  129. DeanRice says

    Meh. Rather than return the sarcasm, I’ll say it like I see it. You seem to want to be the contrarian here. I see this short lived story as a good thing because the far majority of people are sticking up for Phil. The “hatred” coming from the other side is very real and our Christian liberties are at stake. And something more, I don’t like it when you start throwing around the “homeless people, malnutrition.. ” arguments. And if I ask you if thats what you’re up to will you say “How dare you judge me, you don’t know me, and yes, I do this and that..” would it escape your notice that thats what a lot of us are doing too? Articles like this smell of contrarianism and seem like an ornary response against your own side.

  130. csspeegl says

    ReformedSoutherner So what is the consequence for Miley making a fool out of herself, more money?  Then teaching others that it is ok to act like that because clearly you get attention and money for acting in such a way.  So who is the ignorant person?

  131. SarahBrown1 says

    When I read the comment on how he’s not being held-hostage by
    Bible-haters in Asia and that there are people dieing in Sudan, it
    reminded me of a person that gets a speeding ticket or gets caught
    shop-lifting and then starts ranting about how there are so many murders
    going on in this country. Their reasoning is that since there truly are
    much worse things going on in the world, their smaller wrong-doing is
    invalidated. There’s also the faulty logic that assumes if a person
    cares about one thing they are not capable of caring about another i.e
    you care about Phil Roberson -> you don’t care about the suffering in
    the rest of the world. That’s the reasoning I hear from some when I
    work with any international relief project (BTW, the Sudan has been one
    of them), that they have chosen not to have anything to do with
    international suffering because there are people suffering in this
    And no, I don’t think this is about free speech either.
    I’m not looking at this from a legal perspective which involves a person’s rights, I’m looking at it from a business perspective. A&E is a private company and can hire and fire people on whatever
    terms they wish. But at the same time, the rest of us are A&E’s
    customers, and customers have the right to choose which businesses they
    patronize. If a company does something the customers don’t like, it is perfectly reasonable of them to take their business elsewhere.

  132. ccp05a says

    To me, wise and careful doesn’t encompass entitling a “wake up call for Christians” article to rhyme with the f word. Also saying “every damn Sunday” a few words after mentioning the Beatitudes. Really?

  133. csspeegl says

    Also, if A&E said that Phil said things that their network does not support, so they support Christianity? Don’t think so, but clearly they do support gay rights?

  134. BrianHulett says

    True.  I also didn’t notice YOU posting about the ongoing Sudanese problem yesterday.  Or the day before.  Yet you’re chiding people who have seen yet another example of our American liberties being crushed by the fascism of political correctness.  C’mon, all Americans have cause to be concern about this.  The Sudanese monster has been ongoing for many years and no one has an answer what can be done about it.  This?  This we can hopefully impact.

  135. Boozleford says

    Just for the record, anti-gay views are anti-people views. It’s as wrong as misogyny or racism or any other bias against a group of people. It’s not like, I hate the color blue, or I hate that car. It’s people. If you want to continue hating people you are free to do so, but don’t force me to think that hate is ok, ever.

  136. tylerbrainerd says

    AJPena tylerbrainerd you have an odd definition of attacked, if you think that the chick fil a thing (which amounted to a small boycott) was an attack, but the response to this situation (wherein a bunch of christians are boycotting a&e) is somehow ALSO an attack on christians.

  137. Boozleford says

    Christianity is about more than just oppressing gays. It’s mostly about loving Christ. And being against hate speech is not against Christians, it’s against hate speech. Hate is hate. If you want Christian to mean “hates gays” go join Westboro.

  138. SarahBrown1 says

    Your analogy is true, but take it a step farther. If you own a business and one of your employees says something that might offend the customers, you are well within your rights to fire him. But then if other customers liked this employee and hear that you fired him, and didn’t agree with your reason for doing so, they are also well within their rights not to do business with you anymore.
    It’s the same here. Nobody is talking about legally forcing them to hire Phil Roberson back (at least no one that I’ve heard). It’s private property and a business, and the customers have just decided it was a business they didn’t wish to support.

  139. jcherring101 says

    LuanneBogart He was doing that to the “religious” people who were making a mockery of God.  He seemed to have a thing about being kind to the non-believers who were outcasts of society while demonstrating ire toward those who should know better.

  140. Boozleford says

    Your Christian liberties are not at stake. In any way. You are 100% free to be Christian. The issue isn’t the Christianity. This article is a breath of fresh air against the ugly and ignorant views being circulated.

  141. bigmikelewis says

    Another liberal who won’t stand up for the gospel when that time comes either. I regularly speak up about all issues including the true gospel, not just the social gospel. All I get is hate from the liberal wing. It’s a rough existence. Of course we expect people to try and shame for daring to speak up about the things they care about when it just happens to not be about homeless people even if that is also an issue they speak up about. I’m so tired of folks trying to act like Christians don’t want to address ALL issues out there. I don’t know many Christians who DON’T speak up about that too. I am not ashamed for speaking up about DD.
    When did Turner speak up about Pastor Saeed in Iran? When did Turner speak up about Benghazi or Fast and Furious? When did he speak up about the constant theft of our liberties by the president? When did he speak up about babies murdered or families torn apart by drugs? When did he speak up about any of these issues? He doesn’t because he’s just another liberal trying to shame us for happening to take a stand here.
    I’m tired of condescending speeches by the “holy” ones out there.

  142. Boozleford says

    This is a beautifully written article that articulates so much that needs to be said. What a relief to read this. What a blessing. Thank you for standing for love and wisdom.

  143. jacquealantern says

    I follow you on Twitter and enjoy your blog.  This post however, made me cringe and wrinkle my nose up in protest.  I found it to be more than a little bit condescending and judgmental… and it even insulted me with a few of your choice words. But, because I am a grown up and realize that other people have opinions that differ than mine, it’s really okay.  I won’t try to boycott you, write threatening letters to your sponsors, talk bad about you, or quit reading your blog!   Who decided that it wasn’t okay to disagree and move on?  We have become a culture  that is becoming intolerant of intolerance. Definition of hypocrisy?

  144. SarahBrown1 says

    Boozleford Of course. That’s why we say “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” You can hate the color blue, and hate that car, you can even hate that car twice as much if it also happens to be blue, and you can do all that without hating the person driving that blue car.

  145. notmycircus says

    AJPena tylerbrainerd I feel sorry for people getting hate mail about their sermons which might also be a little bit full of hate. And also the guy worth $17 million who hasn’t just had his say not just in GQ but in multiple other platforms to the point that this article was a surprise to absolutely zero people who had heard of him. Just kidding I’m MUCH MORE SORRY for gay people who get actually killed, brutally, painfully, with every intention of humiliation and torture and their families who have to live on knowing their loved ones final moments were pure hell on earth. All in the name of Christ. I guess my bible that says “Thou shalt not kill” contains a misprint? 

    Also last time I checked Chick-fil-A is still operating and the CEO is still richer than most people will ever know.  Probably way too rich for someone just selling chicken. And what the heck, when I was at the store today I had the option to buy Barilla pasta. I thought the gays had that corporation shut down?

    A&E didn’t make this decision based on some large outcry from the public. The first time anybody heard about it was the reposting of an article about the decision. There hasn’t actually been an attack on this guy from militant gays today. I can’t point to one single liberal friend of mine who thinks Phil Robertson doesn’t a) have the right to think what he thinks or b) shouldn’t be allowed to say it. Every single person I know — including gay people!!! — just shrug and say yeah well, that’s why I don’t watch the show.  The 1st Amendment does not extend to a private corporation making the decision that they might want to end the relationship with somebody that they are paying a lot of money to represent their network. Why? They’re trying to appeal to a lot of people in order to make money, and advertisers get nervous when they are spending money on somebody who paints the pre civil rights days in the south as full of happy black folks singing in the cotton fields without a care in the world. Aside from the lynchings, conveniently left out of that worldview. That’s capitalism. If you don’t like it, well maybe socialism is more your speed?
    Either way, the only thing people ask of Christians is to stop living with so much hate in their hearts. It’s not a good look.

  146. Boozleford says

    No, @sogachick this is not plain and simple. I understand unwholesome talk to be hateful speech that turns many away from the church. Phil’s words confirm the idea many non believers have, that Christianity is backwoods, ignorant, and hateful. Christianity should be joyful.

  147. jcherring101 says

    kobe14 JimGoodbody robcreece When I witness to non-believers, I start by building a relationship and trust.  When I explain the path to Jesus, I explain that sin creates a gap between God and man and that Jesus’ sacrifice is the bridge over that gap.  I don’t then begin making a list of their sins.  People understand at their core what sin is.  As they develop and learn, they will see what the Bible outlines as sin.  There were plenty of things that I did without understanding they were sins or proscribed in the Bible until I started maturing in my faith.  I didn’t need someone to call me names or make me feel less than human to convict me. God did that on his own. That verse, Colossians 4:5-6 is my life verse.

  148. SoGaChick says

    Boozleford  unwholesome talk can be anything that is a stumbling block for others. When most non-Christians see/hear Christians cuss, they view that as hypocrisy. As Christians, we should be mindful to let the words of our mouth be pleasing to the Lord. (Psalm 19:14). We can’t just pick and choose parts of the bible that fit our lifestyle. 

    Christianity is joyful, however that doesn’t mean everything is going to be sunshine and roses. If that’s the way you see it, you should check your theology and dig deeper into the Bible.

  149. JohnCallender says

    LuanneBogart Try reading Romans ch. 1 v. 24 through 27 (New Testament). It is very clear about homosexuality & the punishment thereof.

  150. SharonJenningsBowler says

    notmycircus AJPena tylerbrainerd 
    notmycircus, we will probably never meet or even have another conversation, but I feel like you are my friend. A kindred spirit if you will.

    I asked my gay daughter if she had heard about this whole thing and she said “yea, whatever. I mean isn’t the whole point of that show to celebrate a bunch of red neck bigots?” She said “it’s not news to her that there are people who feel like she does.”

  151. Boozleford says

    @sarabrown1 but the comments in question are not reasoned and balanced comments about hating the sin and loving the sinner, they are vulgar and racist comments that reiterate ignorance and are devoid of grace. Who are we protecting? Is this someone we want to represent Christianity? Someone who says a vagina is just more desirable? Someone with very little perspective on the very real struggles black people faced and have faced?

  152. Boozleford says

    This really perplexes me because I’ve never read this blog before and it’s these opinions in this article that have made me a fan.

  153. AndrewImlay says

    At first I paid no mind to this Duck Dynasty guy — I was distracted and chuckling over his “vagina vs. anus” thing (I’m gay) and “they were truly happy” comments (my husband is Black). Beneath our dignity, not worth comment.

    But then I noticed a very serious idea at stake here for devoted, self-examining Christians, like many of you. It was embedded in standard, maudlin rhetoric so it almost slipped past me. But I’m not Christian; did you catch it? “If you simply put your faith in Jesus coming down in flesh, through a human being, God becoming flesh living on the earth, dying on the cross for the sins of the world, being buried, and being raised from the dead—yours and mine and everybody else’s problems will be solved. And the next time we see you, we will say: ‘You are now a brother. Our brother.’ So then we look at you totally different then.”

    Hold up. I would *now* be a brother? Your brother? And *then* you look at me totally different?

    I’d be in the Brother Club? Seen totally differently, like an insider? Of a *human* group?

    Of course, if there’s an inside, there’s an outside. And there’s a *social* boundary drawn between the two. And a person or people to draw it. And someone to police it. You know the source of the term “scapegoat” — from Leviticus — a goat was chosen, the villagers’ sins symbolically placed on it, and it would be chased out of the village —  cast out. To the outside, across the boundary of another *human* group. And the villagers would feel purified of their sins, or fears, or whatever. For most people, it works.

    So, some groups which have been scapegoated: Eunuchs. Samaritans. Jews violating certain Levitical laws (punishment: “cast out”).  Christians (mid-Roman empire). Later, Catholics. “Witches”. Apostates. Recently, Muslims. All sorts of out-groups who violated sacred laws. Here’s how you know someone’s being scapegoated: A person speaks from a platform of moral superiority which allows them to look down on, judge, and announce punishment, but oddly — without explanation — they repeatedly pick out the same violators and sins over and over. Out of all the sinners and freaks to choose from, the same ones keep getting constantly brought up, even by different people, again and again. Until it becomes a cliche’ to call out, say, parasitical Blacks, or greedy Jews, or Evangelical Christians (sorry, not to put anyone else’s suffering on the scale of the Shoah, and I haven’t heard any proposal to limit Evangelicals’ civil rights, but you get the point). 

    Or maybe, “start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there”. Constructing a boundary, legitimately borrowed from Leviticus and Romans, which puts me on the outside. Okay, once or twice; it’s a Christian teaching, I can hear that, like listening to a Mormon appeal. Just like all the other Pauline sins we’re asked to self-examine. But when this ONE Pauline/Levitical law gets used to shame my nephew, oppose my (literal) civil rights, mock the dignity of our marriage, and gets reduced to packaged buzzwords, it’s no longer an humble teaching but one of the pharisees’ laws, technically correct, but which really keep insiders insiders and outsiders outsiders. And if I convert and come inside, ” the next time we see you, we will say: ‘You are now a brother. Our brother.’ So then we look at you totally different then.” To which I think, doesn’t Jesus look at me — all of us — like brothers *now*, while we sinners are still outside the boundary, like Samaritans shunned outside an Israelite village? Because that’s where he is, an outsider’s outsider, the ultimate scapegoat. 

    The appeal shouldn’t be for me to become an insider, is it?   *He’s* the one Christians want me to go with, right?

    On behalf of some of us listening to the Christian dialogue, thanks for your time. Andrew.


  154. McRed says

    People are not upset because a man was kicked off a reality show, they are terrified that ours has become a country where the only group not “tolerated” are Christians. God expects us to live righteous lives and help as many people understand the gospel so that they might inherit eternal life. Love prompts those people to speak out. He believes in sharing warnings from the scripture just like I would say something to someone who was about to walk in the street as a bus is about to pass by. Is that hate? It’s not about him, it’s about our rapidly changing culture and the growing persecution of anyone who believes in “absolute truths”.

  155. notmycircus says

    SharonJenningsBowler notmycircus AJPena tylerbrainerd 
    Thank you sharonjenningsbowler.  I just get bothered that there’s actual real pain and suffering in this world, all around, where our energy can be placed. And If I’m going to look up to somebody to show me how to be a Christian…well I guess I find the Pope a much more compelling example of truly living, day in and day out, a life in service. Not that I begrudge the Duck Dynasty family their success for making really awesome duck callers, and if you actually read the GQ article it’s easy to see what is so interesting, and yes surprising about them (Phil has a masters in Education, good for him!). I’m tired of being told I’m not a good Christian because I choose to love instead judge.

  156. SharonJenningsBowler says

    LeanneZeck RicMantraut 
    Many of us are very disturbed about the racist comments. I for one brought them up in my comment. I think the racist remarks he made were a big part of why A&E suspended him. However this article is about the over reaction of the Church. And it’s over reaction was about the gay comments and how right they were. 
    I think his comments were very inappropriate and I don’t really care about A&E’s action either way. I don’t watch the show. But I think Sarah Palin and her lot are an embarrassment for Christians everywhere.

  157. SharonJenningsBowler says

    meandonlyme You think it was “ok” with Christians, the media, or the general public? Do you live in a cave?

  158. Boozleford says

    Lol, okay I’ll go check my theology. Thanks. That’s a great way to open a discussion, if you want to be offensive.
    Did I say, I ride a unicorn over a rainbow on my way to church? Obviously it’s not all sunshine and roses. Obviously. But in religion, when we take so much on faith–especially hardship, especially burdens, when faith is all we have–it’s hope and joy and love that we pray for, not hate. Not vaginas and men’s anuses.

  159. SharonJenningsBowler says

    TimothyMcPherson How do you feel about the Salvation Army’s anti-Gay marriage stance and their threats to pull out of serving the poor in New York if gay marriage passed? 
    You seem like you really get this stuff so I’m really curious.

  160. JaneScroggins says

    Maybe people are overreacting about the Duck Dynasty issue but most of us are sick to death of having gays crammed down our throats! We are supposed to not only love them as fellow humans, we are supposed to affirm their lifestyle! We may not call sin, sin! Yeah that dirty homophobic word, SIN! 
    If I say I think homosexuality is wrong I’m a hater!! BUT if I say that we are all sinners in need of redemption I’m narrow and a bigot and probably a racist!!! 
    And what is worse, when I insist that, by law, I have the right to verbally express my beliefs in public, I’m a tea-bagger, a racist and an anarchist! 
    If this is the modern church that accepts sin as normal, marriage between two men or two women as acceptable and part of God’s plan then I want no part of it!

    You people are SICK!!!
    BTW the reason for the popularity of Duck Dynasty is mostly that they present a family that is close, goes to church and doesn’t brag about their filthy lifestyle!!
    And there was just a news story on the TV just now about how a manger scene is illegal. Are you beginning to get it??? Nah didn’t think so.

  161. WayneC says

    AndrewImlay I made an account specifically to like this message.  It’s the exact same message I was trying to get across yesterday to a friend of mine who is a self-identified ‘righteous Christian’, only you put it more elegantly.

  162. AletaMcVey1 says

    McRedI bet you wouldn’t feel that way if it was Muslims. Christians hate on Muslims, gays… anyone different. The only group not “tolerated”… please.
    The pot calling the kettle black.

  163. nirupama says

    I don’t know why, but you are like the only rational blogger I have read about this issue.  I knew I could come here for a little open mindedness.  thank you, (I’m a reader of Jessica’s blog)

  164. jdallen1 says

    AndrewImlay As a Christian, I wish I had a better response for you.  I realize I’m being presumptuous even assuming that you want a response.  

    Yes.  I believe Christ came to be the scape goat so that we would stop making scape goats of each other.  He came in abject humility.  He didn’t insist on His rights.  He stood silent before His accusers, “like a sheep before its shearers”.  If we say we are following Christ’s example, then insist on our rights, on the whole, we’ve got it wrong.  

    We must stand up for what is right.  The Bible teaches us to warn each other in a humble, loving way.  We are told to reserve judgement for God.  God sent Jonah to Nineveh to “warn” the people.  God did not want to destroy them.  He loved them.  But Jonah didn’t understand God.  His humanity did not contain enough humility or love.  They turned when he finally warned them, but he was still angry about it.  He wanted to see his own brand of justice met out on those people.  He did not understand why God would not withhold His love from them.  He could not see that God loved them as much as He loved him.  He did not see his own sin – a common problem in the Christian community today.  He was too busy diagnosing their sin.  

    I believe that the Bible is clear.  We are all part of a fallen creation.  We chose the fall.  We bear sin in our bodies.  No sin is greater than another, but as humans, we tend to rank sin.  God does not.  Throughout scripture, God shows his love for ALL people.  We are sin-bearers, but we are also likeness-bearers.  He came in abject humility to “get” us.  He asks us to respond to Him as he came – in humility.  

    We all have some propensity to sin.  The Bible is also very clear about what sin is.  At times, I am guilty of gossip.  God says that when I gossip, I commit “murder in my heart”.  Strong words.  If I say I believe the Bible, then I have to accept that as truth.   I believe God loves us whether we accept or reject Him.  I also believe that He loves us so much that He desires relationship with us.  We become brothers when we choose the relationship with Christ – when we choose to reciprocate in a relationship with Him.  He came for ALL, but not all accept Him.   It sounds as if you know the Bible well, so I apologize if nothing I’ve shared is helpful, or if you were not seeking a response.  Please know that the intention here is the hope of sharing what I believe to be truth in the spirit of humility and love.

  165. JoeNCA says

    JaneScroggins “Love does no harm to a neighbor, therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” – Romans 13:10

    The bible has 6 admonitions of homosexuality, and 362 admonitions of heterosexuality. Does that mean heterosexuals are worse sinners than homosexuals, or that they just need more supervision?

  166. JoeNCA says

    A&E has just released the following statement regarding the Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander” controversy:
    “We know that Phil Robertson is a deeply religious man and our decision to suspend “Duck Dynasty” was not because of his recent statements to GQ magazine. Our decision was based in the Holy Scripture contained in Matthew 19:24 “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” 
    “We at A&E are deeply concerned about Phil’s soul, in fact, we are as concerned about his soul as he is about all the homosexual’s souls. Therefore, we have suspended Phil’s income so that A&E, and all of its subsidiaries, are not complicit in the eternal damnation of this brave and noble man’s eternal soul.”

  167. JoeNCA says

    McRed Bull. Catholic schools fire people who support gay rights ALL. THE. TIME. In my hometown just this year that happened. So don’t give me that bull about not being tolerated, when Christians clearly won’t tolerate anyone who disagrees with them either.

  168. drew3573 says

    AndrewImlay  Yes. To put it bluntly, there is, in fact, an “inside” and an “outside”. This is talked about in several passages of the Bible. Christ said it Himself in Matthew 12:30 (“He who is not with Me is against Me”). Revelation 20:15 also states “And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”. So is there a dividing line? Absolutely.
    Here’s the thing. It’s a God defined line. It is not a “human group” insofar as it was not established by humans although it IS comprised of humans. Hebrews 2:10 states ” For both He who sanctifies and those who are sanctified are all from one Father; for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren,” Christ is the one “who sanctifies” and He only calls “those who are sanctified” brother. 
    Christians DO want you to become an “insider”. I personally would love to hear that you have become an “insider”.  NOT because I want you to be like me, however. God knows I have so many of my own flaws I would never wish those on anyone else. Christians are not perfect. Some do act like they think they are, unfortunately, and I’m ashamed to admit I know I’ve been guilty of acting that way myself. Please don’t hold that against us because remember, we’re NOT actually perfect.
    Should the appeal be for you to become an insider? Yes. Revelation 20:15 (I quoted it above) tells us what happens to outsiders and it will not be pleasant.  Many people, both inside and outside, feel that God is love and if God is love He would never do such a thing. If God was ONLY love than they would be right. But in addition to being love, the Bible also tells us He is “just” and His just nature requires consequences for sin.  If God were only love, there would only be an “inside”. If God were only just, there would only be an “outside”. Thankfully, Christ’s sacrificial death means God can be both.
    Romans 3:23 says ” for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” which means we ALL start on the outside. So how does anyone go from being outside to being inside? The answer is in the verse that can be seen behind home plate at any baseball game or behind the end zone at any football game.  John 3:16 states “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.”  This is the life ring that God throws out to everyone. God loves the world. Not just those “inside”. The world.  
    This well known verse identifies the dividing line between inside and outside. It’s not that inside people are better or that outside people are worse. “Whoever believes in Him”. THAT is the one and only thing that transitions people from inside to outside. Grabbing that life ring that God has, in His love, thrown out so that we can escape the lake of fire is the only thing that can save us. I’ve grabbed onto that ring and, while that makes me no better than anyone else, it does mean I have nothing to fear in this life OR the next. My prayer is that everyone I speak with will also grab onto that ring.

  169. JoeNCA says

    AndrewImlay  Or interracial couples. From Loving v. Virginia: “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”

    In fact, if you bring up Genesis story of Adam and Eve, why is the Genesis story of the Tower of Babel any less relevant?

  170. SoGaChick says

    Boozleford  how is it vulgar and racist that Phil Robertson said that HE finds a woman’s vagina more desirable than a man’s anus? That’s merely stating personal preference. There was nothing racist about it. And quite frankly, he’s entitled to his own personal preference. 

    Totally hypothetical, but if Sean Hayes (whom I absolutely love!) was to express that he found a man’s anus more desirable than a woman’s vagina, would the spokesperson for GLAAD call for immediate action to that? Absolutely not! 

    There’s a clear case of double standards here, and the “Christian” community should be able to speak up for Phil Robertson, without being told to “shut the duck up”.

  171. JoeNCA says

    bigmikelewis So why concentrate on only the issues that divide you and not the issues that unite? I disagree with the pope on some things and the pope disagrees with me on some things, but a) there are issues of immense passion that excite the both of us and b) we can agree to disagree on the issues that we don’t agree on. i’m not a Catholic, but the fact that many Christians spend so much time on things like abortion and homosexuality and NOT on issues like homelessness, the sick and the poor, you know, the things that EVEN YOU agree we agree on! That’s what’s so frustrating. 

    I disagree with what A&E did, but then again, I’m not A&E. To simply castigate “the liberal wing” as one contiguous group is not at all helpful. I think the pope gets that. Do you?

  172. Boozleford says

    Bartondad It’s actually “milquetoast” not “milk toast” unless there are Christians I am not aware of dunking their toast in milk. Anyway, the other type of Christianity is militant, narrow-minded, stifling, and ignorant. The Christ I know was selfless and kind, and would be deeply saddened by having his words connected with a selfish need to be “correct” and with those who judge the souls of others, instead of working on their own spirituality. A Christian should be recognized by their actions, as the Robertsons WERE prior to this embarrassing and shameful debacle, rather than their very loud “vaginas are better than anuses” words.

  173. Ctownsend says

    So why is it ok for you to blast people for giving their opinion on this but ok for you to write a long post about it? How do you know people didn’t also discuss the deaths in Sudan or children dying? This article surely wasn’t about either of the two. So according to what you just said, you should calm the “duck” down and write about bigger issues instead of writing this post that lost my interest after about the third paragraph. But I guess since YOU think your opinion is better than everyone else’s it’s ok for YOU to write about it. Get real.

  174. JoeNCA says

    AJPena tylerbrainerd And Catholic schools fire people all the time for supporting gay rights. So where is their tolerance for those support equal rights?

  175. JoeNCA says

    AJPena tylerbrainerd What about Home Depot? Or Amazon? Or Microsoft? Or Apple? Or General Mills? Or Starbucks? Christian groups supported boycotts against these companies simply because they support gay rights as well.

  176. Boozleford says

    JaneScroggins Yes. You are a hater. You are projecting hate, anger, and bitterness. Instead of ranting and protesting and yelling “you people are sick!” please try to pray and reflect. Honestly. Pray. Think truly of God. 

    The “gays” are not “crammed down our throats” they are humans. Just living. Hating them will not mean you do not have to live in society with them. You have to live in society with gay people, Jewish people, black people, poor people, people who have children out of wedlock, pastors, fathers, ministers, rabbis, nuns, Muslims, Mormons. You and I have to live in the same society and your anger is far more disturbing to me than another person’s homosexuality. Which, I’ll be honest, is not disturbing to me at all, I can’t even imagine how it feels to be so offended by gay people, but I believe you that its really upsetting to you.

  177. JoeNCA says

    JohnCallender LuanneBogart  Romans 1 was mistranslated. The literal Greek is “morally effeminate”, which early translators thought meant homosexuals. It’s clear from other Greek literature (such as Aristotle) that Greeks associated masculinity with courage and the lack of it with -cowardliness-. It is means “moral coward”. You can’t literally translate it to mean “homosexuals” any more than you can interpret “lady killer” to literally mean someone who murders women. 

    So again, do try reading Romans, particularly Romans 2: “You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. Now we know that God’s judgment against those who do such things is based on truth. So when you, a mere human being, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment?”

    And continue on to Romans 13:10: “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

    Love is not a sin, and neither is it your position to judge. Read your bible. Your ENTIRE bible.

  178. Boozleford says

    McRed The only people not tolerated are Christians. Fat people, poor people, Muslims. Gay people. Black people. Southeast Asians. Transsexuals. Veterans. Homeless people. Drunks. Drug abusers. Women who breastfeed in public. Smokers. 

    You haven’t heard about the black people arrested for walking into stores and paying for things with their own money? Because its so crazy to imagine that a black person has enough money to buy expensive things, the only logical thing is to arrest them. 

    What a safe, wonderful, tiny, windowless corner of the world you must dwell in, if it truly terrifies you that Christians are the only group not tolerated. 

    I will pray with all sincerity for your eyes to open and for you to walk in someone else’s shoes.

  179. Boozleford says

    Ctownsend This article was really special to me, because I felt alone. It was so nice to read someone who was able to put into words what I felt in my heart. 

    He is not blasting people for giving their opinion, he’s responding to these opinions and presenting his own. He disagrees with the opinions, as do I, but at no point and in no way is he saying “people should not give their opinion.”

  180. raybaby116 says

    JoeNCAI looked at A&E’s statement and it is nothing like you have stated. I would be interested in where you got this information because I believe it to not be true at all.

  181. JoeNCA says

    raybaby116 JoeNCA It is satire. But wouldn’t a company who believed in biblical principles also have a right to fire Phil for that as well? Why just a month ago, a Baptist Church refused to do business with the Robertson family because they had a deal with a wine company and the Baptists believe that drinking alcohol is a sin. Where was their outrage there? 

    Religion and speech are personal, and companies and people are individual actors with the right to associate as they please. Religion doesn’t trump A&E’s right to own and manage a business as they please. It doesn’t mean I agree with their decision, but they have a right to do it, just as Catholic schools fire gay teachers or even anyone who supports gay rights. 

    None of us have a right to a reality TV show, or else both your and my first amendment rights are being abridged!!

  182. Boozleford says

    SoGaChick Boozleford  the vulgarity is in the reduction of women and gay men to their sexual organs. The racism is Phil’s other quotes about how he didn’t see any black people suffering, and this his experience as “white trash” was the same as the black peoples. 

    The oppressed group is able to speak in a different way than the oppressor. That may not seem fair? But it is. For example, when a man in power says “women are dumb and shouldn’t work” that is offensive, and it is language that should not be tolerated. When a woman not in power says he is dumb, it is acceptable. Until we are all truly equal, we do need different rules. It is essentially that: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” We can not hold everything to the same standards, because we do not come from the same place. 

    Sean Hayes has very likely said he prefers an anus to a vagina, and I wouldn’t like, quote this and celebrate it, but it wouldn’t have the same power to offend. Precisely because he is gay, and we have a different standard for what is acceptable from different people. 

    If I began to speak about the military, having never served, it would have a very different effect than the identical comment from someone who did serve. I believe this is appropriate and logical. 

    Christians can speak up for Phil Robertson. And they are. But they run the very real risk of sounding like men calling women dumb.

  183. Ctownsend says

    Are you kidding that he’s not blasting people for giving their opinion? Did you even read the article that consisted entirely of sarcasm? How is it not blasting people when he says and I quote they look “foolish, ridiculous, and ignorant.” He also thinks it’s ridiculous people got angry over this because there are bigger issues going on in the world. Are people not supposed to get angry unless it’s a major world issue?
    So please help me understand how that is not blasting people’s opinions?

  184. raybaby116 says

    JoeNCAraybaby116That’s fine that it is a satire. However you didn’t portray it that way. You said it was a statement. I think your intention was to deceive people with your words. 

    As to Catholic organizations that fire gays or people that believe in gay rights, I think we would need examples not just a blanket statement like that. I could make a lot of those kind of statements as well but only the facts matter. Again, they have their religious beliefs and they have the right to have the employees that project and protect those beliefs as private organizations. 

    I think A&E was quite aware of the Robertson’s beliefs before they ever put them on TV. Also I have read where the Robertsons were told to eliminate the phrase “In Jesus Name” from the prayer at the end of the show. However “Duck Dynasty” is the biggest money maker they have so they were hesitant to , if you pardon the pun, “ruffle the feathers” of the Robertsons. 

    This whole issue is more the Gay media groups stirring up a tempest as they push more and more to have their behavior be accepted as more acceptable. Phil Robertson did talk about other behaviors other than gay relations but no one seems to be bothered too much about those. It’s only gay issues that receive any press. More and more, families are destroyed as people pursue their “passions” rather than commitment to their mates and their families. 

    Christians do have to be careful to remember that Gays are people and should be loved and not hated. Just as Jesus did to the mentally ill and the prostitutes and such in the New Testament. However at no point did He ever accept their sinful life styles. He always said,”Go and sin no more”. That is the same message we must tell anyone today as well. And it applies to ALL of us because we all have a sinful nature. But sin in any form or fashion is never to be accepted.

  185. Boozleford says

    BrianHulett Our American liberties and the rights of Christians are in no way threatened by a company suspending someone for making comments that they consider harmful to their brand. When our phones are tapped and we are arrested for a comment that we have made in private, our liberties are threatened. Lets not cry wolf until we see the wolf. 

    Fascism and political correctness are so incredibly different. I mean, so incredibly different. Lets reserve our hyperbole. 

    You are completely correct though that we can impact our conversation about this issue. Lets keep it logical.

  186. Bearnecessity says

    Great piece! And interesting how many comments from ranting Christians this kind of sensible analysis always gets, quoting the Bible, picking and choosing as they will which bits to make signs about (homosexuality) and which bits to ignore (getting stoned to death for wearing mixed fibres or women having sex when they’re menstruating).
    Here’s another one for the Christian commenters, and on my 7-hour flight to Newark sat next to an Evangelical pastor he was entirely unable to answer this one, much to his consternation, puzzlement and – to his credit – genuine interest in the point. IF we accept for a moment that God created us all (I don’t) including we homosexuals (straight-acting, flaming, we come in many flavours) WHY did he choose us to face proportionately MORE struggle than our straight brethren, if that pastor was correct an entire lifetime of struggle, denied physical love in order to be acceptably celibate. WHY did He decide that around 3% of people should have to fight tooth and nail to conquer their base instincts (to be gay) whereas 97% of people just get to live by *their* natural instincts without a problem? It is a paradox the pastor couldn’t answer. I wonder if any of the ‘loving’ Christians on here, who would condemn me to the fires of Hell for being the way I am, have a good answer for me?

  187. Boozleford says

    “Because how we respond to events like this matters—ducking matters!”
    “Let’s not be hypocrites on this.”

    “But to us, the Church–those of us who lift up the values of Christ–how we respond to these kinds of situations, whether they are meaningless or of great importance, will be remembered long after the controversy is over.”

    He is saying, think before you speak. Not don’t speak. Speak carefully. HOW we respond is the emphasis. 
    I’m not telling you to shut up, I’m just saying, its ridiculous how people are responding. It is. You can absolutely get angry but he doesn’t have to agree with your anger. He can respond to your anger by redirecting it. 
    He is asking you to have perspective. He is listening, and he is guiding.

  188. Boozleford says

    jcherring101 LuanneBogart Oh man, jcherring101, I wish your post was way up at the top. This is really the heart of the issue. Well said.

  189. He11o says

    Ctownsend You should read the whole post, not just 1/3rd in order to get the main point the author was trying to make. I think you got fixated on one small thing, that happened to frustrate you, and because of that you missed the main point that he was trying to get across. 

    He didn’t “blast” people for posting their opinions on the subject, but “blasted” them for being angry about the controversy. Obviously there are some out there that aren’t angry or have different opinions. I’m guessing the author was assuming that the readers would be able to understand this. If you have a “typical” facebook, typical meaning you’re in college or high school, you’d be able to see that the majority are angry about the situation.

    When a large amount of people get angry over a small issue, I see it as a big issue. There is something seriously wrong with people getting pissed off over something so small. Sure, I think it’s important to take small issues seriously, but it’s also important to set priorities.

  190. RobDrury says

    JoeNCA McRed So, are you suggesting that a Christian organization, particularly one bearing the responsibility of instructing children in Godly principles, should not have a right, let alone an obligation, to dismiss those living openly ungodly lifestyles? Homosexuality isn’t a “disagreement;” it’s an abomination.

  191. Ctownsend says

    That’s exactly my point. He said we need to choose wisely on how we respond to things. I personally do not think he chose to respond wisely by calling people names that he didn’t and doesn’t agree with.
    I agree 100% that HOW we respond is so important and I do not agree with the way he responded to the people he disagreed with. I feel as though he contradicted his entire point by doing this. Which is sad because I think he could have had some really good points if he would have gone about it in a different and less sarcastic holier than thou way.
    And that’s just my opinion.

  192. Boozleford says

    Let’s all decide who will and who will not stand up for the gospel. Let’s all decide who is and who isn’t a good Christian. Let’s all judge. Let’s imagine we know other people’s relationship with God. Let’s do that. Especially to liberals. Let’s especially judge the souls of liberals.

  193. _Chris says


    Hi, Bearnecessity,

    I’m not a guy who experiences attraction to people of the same sex, so I can’t say I really know what it’s like for you. I want to say that I appreciate your frustration, though, because I was extremely frustrated with things Christians believe for some different reasons about five years ago. Now, I am a Christian, and if you’ll let me, I’d like to try and respond to some of the things you asked in your post.

    The Bible describes the world we live in now as one that’s become broken because of sin. At one time it wasn’t like that, but it’s the way things are today, and we all experience that brokenness in our own lives in a lot of different ways. The struggles we face in our lives are about as numerous and diverse as there are people to experience them. One of the ways we experience brokenness, though, is in our sexuality, and nobody gets away from that. You said that 97% of people just get to live by their natural instincts without a problem, but that’s not actually the way that God talks about it. Even though I’m only attracted to people of the opposite sex, in my life I’ve struggled with lusting after the wrong person as well as finding my own worth in how good I am at pleasing the other person during sex, or even just whether or not people of the opposite sex like me or think I’m a valuable person, etc. God is no more pleased with one way that falls outside of His intention for people than He is with another and, although He calls those things sin, He doesn’t love one person less than he does another — even people who’ve committed some pretty grievous things against people who didn’t want to experience those things. 

    So, it’s not really about what particular form of brokenness one person experiences, but about how they respond to God, because He doesn’t just love from afar, but He gets involved with our lives and once came to know our suffering personally. Jesus took it all on Himself and went to the cross to make a way for all of us who come to Him to be restored to what He actually did create us to be — one day. He knows we’ll still suffer and struggle now, although He begins His restorative work in our hearts and souls now, too. Bearnecessity, God’s not hoping to condemn you. He doesn’t want that for anyone — you might know about some of the places where He says that in the Bible. I won’t condemn you either, Bearnecessity. I want to call you my friend, and I really tried to write this, for my part, as a friend to you. I care about you, and it hurts me to think that you might have experienced or might be misled to think that Christians hate you or condemn you.

    Your friend,


  194. RobDrury says

    Boozleford  Except that Phil didn’t circulate and ugly or ignorant views. In fact, his statements were presented very respectfully, albeit in disagreement, toward gays.

  195. Boozleford says

    And I’m blasting it! Your opinion is blasted!
    No, I’m just kidding. I see what you are saying, his tone upset you and you felt that the tone drowned out his message. It worked really well for me! I think that’s so interesting. I’m glad you were able to clarify this. I think it’s a striking distinction, how the tone of the piece was so divisive. Thank you.

  196. Ctownsend says

    I took your advice and read the entire article which only confirmed my opinion on this. He says we need to respond in “grace, humility, and mercy.” I do not feel as he has done any of the three by blasting people for either their opinion or how they stated their opinion. He is constantly throwing underhanded insults throughout his entire post. To me, that shows no grace, no mercy, and no humility which he is trying to preach.
    Also, just because people have an opinion or are angry about this doesn’t mean their priorities are off. Are people not allowed to discuss things if they aren’t as important as other things?

  197. RobDrury says

    Boozleford  You’re still missing it. Anti-sin is not anti-people. We have not only a right, but a responsibility to call a sin a sin.

  198. JeremyKeys says

    BearnecessityI appreciate your response and I especially appreciate your question that was posed to that Pastor on the flight. As a pastor myself I have struggled with the “why’s”as to God and homosexuality. So many answers (from both sides) we’ve tried to give, born like that, abuse, etc. And I don’t want to get into it as that’s a long conversation I suspect we’ve both had. But I believe it boils down to this: It is what it is, and it is the same for all of us. 

    So what “is” it? Well, first off, let me say this. God LOVES the gay person. Unequivocally. He loves you. And he loves me in all of my screwed upness (hope I can invent a word) too.
    I have come to believe that yes, sometimes there are things that happen in a person’s life that will drive us in a certain direction, but I also believe that there are many gay people who are indeed born that way (it pains may Christians to hear that I know). I struggled with this but it comes down to this. We are all born into a sinful fallen world where our bodies do not work as they should (physical disabilites, mental issues, even just things not working as God intended), and we pay the price. The same goes for the gay person. I do not doubt that people are absolutely born with that leaning, but here is where it starts to get really difficult, because even though a person may have that leaning, scripture is clear that homosexuality is wrong. That means yes as you mentioned, it may mean being celibate for life to not act upon our sinful impulses. So that just sets the stage, and I’m sorry if that seemed jumbled a little bit, I was trying to fit a lot into just a few paragraphs for times sake. 

    I said all that to answer the question you posed, and I think another that is implied even if unsaid. 
    1. You said, “WHY did he choose us to face proportionately MORE struggle than our straight brethren”. I can understand why you would say this, and I also understand the human tendency to look for someone else to blame. The real answer is God most certainly did not intend for you to face struggles. It was not his intention for any of us. We were created to experience life at it’s fullest and communion with God himself with nothing in the way. Jesus himself says that in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” In him is life, not pain, struggle and tragedy. 
    So what (or who) is to blame then? Well, the answer none of us usually want to hear. We are. God made us to taste of all that can be. Essentially (simplified for times sake again), we decided to go our own way when Adam and Eve disobeyed and sin, and tragically even worse, death, entered the picture. This death was both physical and spiritual, but the bible says it also affected all creation including the bodies we were given. This is played out in so many ways. Including homosexual leanings. This usually does not go over well because most gay people do not want to be compared to others with things going on, but I liken it to myself. I am a recovered alcoholic who the Lord in all his grace and mercy rescued and has used to tell others of his love. I drank heavily (read daily) for four years and could not see how it could get better, but he can change us. It was my struggle (and something I daily give to Him), the same way homosexuality is yours. 

    That leads into my second point, which _Chris said so eloquently in a few words compared to my jumbled many lol. God loves you. His desire is that you experience fullness through him. There is not a relationship on earth that will bring fulfillment the way a relationship with him will because it is how we have been designed. I have been married to an amazingly joyful, happy, incredible woman for almost 16 years (who saw me through some very dark times I might add), two unbelievable children who I receive such joy in, but at the end of the day there is always something missing. Something that can only be found when I spend time with God and allow his presence to fill me. You said, ” an entire lifetime of struggle, denied physical love in order to be
    acceptably celibate. WHY did He decide that around 3% of people should
    have to fight tooth and nail to conquer their base instincts (to be gay)
    whereas 97% of people just get to live by *their* natural instincts
    without a problem?” 
    He has not decreed you do not get love. He is calling you, his beloved child, to experience the highest order of love. HIS love! And in the experience of that love and relationship the answer to your other query, the tooth and nail fight against your feelings, is found. As you learn to spend time with him, experience his love and walk (be strengthened by) his Spirit, he will slowly give you the ability to begin to resist and conquer over your feelings. You may make mistakes, that’s okay, we all do, you may struggle. But be assured he will be with you and he will see you through.

    I will stop there. I apologize for the length, in fact if I don’t stop this might go on for years lol. I hope this did not come across in anyway condescending or glib, it was heartfelt and sincere. Also sincere is when I say I hope that you find the peace and love you are looking for. The only thing I can point you is to the One who made you, who understands you and who knows exactly what it is you need, because he showed me, a broken, screwed up guy that almost lost his marriage and his life, what it means to be loved and made whole.

    Blessings 🙂

  199. Ctownsend says

    I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I do think his intentions were good. I just think it could have been much more powerful if presented differently.

  200. Johann Popper says

    Oh, how very droll, Mr. Turner. Now, please post the link to your article where you tell homosexuals to “calm the cluck down” about Chick-fil-A Chief Dan Cathy’s comments. The fact is, no Christians find the Duck patriarch’s situation to be morally equivalent to any of the serious world problems you mentioned. That is sheer strawmanning. Were homosexuals, as a group, accused of caring more about destroying Chick-fil-A than helping starving children abroad? Of course not. The issue is about trends affecting the fonts of power in this country, and no amount of sarcasm will change what we all know to be the case. First, the only thing that has been overblown here is the moral outrage expressed against Robertson, simply because he hold a very clear moral vision of what sex ought to be, a position held traditionally by every major culture in the history of mankind, and certainly every cultural element of our own. It’s not a free speech issue, but a democratic issue. That is, we ask what shall be the established value system of this country? For there is no such thing as a value-neutral space. Every such metaphysical belief about human morality represents a potential positive policy. If homosexuals say their way of life is righteous, or a right, it is up to them to prove it rationally against free opposition. Committing the fallacy of assuming the conclusion in the premises in order to elicit a dogmatic establishment via the courts won’t last against popular opposition. Second, a fair interpretation of Robertson could not but judge him to be exactly the opposite of the type of man he is accused of being here, accusations you implicitly support in your article. To love someone is not to lie to someone or keep them in the dark. Agree or disagree, but by Robertson’s very act of warning people what will happen to them if they do not change is an act of love, not hate. For Robertson believes if he does not warn people that they are wrong in the way they live, both he and the people he thereby loves would be lost for all eternity. If you cannot grasp that what he doing by saying these thing is fundamentally charitable, you are either pig-headed or utterly self-absorbed. In a humane society, it ought be possible to understand one another in context, appreciating the thought, even if you hate the gift, rather than use every manipulable phrase as political weapons!

  201. Joel_Birch says

    Thank you for your post, Mr. Turner. As a Master’s student in sociology and contemporary ecclesiology as well as theological studies I am truly fascinated by events such as this. When some form of social controversy caused an anonymous onslaught of political and religious rhetoric, you responded with a poignant religious post about theological priorities. Ironically enough, this sentiment proved to simply be a catalyst for more passionate rhetoric regarding sexuality and race. It befuddles me to think that anyone would claim separation of the church from culture, when the ecclesial community in America is perhaps the largest collective influenced by the social constructions around them. The bottom line is that an upper class celebrity recently found himself out of work because of offensive public rhetoric that he was responsible for. The response to that, however, which prompted your critique to begin with, was a multiplicity of discourse that can be seen as even more offensive than what the reality star had to say in the first place. Though I can spend time commenting on the theological and political consequences of the original statement, I do believe the argument is redundant. The discussion will inadvertently yield itself to a binary system of socio-political labels where liberals support the production company for its protection of human values and conservatives claim martyrdom for being up-ended. 
    Instead, I think the important thing to touch on is a reiteration of what your original post said; that is, the social priority that the ecclesial community has to the world around them. Unfortunately for religious communities, contemporary sociology deems the institution entirely reliant on social constructs in order to survive. Though the prominent secularization theories established by Berger and Shiner in the 1960’s failed to hold ground in the postmodern age, the models still shape the way in which religious persons identify in collective society. Essentially, despite the institution’s failures, collective religion still exists and is stronger than ever. This model is civil religion, and is shared almost universally by Christians and non-Christians alike. We share the same tenets dictated to us by American culture, share the same religious symbols and creed, and pledge allegiance to the same flag. That being said, we are all mutually susceptible to the idolatry of culture, despite our metaphysical faith claims. Our time and attention is universally focused on the “twerking” saints on MTV, the “socialist” clergy providing us a sermon, and of course, the reality star martyrs, who lose employment that they don’t actually require because of an expression of public bigotry. In essence, Christianity has entirely become a social construct of the larger, universal model of civil religion. There is no separation of church from culture whatsoever, because we, as individuals in a postmodern age, are defined and validated by the accomplishments of the people we watch. Ironically enough, the church engages in culture war consistently, but is subsequently defined by the culture it wars against. For my readers, take a moment and reflect on every sermon, blog post, Facebook update, etc. that was been utilized as a catalyst for a Sunday morning sermon or bible study. What Mr. Turner is saying and fighting for, I believe, is a recantation of this value sans an internal need to voice one’s own opinion anonymously. Unfortunately, if this fantasy became reality, Mr. Turner would be out of a job, but I do believe it is a necessary requirement for the validation of a true faith. History does indeed prove that the institution grows out of defiance and disregard of the surrounding social trends, not their worship. 
    Though it may be a stretch, I did want to provide a basic commentary on what I ascertained to be your central claim. Thank you, Mr. Turner for your thoughtful words, and I do apologize on behalf of those who have belittled or ridiculed you because of them on this thread. I hope that I have expressed myself with humility and with respect. 
    Blessings,Joel – MTS Candidate at Boston University School of Theology; Sociology and Contemporary Christian Culture.

  202. Boozleford says

    RobDrury Boozleford  I’m not missing anything. It is condescending to say that I am missing something. You have absolutely no idea what my soul comprehends or what my mind understands. 
    If you feel it is your responsibility call a sin a sin, call sins sins. I feel it is my responsibility to serve the underprivileged, to serve by example, to serve God, and to yearn to be closer to God. That is my spiritual path. 
    And…anti-sin is anti-people. All people are sinners. Some sin by lust, some by wrath. Hating sin selectively and deciding that you know the nature of sin more than others is very dangerous territory.

  203. Boozleford says

    RobDrury Boozleford  Hate can take many different forms. I found it hateful to say that he had a deeper understanding of the black experience than the black people. I found it hateful to say that homosexuality is akin to bestiality. I found it hateful to say that the gay experience can be reduced to anuses and vaginas, and to deny the very real experience that many gay folk have in falling in love as deeply and profoundly as heterosexuals.

  204. KelsieReneeVincentVaughn says

    You’re forgetting that one very important comment he made after all of that “however I would never treat someone with disrespect because they are different than me. We were all created by the Almighty, and like him I love all of humanity.” Everyone looks strictly at what they want to see and not everything that is there as a whole. I believe its important to include the fact that he said that.

  205. Johann Popper says

    First you tell us from your own worldview why some people have pedophilic impulses, murderous impulses, cannibalistic impulses, lying impulses, thieving impulses, cheating impulses, anger issues, violent tendencies, an instinct for causing trouble, etc. Why are there deformed and crippled people? You don’t think they feel a sexual attraction to people that is utterly improbable to fulfill? What about people who want to be anything they cannot ever be? Do you think they ever get any such fulfillment in this life? Do all of them obsess over their limitations? Only some, not others? Can’t people learn to accept their problems, once they think they are problems? Obviously some do, others don’t. Some people are totally convinced that they should have their limbs amputated. Shouldn’t someone try to stop them? I wouldn’t call that a paradox, really. Christians don’t say you’ll be judged for being the way you are, but for accepting what you are, if it’s wrong, as in the above (they would say graver) examples. To turn the tables on you, it would seem that you are really saying that Christians who think the practice of homosexuality is wrong ought to change themselves to conform to your own vision of moral truth. Indeed, you might say, if you believed in it, that these cruel Christians will be condemned to the fires of Hell for being the way they are (anti-homosexual). And, indeed, you would no doubt regard yourself as a loving person for trying to enlighten them as to the righteousness of homosexual love, and the immorality of opposing it.

  206. Boozleford says

    RobDrury Boozleford  They were not presented respectfully, and that is the point. It is very ugly and disrespectful to say that a loving relationship between consenting adults is the equivalent to abusing an animal.

  207. RobDrury says

    KelsieReneeVincentVaughn Even more, this wasn’t just an  apologetic line tacked on the end of his statements; it was the very essence of his entire remarks.

  208. Boozleford says

    RobDrury Boozleford  Further, the ugly and ignorant views that I am actually referring to are the ugly and ignorant views being circulated by self-righteous and small minded folk who call themselves Christians.

  209. Boozleford says

    KelsieReneeVincentVaughn I had not seen that comment, and its interesting that it is being left out. However, I also find it interesting that the comments about the black experience are being left out.

  210. RobDrury says

    Boozleford  RobDrury I don’t think he claimed to have any particular understanding of the “black experience.” He simply stated that it was his experience that while others considered them to be downtrodden, most black cotton workers appeared to be very happy. Homosexuality is most certainly akin to bestiality, as is any sexual perversion. Finally, to relegate “love” to a mere emotional experience tells me that you have little understanding of the term. There is no love involved in a homosexual relationship.

  211. RobDrury says

    Boozleford  RobDrury We aren’t talking about loving relationships; we’re talking about perverted lustful relationships. Please don’t dignify them as anything more.

  212. Boozleford says

    RobDrury Boozleford  Ah. I see. Well, we will not be able to see eye to eye. I am sorry I engaged, and hope that you are at peace with a point of view that makes me feel very sad for you. 

    I would appreciate it if you would refrain from saying what I do or do not understand. Even the lowest amongst us understand love when we see it, and to try to insult me by saying I have little understanding of love (as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother) is perhaps the most insane and bizarre thing to fling.

  213. RobDrury says

    Boozleford  RobDrury Love has little if anything to do with emotions. Love can only be attributed to those relationships that exist in concert with the God who created and is love. There is no love in an ungodly relationship. Persons who understand love are relatively very few.

  214. Boozleford says

    RobDrury Boozleford  Okay, sure. We can hate sin and capitalize words for emphasis. But only hating certain sins and turning a blind eye to others is poor practice, and to hate sins of lust more than other sins is disingenuous, hypocritical, and self-righteous. 
    I don’t think this is the right blog for you, Rob Drury. I do wish you had acknowledged the condescension you displayed towards me, and apologized.

  215. Boozleford says

    RobDrury Boozleford  What an interesting test of character you are for me. What a bizarre thing for you to say. God bless.

  216. RobDrury says

    Boozleford  RobDrury I’m glad to see we’ve found common ground. I judge no one, as I find my sin no more palatable than any others; but neither will I dignify sin as acceptable. God hates it, I hate it, and anyone calling themselves Christian should hate it. 

    If loving the sinner while hating the sin is not what this blog is about, perhaps it’s not the right one for me. While it is important how the message is presented, it is not at all loving to pretend that sin is acceptable. I believe that Phil delivered his message precisely as it should have been. A&E has shown themselves to be the intolerant ones here.

  217. RobDrury says

    Boozleford  RobDrury I guess it can be said that anything uncompromisingly consistent with Godly principles is bizarre to the world. You could not have paid me a higher complement. I thank you.

  218. BeckyMurphy says

    KelsieReneeVincentVaughn it was exactly an apologetic tactic. you can’t say “all these people are going to hell” and then say “but I love everyone” as if that makes the previous hate OK. If you Christians can’t think with an ounce of logic to understand how wrong that is, then I guess all you backwards Jesus hating religious jerks deserve each other.

  219. BeckyMurphy says

    _Chris Bearnecessity God doesn’t create people wired genetically or biologically a certain way and then call them sinners and/or broken. God loves Bearnecessity JUST the way he is. It’s not misleading to think that Christians condemn gay people. They do it every day and there are plenty of suicides to show just how Christians make LGBT feel.  The ONLY reason our society does not accept LGBTs for who they are is because of religion. You are not his friend, Chris. Because if you were, you’d love and accept Bearnecessity JUST like he is and not sit there and use more diplomatic, less hateful language to tell him he’s broken.

  220. DrLN says

    “Wow, Becky.  I don’t give a darn about any of this, but what you just said is some serious hate speech.

  221. DrLN says

    Joel_Birch Not to offend Joel, but you sound like a masters student.  I enjoyed reading your response but the plethora of overly thought out wording and “fancy” words made it a boring read and most people probably didn’t make it through even though you made some good points that I’m sure many people missed out on because of “tired head.”   I went through that phase as well after obtaining my doctorate but in reality… make it simple, make a point, make your exit…
    It was well written though, don’t get me wrong 🙂

  222. BeckyMurphy says

    DrLN BeckyMurphy KelsieReneeVincentVaughn You are welcome to feel that way. I’m fed up with justifying the type of hatred that has actually caused people to commit suicide over not feeling loved by anyone simply because they are gay. I guarantee you my anger and hate is NOTHING compared to the despair some LGBT people feel. Get over yourself.

  223. ChadHoltz says

    Come on, Matthew, this isn’t exactly building bridges, is it?   I agree with your first point on free speech and part of the second.   But my news feed was also ablaze yesterday with people upset over the defrocking of Frank Schaefer, the UM pastor who officiated a same-sex marriage, and I don’t hear anyone from the left telling them they should shut up and focus on Sudan.  
    To your third point, the Golden Rule is not “Thou shall not offend,” though the watching world wouldn’t know this by reading the critiques of those critiquing.    I’ve seen some comments on FB regarding your article here and people are clearly offended by it.    That doesn’t mean I think you should not say what you say, nor a reason for you to try and silence those you disagree with.
    As for churches welcoming Phil or anyone else, I think that’s unfounded and bordering on judging the motives and hearts of millions you can’t possibly know.   Phil, and anyone else (regardless of their race, gender, sexual preference, etc), would be welcome in my church here in TN, and I know this is true of all my colleagues’ churches.   
    As for the 5th and last point, and really all of them together, is it really fair to try to referee or silence people voicing their beliefs just because they don’t line up with your own?   If you agreed with Phil (and the majority of Christians in the world) regarding same-sex marriage would you have written this?    Many would argue that those who are protesting Frank Schaefer’s defrocking are making the church look foolish to the world, that it offends many, and that it’s hate-filled and not very loving towards those who uphold traditional beliefs and values.   Would this post be aimed equally towards them, too?

  224. ChrisTheArgumentative says

    There are some decent points made here. The line “It doesn’t matter that Phil didn’t mean it that way” concerns me though. If you are going to argue that way then the Bible should be banned because it doesn’t matter that we are called to repentance by a loving God. That call to repentance is offensive.

  225. Joel_Birch says

    DrLN Joel_Birch


    I appreciate your comments and welcome critique. The important thing I was trying to do was to explain the original claim of the article. The article was not centered around whether or not homosexuality was morally acceptable, but rather focused on the priorities of the respondents to the actor/reality star’s claim.  

    That being said, I think it is important for people to realize the effects of a church defined by their social surroundings, instead of simply vomiting out ignorant rhetoric concerning the morality of a millionaire redneck who became famous for making bird sounds. Throughout the multiplicity of responses showcased here, evangelical Christians rebuking MPT have only proven his point further.

    Also, while I am not at all offended,  I am truly saddened that an enlightened, and educated response from an observer that takes care of his tongue, and ensures that he thinks before he speaks/types is shrugged off by many as “fancy” or “boring.” If Christians did not exude the ignorance that they unfortunately show in a public setting, maybe they would get a better rap. That is just my humble opinion, however.

  226. SarahBrown1 says

    Boozleford That was actually a response to your comment specifically. It wasn’t limited to any one comment, it says “anit-gay views”, meaning it encompasses all people that do not support a gay lifestyle. If you had said “SOME people with anti-gay views also have anti-people views” that would have been different. And I’m not even saying that Phil Roberson is one of them.

  227. CalebMagistro says

    KelsieReneeVincentVaughn He treated an entire group with disrespect in his interview, though…why is this so hard for you to see?

  228. notmycircus says

    RobDrury Boozleford  
    “There is no love involved in a homosexual relationship.”

    I take it then you have been involved in a homosexual relationship yourself and can therefore speak from firsthand knowledge of this? 

    “Most black cotton workers appeared to be very happy.”

    Yes, well, if I was going to likely be lynched for expressing any displeasure I’d actually look happy too. Funny how slavery and oppression can work! He’s being criticized for this because he’s using it to show that black people were happier without civil rights which he equates to entitlements.

  229. DrLN says

    BeckyMurphyDrLNKelsieReneeVincentVaughn I’m not justifying anything.  But painting an entire group with one brush while replacing one type of hate for another does not justify your response.  One person’s religious opinion does not speak for an entire group.  I believe the majority of Christians are not “backwards Jesus hating religious jerks” but are instead caring, compassionate and loving people that want happiness for everyone regardless of their orientation.

  230. EricBoersma says

    BeckyMurphy _Chris Bearnecessity  “God doesn’t create people wired genetically or biologically a certain way and then call them sinners and/or broken. God loves Bearnecessity JUST the way he is.”

    That will most definitely preach. Keep spreading the good news: that God loves you just the way you are.

  231. DrLN says

    Joel_BirchDrLN Good point.  I was just speaking from experience.  Like I said, you are well spoken and provided an educated, metered response to the article.

  232. EricBoersma says

    Johann Popper Equating homosexuality with pedophilia, murder or cannibalism is entirely inappropriate. It’s comments like this which cause a staggering amount of damage to young LGBT people.

    You need to stop.

  233. jcherring101 says

    Boozleford  jcherring101 LuanneBogart  John 8: 1-11 is another favorite part of the Bible.  Some think that when he began writing on the sand, he was writing the names of people holding stones and the sins they had committed.  
    Jesus straightened up and asked her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?”
    “No one, sir,” she said.
    “Then neither do I condemn you,” Jesus declared. “Go now and leave your life of sin.”

  234. ChadHoltz says

    One more thought regarding whether or not Phil would be welcome in the churches of those defending him.   As I read through some of these comments and see some of the hateful rhetoric aimed towards Phil by the left, I have to wonder if Phil would be welcome even on this blog, let alone the churches represented here.   If Phil were to walk into this conversation and share his beliefs, how well would you all welcome him?   With open, loving, tolerant arms?   I highly doubt that.

  235. EricBoersma says

    AndrewImlay You might not ever read this, but as a Christian: you’re my brother already. And your husband. Don’t change anything.

  236. EricBoersma says

    jacquealantern  “We have become a culture  that is becoming intolerant of intolerance. Definition of hypocrisy?”

    Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous. Intolerance toward people who are born different from you — whether that be sexual orientation, race, gender, sex, physical abilities, whatever — harms actual people. It hurts them. The words spoken by those who are intolerant hurt them, and the actions taken by those who are intolerant hurt them. LGBT teens all across this country are killing themselves at rates that are much higher than average. This intolerance is literally killing people.

    Now, imagine that you have two children. One is picking on the other: calling him names, shoving him, punching and kicking him. In that instance, putting the aggressor in time out isn’t being intolerant, it’s not doing damage to that child. It’s stopping him from doing damage to another. “Intolerance toward intolerance” is the same thing: the goal is to stop people from doing real harm to other people who don’t have the capacity to defend themselves. As Christians, we are called to *always* side with that helpless child who is being hurt. That was the core of Jesus’s message: that those who are being beaten by others more powerful than them are loved by Him completely and that if anyone wants to follow Him, they *too* must love those who are oppressed completely.

    Intolerance of those who are oppressed is the opposite of love.

  237. NathanKnight says

    think one of the points being missed is yes he is a reality star but
    he/and their family is/are doing huge things for the Kingdom of God by
    standing up for their beliefs. They are currently touching more lives
    than any other tv program/show out there I would presume. So what’s more
    uplifting to God, recognizing death or recognizing a man bringing
    people to salvation so we don’t have to worry about death.

  238. westking says

    I agree that there are great problems in the world and this one is minor to others but still this is not just about Phil it is about the Church of America and their unwillingness to stand for the things that are right and should be stated. I don’t agree with your condescending attitude toward Phil and his family and you are passing judgment in the same way that you are trying to say we are. There is not a person that can care for all the problems of the world, but we can care for those that are right in front of our faces. God lays on the heart of people different things to lift up and stand for. I most definitely don’t like that children are hunger and dying under the hand of people that have no heart and I do what I can, but understand this nation is crumbling under its own unwillingness to stand for the truth of the word. We compromise continually for the sake of not  hurting others, but the word is strong to change the heart of any that will allow. Thank you for your opinion and it is a good one, but I think you are just as narrow as you say we are. Mike

  239. Infoczar1 says

    Uh – well . . . if you let fascism take over America uncontested then the Sudan WILL be the least of your worries. A&E’s bullying is going to cost them the only successful endeavor they have had.

  240. BradBates says

    CalebMagistro KelsieReneeVincentVaughn How did he disrespect an entire group by simply stating that he doesn’t see the attraction, and then calling homosexual acts a sin (which is what the Bible teaches)? The definition of tolerance and disrespect has certainly morphed over the years in to something completely different than what it actually means.

  241. JoeNCA says

    ChadHoltz Actually there is a liberal church in North Carolina that has already invited Phil Robertson into their congregation to open a dialogue with him.

    By the way, I don’t believe God would not like you judging an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. And thanks for missing the entire point of the article.

  242. BradBates says

    BeckyMurphy _Chris Bearnecessity God doesn’t love a person for what they do…if that were the case, none of us have a chance at salvation. God loves us for who we can be…through Jesus Christ. That’s it. So, yes…he will accept you where you are, but He never leaves you there. The Bible speaks of us going through trials and temptations as a form of refinement…much like gold through fire…to come out pure and holy in His sight. So I have to disagree with you that He loves us the way we are.

  243. JoeNCA says

    DrLN BeckyMurphy KelsieReneeVincentVaughn Yes, but no Christian ever killed themselves because they were bullied by gay people.

  244. GomezAl says

    Johann Popper  “Agree or disagree, but by Robertson’s very act of warning people what will happen to them if they do not change is an act of love, not hate. For Robertson believes if he does not warn people that they are wrong in the way they live, both he and the people he thereby loves would be lost for all eternity. If you cannot grasp that what he doing by saying these thing is fundamentally charitable, you are either pig-headed or utterly self-absorbed.”

    That is the most absolutely insane thing I have ever read. I sincerely hope you are not in a position in which you influence or lead others.

  245. JoeNCA says

    BradBates CalebMagistro KelsieReneeVincentVaughn It completely lacks any empathy. I don’t understand why some people like certain foods. I don’t say, oh, they’re going to burn in hell for all eternity for it, and then say but I still love them for it and it is merely “the truth”. Sure he might not have seen blacks mention suffering or “singing the blues”, but doesn’t a simple act of empathy say, gosh, perhaps they didn’t have the same opportunities as him? If my boss is an a–hole, do I have to go around telling it, even if it is “the truth”?

  246. JoeNCA says

    Johann Popper Actually gay groups have been immensely instrumental in coming to the aid of LGBT people who are being attacked and killed in Russia for their draconian laws, all while also fighting for their rights here. So the idea that they’re not doing both is absurd.

  247. GomezAl says

    JaneScroggins You (Christians) hated us (gays) long before we ever hated you. Hate begets hate. I, personally, won’t ever apologize for fighting back.

  248. JoeNCA says

    BradBates BeckyMurphy _Chris Bearnecessity “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

    Love is never a sin. There are 6 references to acts of homosexuality. There are 362 references to acts of heterosexuality. There are HUNDREDS of references to aiding the “least of these”. The idea that people should spend 99% of their time on issues that affect such an incredibly tiny part of His word is beyond ridiculous. 

    Agree to disagree on this issue and move on to the 99.99% of the stuff we agree on, not the 0.01% we don’t.

  249. BradBates says

    JoeNCA Johann Popper That’s not exactly the same thing. The author compared not caring for the 500 random people killed in Sudan because we were too busy caring about a Christian brother getting beat up. Your comment makes it sound like LGBT people only help LGBT people…whether at home…or abroad. The church has been instrumental in feeding the hungry, clothing and sheltering the homeless, taking in orphans, and caring for widows…no matter their race, religion, or nationality. So…not really a comparison.

  250. BradBates says

    JoeNCA BradBates BeckyMurphy _Chris Bearnecessity The issue is that in our nation, and in this world…love has been redefined. Love w/o truth isn’t love…and truth w/o love isn’t love. Love now means full acceptance and affirmation for my behavior and lifestyle.

    If, in America, the biggest issue we faced was hunger, homelessness, etc…then maybe more time would be spent there (but let’s not muddy the waters…because there is a GREAT deal of time spent there). The fact is…homosexuality is a MAJOR concern in the American culture right now. It is not wrong for the church to address this head on. The issue is, people like you, and like the author, get up at arms against the church for saying anything at any time…no matter how small or large the confrontation, and always say things like “love others”…Agreed…love others…but part of loving others is telling the truth.

  251. SansNomen says

    BradBates JoeNCA Johann Popper “The church has been instrumental in feeding the hungry, clothing and sheltering the homeless, taking in orphans, and caring for widows…no matter their race, religion, or nationality.”
    Not recently, it hasn’t. Recently, the impression many people get about “the church” is that it cares more about segregating and ostracizing people who don’t look, act, speak, and believe exactly the way we do. True or not, that’s the impression we (I can say ‘we’ speaking as a member of “the church”) are leaving with people.
    Very pharisaical, don’t you think?

  252. BradBates says

    GomezAl JaneScroggins You (you) are certainly making a blanket statement about lots of people (Christians) based on a small number of Christians. Fact is MOST Christians do not hate homosexuals. Christians who truly follow the word, have an understanding of what God deems an appropriate relationship both sexually and emotionally. Most Christians speak out of a concern and regard to this understanding.

    I personally am a Christian and have numerous gay friends who all know that I believe the Biblical understanding of sex and sexuality is between the confines of marriage and a man and a woman. None of them would say I was hateful towards them. Disagree? Yes. But hateful? No. In fact, I’ve personally spoken with them when they have been through breakups, etc.

    If we are truly honest here, many on both sides of the argument scream for tolerance while not extending the same. But not all. I’m sorry you’ve been mistreated by some Christians. It shouldn’t happen…but it does…and there’s no excuse for it. I hope you find a better experience amongst believers in days to come.

  253. SansNomen says

    This is a great article and one that should be read by ALL Christians. Unfortunately, most of the ones who’ve commented on it so far (that I’ve seen) have missed your whole point. Alas, we will continue to look foolish.

    I’ve got to remember my own rule: never read comments!

  254. BradBates says

    SansNomen BradBates JoeNCA Johann Popper So you’re basing your assumption that the church isn’t taking care of the needs of others because of an impression, that is actually given to you largely due to a liberal media who wants to marginalize and segregate out the Christians for a belief we’ve always held, and only in the last 50 years has become a problem in this nation. 

    How is it pharisaical to continue to hold to beliefs that one has always held to, while others try to marginalize and demonize you? Wow…twisted logic my friend.

  255. AllyRN says

    BeckyMurphy  Becky Phil didn’t say all these people are going to hell.  He was quoting a passage out of the Bible.  First Corinthians 6:9-11 Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

    Granted, he loosely quoted it, but then he said that he loves all people because they were created by the Almighty.  That doesn’t sound intolerant.  There is a message of warning there but then also a message of hope and acceptance that exists for all people that accept that gift of Christ.

  256. says

    I made a comment on facebook about the 500 killed, and how i have only heard DD on the news. It turned into a “christians get judged all the time for opening their mouths and its not fair. All I could think about was..”Fair??? Did you see 500 people were just killed and you bring DD and fair into this?” Thanks for this article. I like DD. It is entertaining. Do i base my faith off of it??? Maybe not. Do i like what Phil said. Absolutly not. Will my father lecture me on it for the entire christmas break most likely.
    All I can think about is those poor families of the 500 right now. I dont really like Ducks anyway, taste muddy.

  257. Kaluzak says

    Wow. This is a brutal read. Bit of advice: “[A]lways prefer the succinct to the circumlocution.” To be an effective communicator, you need to change your writing style. To the uneducated, your post sounds intelligent, if not also inaccessible. To the educated, your word choice is forced and ridiculous and undercuts your credibility. Check out the books below; they are amazing.

  258. unrealray says

    I believe in God. And I don’t stand behind what he said. I think its a sin yeah. But judgeing is a sin also and with that same hand a lot of people will ” go to hell ” as they say. Its all just so dumb. . Believe it.

  259. ShannonArmstrongEsau says

    Phil is the church!  I agree with some of this however, you are forgetting he is a christian and the bible is clear about standing with our brothers and sisters.  In this situation, he certainly could have said it better – no arguing but that doesn’t make the core of what he was saying wrong.  They are different in their thinking and exposure to being more “sensitive” to those around us however, I wonder if we are getting too comfortable trying to not offend that we are missing the opportunity to display the love of Christ – to love someone is to tell them the truth in love – so how you say it does matter but saying it is still important.

  260. RobDrury says

    JoeNCA RobDrury It wasn’t castigation; merely an observation. And it wasn’t my observation; it was a quote from a member of the Hollywood establishment who realizes that it is almost universally true. We are not talking about the actions of a few; we are talking about, relatively speaking, almost everyone in the entertainment industry. I might agree with your sentiment, except that I have ties to the industry and have yet to meet anyone in it espousing Christian views without paying dearly for it. Of course, I realize that God’s Word promises us that this will be the case, but it’s still not right.

    I am wonder how accurate an account “Noah” is, and how much resistance the creators faced to get it produced. The “story” of Noah is not a “story;” it is an historical event.

  261. Wigout says

    NathanKnight wow, we really have to stoop to a really base level to reach people for Jesus Christ these days?  No thank you

  262. RobDrury says

    JoeNCA BradBates BeckyMurphy _Chris Bearnecessity 
    Love is, in fact, never a sin; however, nothing in a homosexual relationship constitutes love.

  263. mckenzieja says

    Turner, check your theology. 
    “some people were deeply offended by his comments”
    Of course, the bible isn’t given to us for feel good stuff. It is meant to be a scandal on humanity. This watered down, “feel good” junk thats being preached across our pulpits, that is infecting America is why so many are leaving the church. 
    Furthermore, Jesus said, YOU WILL BE PERSECUTED for my name’s sake. 

    Did you know that Millions of children in America are murdered for convenience? But because you’re afraid to be “offensive” you wont defend the defenseless.
    My suggestion, grow a spine and read the scripture this time.

  264. RobDrury says

    notmycircus RobDrury Boozleford  

    “…can therefore speak from firsthand knowledge of this?”

    I don’t need to have been involved in a homosexual relationship to realize this. Love is not an emotion; it is defined only by the God who created, and in fact is, love. Anything that departs from His definition of love is not love at all.

  265. JefferyCullum says

    unrealray if you don’t judge what is right and wrong, how can you know to be involved with it or not?  How could you save your family, friends?  As we all belong to the family of God we do need to look out for each other.  If you see someone going to fall or jump off a cliff would you not stop them because you know the consequences?

  266. DeanRice says

    Boozleford  JaneScroggins Just out of curiosity, do you think homosexuals should repent? I know the kind of answer you’ll give, and on that you should really think.

  267. Laura110 says

    westking Moron. There is no god. Get over your pathetic selves. your precious “word” is nothing but one contradiction after another! I could go on and on with examples and facts that prove your beliefs are misguided, but even with facts right in front of you, you can’t see! Morons.

  268. BradBates says

    unrealray Actually, judging is a very biblical concept. We are commanded to do so in fact. What we are not commanded to do, or able to do, is condemn. That is not our place. We can judge without condemnation. There’s a difference.

  269. mckenzieja says

    recoveringyouthpastor The argument is invalid. “You cant complain about DD because people died another continent away” Seriously? This is a cheap excuse the muzzle the persecuted church by spineless Christians. 
    Dont complain when your children become corrupted by a society you’re become afraid of.

  270. BradBates says

    mckenzieja You make a great point about abortion. Talk about the white elephant in the room that Churches are doing a bad job of speaking against. We’re talking nearly 60 million babies since 1973 have been murdered and no one bats an eye. It’s appalling. I’m sure Turner here would tell people who go out and plead with girls to choose adoption or to keep the child are filed with hate and should keep their mouths shut on that issue as well. But hey…500….60 million…who’s counting…right?

  271. RobDrury says

    BeckyMurphy DrLN KelsieReneeVincentVaughn No; get over yourself. There is nothing hateful in speaking the truth, and that’s what Phil did. Are all homosexuals going to hell? Of course not; homosexuality is a sin like any other, and there are, likely few, true Christians who practice it. It is, however, only logical that most of them do not espouse Christ, and are in fact going to hell if they don’t repent. Why is it anything but absolutely loving to warn them of the consequences of their lifestyle?

  272. SeanLSU says

    Becky, saying “all these people are going to hell” and then saying “but I love everyone” is kind of exactly what God did.  Well that’s part of the story, anyway.  The  expanded view goes a bit more like this:
    I love all these people.
    These people all did things that have spiritually separated them from me.
    “All these people are going to hell”.
    “But I love everyone”.
    I’m going to go on a suicide rescue mission to save every one of these people that I love.
    I have come that they may all have life; through my life, death, and resurrection, their previous wrongs are paid for, and “all these people” who I love now have grace and salvation.
    For everyone, for anyone, who chooses to love and follow me again, salvation is here and free because I love you.

    That’s pretty much the deal from God’s standpoint, in a nutshell.  Now, we live in a world where everyone is scattered across varying levels of accepting that statement above and trying to live in a way that reflects their acceptance.  Those varying levels include people who outright ignore or forcibly reject those statements above, as well.  Here’s where trouble crops up.  Jesus wanted us to make sure that everyone knows about his love and the free gift of grace and salvation.  Love was the key component, as well; He went so far as to say that His followers would be recognized by their love. Through the apostle Paul’s writings, God further clarified that out of the big three churchy words of faith, hope, and love … LOVE was the most important.  Why love?  Well because His entire story and purpose toward us was completely motivated by love.  Re-read the statements above and you might notice that it is motivated by love.  

    God is love.  Not fakey infatuation type of love.  Not flattering, pandering, false love that tries to use you to get something from you.  Real love.  The kind of love that doesn’t care how fat you are, what you look like, whether you have a disability, whether you broke a favorite lamp or dish in the house or broke the TV or whatever else.  Love doesn’t care.  Love just loves.  More Christians need to tell the story of love, and we need to do it through real and genuine love that looks more like the love of Christ.  Does that mean that we silence the truth when there are times that it needs to be spoken?  No, it doesn’t.  But how we speak the truth needs to be entirely backed by love.  Some may still be offended, but we should go out of our way to love them just the same.  Jesus offended many with his teachings, healings, miracles, and generally Sabbath Rebel way of life, but He still went out of His way to love the offended.  He even died for them, entirely out of love.  From His own mouth as He was dying, He begged for the forgiveness of the crowds mocking, beating, killing Him.  Try that love on for size.

  273. RobDrury says

    EricBoersma Johann Popper Wrong. Equating homosexuality with sin is absolutely accurate and appropriate. The fact that it is sexual sin makes it particularly appropriate that it be lumped with other sexual perversion.

  274. karlamdavis says

    mckenziejamckenzieja you are exactly why people turn away from the church. The only corruption that parents should be afraid of is one that teaches them that “taking up the cross” means condemning others. That’s more poisonous than any “feel good junk,”  and the farthest thing from Christ-like discipleship.

  275. says

    I’m not sure where you are coming from on this blog but it sounds like liberal indoctrination spewing from your mouth.  Unfortunately, I am hearing a lot of this coming from young peoples minds today.  I truly saddens me.  Even as I hear it from my own children.  What did I teach them??  I was sure it was right from wrong.  This WAS and still IS about FREEDOM of SPEACH in the USA!!  That is what everyone is up in arms about.  When a christian SPEAKS the TRUTH we get bashed, even from people like YOU.  PLEASE, anyone who agrees with this blog and is a CHRISTIAN, please listen to this podcast.  It’s from Josh McDowell, and very godly man who has been teach God’s truth his whole life.  http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/family-talk/custom-player/tolerating-the-intolerable-ii-379666.html

  276. DeanRice says

    Thank-you for saying what I have felt about this in such a better way. The author is siding with those who hate truth and call it hate speech. It is evident that the hate starts when someone is offended. Telling the truth is hard, but it is necessary and to deny that is parallel to the parent who doesn’t spank their child, they “hate” them (read the Bible). Christians will go on speaking the truth, its not convenient, we will be persecuted, but we can’t win over desperate homosexuals, many who will repent, by becoming friends with the world, that would make us enemies of God.

  277. BradBates says

    RobDrury EricBoersma Johann Popper To be fair….so is divorce, adultery, and other things that heterosexuals partake in. FYI – I TOTALLY agree that it is a sexual immorality, but we as Christians often overemphasize one sexual immorality over the other. That said, I know that homosexuality is a big one in today’s culture and demands a biblical worldview. So i’m not arguing in favor of it…But I do think (myself included) that we often forget that divorce and adultery are also sexual sins.

    Not busting your chops by the way 🙂 I promise!

  278. coletterose says

    dawnharnishFirst, the freedom of SPEECH doctrine only applies to the government. If it’s not a governmental entity limiting your speech (as it is here) then your point is invalid. If it IS a governmental entity limiting speech then it cannot be a substantial burden unless the government can establish that the burden is the least
    restrictive means of furthering a compelling governmental interest
    such as public health or safety. So, you might want to give up that point because it makes you look ignorant.

    Second, no Christians are being bashed. A&E suspended him, not fired, suspended. And I’m sure that if the suspension letter that came down to him said “You are hereby on leave because you are Christian” you would have been able to quote it about 2 seconds after he got the letter. 

    And third, you taught your children well for them to be able to recognize that you are wrong. Kudos on that.

  279. _Chris says

    BeckyMurphy _Chris Bearnecessity 

    Hi, Becky,

    You’re right that there are Christians who have condemned gay people. The point I was making at the end of my post was not that it hasn’t happened, but that it’s very wrong and not the way things ought to be. I don’t know what to say about the suicides you mentioned — it may well be that a lot of them are caused by the condemnation people who have attraction to the same sex suffer, but again, that condemnation is evil. I also said that God does love Bearnecessity and doesn’t require that any person deal with their own brokenness before they can come to Him, because He knows it’s entirely unreasonable and impossible to expect. 

    I think you’re saying, though, that even the way that I’ve described God’s love for Bearnecessity, and the care that I have for Bearnecessity as a result, is nevertheless hateful because you think I am still not accepting Bearnecessity and LGBTs for who they are, and therefore I’m not Bearnecessity’s friend. In other words, you think I’m condemning the condemnation LGBTs suffer while at the same time condemning them? Did I understand you correctly?

    Becky, I think we hold different definitions of what it means to love and what it means to condemn, and maybe that’s why you say that I’m not Bearnecessity’s friend. There are countless people in this world who experience all kinds of brokenness, and no doubt there are places of brokenness you and I would both agree are not good, but wherever a person is, God loves that person and is ready and willing to embrace them at this very moment, and so I am, too. God came alongside me when I shattered my life some years ago and didn’t wait for me to fix everything. He expects the same love from all of us for everyone. You can accept a situation that isn’t the way it ought to be and you can love even when someone isn’t able or is unwilling to love back. That’s the kind of love and acceptance that goes the distance — it embraces all people, no matter how deeply you may disagree with them and no matter how deeply committed they are even to your own destruction. And it embraces those people without abandoning them to where they are in life. I know you don’t think that same-sex attraction is one those forms of brokenness. I get that. But it’s really not a form of brokenness I have any desire to isolate from the rest by placing special emphasis on it. We’re all broken. The good news is that God is a good Dad who will embrace us no matter where we are, but He won’t leave us there forever, either.

    We valued that in our parents growing up, if they cared about us and weren’t absent. They raised us with an idea in mind of what was best for us. For example, a dad or mom who sees that their kid has no aspirations will encourage them and take them out to see the world, because they love and accept that young person as their son or daughter regardless, but they know that their child’s attitude toward life is not the way that things ought to be.

    I would gladly sit down for a drink with Bearnecessity. I’d travel the known world together with him/her. Over the years, I would bring my family over for dinner and I would play soccer and I would laugh and sing with Bearnecessity, or any person who has same-sex attractions. There is no way in which I would not embrace — in which I would not love and accept — someone who identifies as LGBT, Becky. But if by love and accept you mean saying that everything a person experiences and everything a person does and everywhere a person finds themselves is equally valid and right, I can’t do that. I think that’s the real hateful thing to do, because it leaves people where they are and refuses to come alongside them in their brokenness. If you agree with my definition, though, and you just disagree on the point that same-sex attraction is one of those points of brokenness, then our differences are really not that great after all, and we can disagree while remaining fast friends. I don’t have any enmity toward you or Bearnecessity or anyone else on the basis of such things, Becky, and I would never want to. Do you see what I mean, then, when I say love and acceptance? What do you think about what I’ve said?

    Thanks, by the way, for talking with me about it. I do appreciate that you were willing to talk with me, even though you’ve so strongly disagreed with what I’ve said and even thought I was being hateful at the time that you wrote it.

  280. nexu87 says

    karlamdavis mckenzieja People are turning away from the church because they being brought up in a happy go lucky feel good world, where sin is regarded as a personal choice. The Bible is very clear about its stance on homosexual lifestyles and abortion. The problem isnt the attitude of malice towards the sinners in question, although they need to remember to love their neighbor, its the fact that we have allowed our churches to preach a water down version of the bible for so long that it is becoming daily practice that sin is allowed. should we judge them for their decisions? NO x100 that’s not our job as Christians, we should love them because that’s what we are commanded to do. Should we openly teach and preach exactly what the Bible says in hope that they too will be allowed in to heaven? YES x1000000000. For us to allow them to damn their souls to a eternity of the absence of God isn’t love. In the time we live in everyone is more concerned about how some one “feels” and if it will upset anyone when at the end of the day, this world is not our home, and their discomfort at hearing the truth will just be a passing shadow in comparison to the eternal pain they will feel for indulgence in these practices. 

    There was a time when Holy men of God taught the unfiltered world of God so strongly that the people hung on to the pillars of the church in fear for their souls because of their sins. And they had Revival. Just a thought.

  281. PrudenceDagg says

    NathanKnight so you are saying that those martyred for Christ ought not to have recognition because “we don’t have to worry about death.” Wow. I am flabbergasted. I hope this means you will be incredibly brave when it’s your turn. They’re coming for us…
    But I doubt it has anything at all to do with DD freedom of speech.

    That’s just really crass, man, to not even offer any word on behalf of people killed in Sudan or people who die for their faith. It seems like a reach to justify your position. What about hearing what the author is saying?

  282. mckenzieja says

    karlamdavis mckenzieja The world is ALREADY condemned. You cant serve two masters. And phil was not hateful, he peaceably disagreed with the homosexual way of life. You CANNOT win people to Christ by appeasement. Phil was simply quoting scripture and the homosexual community does NOT like it.

  283. nwaring says

    Infoczar1 Dog the Bounty Hunter was far more successful in its hayday than DD has been. Storage Wars, Scared Straight, Parking Wars, hoarders….all were very succesful. So to say this is their only successful endeavor is false.  And just like every other one, this’ll be a thing of people’s past memories in a year or 2 anyway. it’s called a FAD.

  284. KyleLeibach says

    I agree!  I love this post!  Like- when gay people keep screaming about getting the right to be married or those black people keep screaming about racism.  I just feel like shouting “Calm the duck down!”.  Hmm.  Your flawed logic doesn’t look so enlightened now when the shoe is on the other foot, does it?  The only reason your logic does make sense to you is because you think YOUR version of morality is better than someone else’s- the very thing you are accusing Duck Dynasty of doing.  Shame on you.

  285. TimKardamis says

    Ha! I was just waiting for the “original opinion” on this subject, as I knew it was coming. Without fail anytime something happens in current events that unites Christians in a positive way (for the good of furthering the gospel) there’s without fail a few takes on the subject that jump on us Christians and tell us how bad we are for being concerned about an issue, and how we are all somehow “missing the point”.–I really think you’re missing the point here.

  286. KatieMartin2 says

    Didn’t care for this blog. I don’t think beating the church up, criticizing it and accusing it FALSELY makes things right. I know a ton of Christians who care very deeply that OVER 550 people were killed in South Sudan this past week–people are on their knees praying. In fact, one native Pastor in particular was gunned down and we were praying for a miracle that he would live-in a country that does not have ONE hospital, only poorly stocked clinics. You need surgery, you die–unless you have some amazing connections and get air lifted to Kenya. So the connection of accusing the church for not having sympathy is wrong. Because the author of this blog did not like they way Phil said things, gives no reason to attack the entire body of Christ. AND I do definitely see a trend in America of Christians being less and less tolerated, while everyone of every other faith or belief system has rights. This is wrong and double sided. There are definite changes with that and I do believe persecution is coming to the USA. It may not be in the form of going to jail for our faith, like in other countries. But it may come as Pastors and churches are sued for standing up for their beliefs, people losing their jobs, groups being accused of hate crimes for what they say and are put on a “list.” No one liked John the Baptist either. He went and spoke against sin. Jesus said we would be hated because He was hated also. It is one thing to be beat up by non believers, it is worse when the church turns and attacks itself.

  287. PrudenceDagg says

    ChadHoltz  in most cases he can only speak to what is in his news feed, not yours. Maybe there will be a blog post about getting over Frank Schaefer (whom I know nothing about) tomorrow. 
    Do you honestly disagree that we look foolish with this anger about Phil Robertson? If you do, you’ll probably change your mind when he’s inevitably reinstated. I give it until Christmas Eve. 
    We all get carried away sometimes. The question is whether we are growing and learning to calm down about what doesn’t matter so much. When all we can do is defend our reactions, then I’m not sure. 
    “I don’t hear anyone from the left telling them they should shut up and focus on Sudan.”–This seems like a deliberate put-down of Matt’s point, but that makes it no less valid. 500 people killed. KILLED. Yet we’re upset about a rich, relatively powerful man being “mocked.” 
    And anyway, what’s the left got to do with this? Why in the world should we be talking about the liberal left? Are they your example? Because Christ is the one who should be.

    These comments (in general, here, and on my FB feed as well) are classic reactions from those who think that Republican Conservatism is a valid meter for faith and Christianity. One problem with that: martyrs in other countries who’ve never even heard of “democracy” or “republic” don’t even register on that meter. 
    But to start thinking a little critically, we have to, as Matt said, calm down a little. 
    Again, great job, Matt.

  288. mckenzieja says

    karlamdavis mckenzieja No one said “hate the sinner”. Phil simply pointed out the fact that homosexuality was a sin. Which is truth. Did you even READ the article?

  289. DeanRice says

    To any folks who are gay and confused and reading this, the invitation was given 2000 years ago. Repent and be saved, God loves you and He hates your sin and welcomes you if you will turn to him. I spent enough time in Montrose, the gay area of Houston, to know there are those of you who want to repent, and you can. Find a good church, there are Christians who are ready to love you and help you turn from your sin, but do it right away for “Today is the day of salvation”.

  290. coletterose says

    mckenziejakarlamdavisThe hate the sin not the sinner is a disingenuous statement in situations like this. While it is true in some cases, no one can truly, deep down in their hearts,
    believe it is true in this case. The alleged “sin” is homosexuality, we
    call the people committing the sin “homosexuals”. The “sin” and the
    “sinners” are inextricably linked. The “sinner” is labeled with the
    “sin” and thus embodies the sin. Please explain to me how you can say ”
    I hate what that person believes, what he does, the way he lives his
    life but other than his core beliefs and who he is as a person, my God
    I love him with all of my heart.” That just does not hold up.

  291. LorettaYoung says

    Laura110 you do know calling someone a moron is the last way to have them listen to you. love your neighbour as yourself. you can say that we are hateful and misguided, but I at least try to be respectful of everyone even if I disagree with them. I do not believe in tolerance, I believe in understanding.

  292. KyleLeibach says

    The author of this blog is trying to use a psychological trick.  “Stop complaining about your problem.  There are starving children in africa”.  That is- until it’s “His problem”.  His problem and morality are equal to starving children in Africa.  Making the argument “either or” is disingenuous.

  293. mckenzieja says

    JoeNCA ChadHoltz What group are you referring to? “You shall know them by their fruits.” That’s not judging… right?

  294. HillaryThomasWatkins says

    I love how you preach tolerance towards others and their beliefs except if they are christian (which I am not), don’t agree with gay rights (I am all about gay rights and marriage for same sex couples), and conservatives (which I am).  Isn’t that a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. 
    If you want tolerance then want it for everyone, not just those that see your way.  I don’t give a crap about Duck Dynasty.  I think Phil had a right to say what he said but A&E also has the right to hire and fire whoever they want.  I am sure they will be picked up by another network or A&E will drop it and Phil will be back.  

    What I am tired of is people saying that they are the poster child for tolerance UNLESS you are southern, christian, or conservative. That doesn’t make any sense.

  295. Ctownsend says

    @beckymurphy So you’re tired of all the “hate” because you think it’s wrong and you think the best way to solve it is to “hate” back?

  296. mckenzieja says

    coletterose mckenzieja karlamdavis  “He that loveth the world, the love of the father is not in him” But IF the love of the father is in him, he would see the soul’s worth. Homosexuality is a choice, plain and simple, Hidden by the lie that homosexuality is biological. Im saying, if Christians truly loved the lost, as Christ, then they would share his message regardless of it’s offense. Of course the bible is offensive.. to all. “There is none righteous, no not one”, “all have sinned…” Christians are as much as a sinner as these homosexuals, just different sins. True salvation is only found in the end, Judgment. 
    “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works”

  297. LorettaYoung says

    PrudenceDagg so I guess you celebrate all saints day every year then right? “recognizing a man bringing people to salvation so we don’t have to worry about death.” is that not the basic gospel of Jesus Christ? and correct me if I’m wrong but he is saying that DD has had incredible reach for the gospel, and that is an amazing thing.

  298. AndrewImlay says

    jdallen1 AndrewImlay JD,

    I was scrolling down the conversation in my email, deleting comments without reading them because I didn’t want to deal with the inevitable personal attacks. “Something” made me pause at yours, though, and I saw how much time you put into your response, and I looked more carefully out of respect for your effort. I’m really glad I did; I’ve read and re-read your comment about four times now. You cover a lot of ground very, very clearly. No, I didn’t know Jonah’s story well; I’ll go back and read it. Thanks for that. Mainly, the clarity of your thoughts helped me clarify my own. I have exactly three (minor) points of possible disagreement — not central to what you’re saying, so not worth going into here. Mainly, the substance and energy you put out make me wish we could sit down over coffee and really talk. I’m certainly not in the position to judge, but maybe your last sentence authorizes me to on your terms: your truth, humility, and love come through loud and clear. That doesn’t feel like a coincidence, but a gift with a purpose. Thank you.  Andrew.

  299. Ctownsend says

    Why is it so hard for you to see that everyone sins and nobody is perfect? Phil included himself in that also. God is the only one who can and ever will be perfect and is why we all need him no matter how good or bad of a person you are. Humanity’s only saving redemption on this earth is Christ for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

  300. KristenAdams says

    Thanks for this article. 🙂 I’ve been thinking this all along, though I could not put it so eloquently.  As the church, we are called to glorify Christ, making much of HIM, not ourselves and our comfort.  If the church would stand together, proclaiming the love that Christ has for us, our subsequent love for the world, and the grace that we are ALL so desperately in need of, imagine what the reaction would be from the “other side”!
    Jesus said we would be persecuted for the sake of the Gospel, so props to Phil for standing through it.  Props to you for enduring the persecution of these other comments…  And shame on so-called “Christians”, who, rather than enduring persecution and using it to bring more people to Christ, get up in arms to keep their favorite show on television.

  301. HillaryThomasWatkins says


    Everyone sins, and according to the bible one sin is not different from another.  They are all the same.  Also the bible says that God is the only one that can judge and that you should not judge your fellow man. 
    I highly doubt your comment is going to make anyone become straight.  You simply can’t turn someone straight. 
    Just like I can’t make you see that evolution is the way that things actually happened. 
    I would never hate you because you believe in the bible, I would never encourage anyone to knock you down.

  302. karlamdavis says

    nexu87 I appreciate your response. I am not saying that we should not teach universal morals and ethics within the church, especially when we have Christ by our side to combat our sins. As much as there are a few verses about homosexuality and abortion in the Bible, there are also other sins which we as Christians have decided to ignore so that we may continue to live comfortably in our suburban, middle-class way of life. These were all “do not do’s (and SOME ARE actually part of the 10 commandments):” do not covet, do not murder, do not divorce, honor the sabbath.  It so so wrong of the church to focus on simply the aforementioned two topics, and then go out to the polls and vote for the most conservative candidate, because this is supposedly the “right” thing to do for America(that’s a whole other tangent). Who do we think we are to speak for God and implant our OWN beliefs on others? This is certainly NOT love. First, we must establish true kinship with one another, and then out of love tell one another of the gospel of Christ. I doubt Phil would ever think to do this before speaking out against a the lives of many and the reasons behind their decisions. Never ever should we use this as any kind of reasoning: ” For us to allow them to damn their souls to a eternity of the absence of God isn’t love.”

    When Phil did not execute any biblical principles whatsoever in his insensitive and there is not other word for it: ignorant comments on gays and blacks. Even more so, when Phil and any one else who has a wide audience (i.e. Miley Cyrus and the like) speaks up on, people will listen, for better or worse. It was not WISE to say what he did. 

    mckenzieja this is for you too. You too cannot serve the master of condemnation and love. If Phil is going to quote scripture at all, let it be a message of love.

  303. says

    coletterose dawnharnish First, who is the government??  The PEOPLE.  The liberals have been yelling for years about their rights.  So when a christian speaks up we get told we are judging.  We have a right to speak our beliefs as much as the next person without having to get suspended from our jobs.  That is called discrimination (unless you signed a legal contract stating you are not allowed to say certain things).  Yes, this is not a “government” issue but it is a rights issue that is given to us by the government.  Please watch the podcast.  I think you will find it interesting.  Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!!

  304. tempest816 says

    Yes, the gospel message is full of love and grace.  But, it is also very offensive.  To be told that everyone is a sinner… that’s a hard pill to swallow.  Jesus was full of love and grace for people, but his words were also wildly offensive to many.  His own people attempted to kill him on several occasions because of his teachings.  We should definitely love others and show them God’s grace and mercy, but not at the expense of their souls.  We would be doing them a disservice if we fail to go beyond just “soothing their hurt feelings.”

  305. Ctownsend says

    You seem to have forgotten that he was asked a question for an interview and answered what he believes to be truth. How is that the same as choosing what food you eat? It has no comparison to sinful behavior and therefore a null and void example.

  306. DeanRice says

    HillaryThomasWatkins DeanRice I don’t hate you 🙂  The issue I”ve had with this article isn’t so much about our disagreement. Its that Christians are telling other Christians that telling the truth is hate speech. It is so antithetical to the Bible, IMHO. I earlier said that Christian liberties were at stake. What I mean is that there is a progression in this Christian nation of ours that even Christians are now trying to stifle the truth. They believe that love and kindness is about acceptance. It just doesn’t work because they say things like you are saying “your a sinner, I’m a sinner, so don’t judge me”. That is the surest sign that you don’t care about the Bible, and I think you’re admitting that so I’m cool with it. Its people who are manipulating that truth that so many of us hold most precious to our lives. A Christian says “I’m a sinner, please help me repent” and those who don’t respect the truth say “You’re no better than me”.

  307. NathanKnight says

    WigoutNathanKnightAs you know, God has created everyone with different gifts and abilities. So you’re saying there are lows in reaching the lost with the different abilities and platforms God has placed in us to reach the lost? Matthew 25:14-30?

  308. RichardEllis1 says

    So when Jesus called the Pharisees snakes and vipers, sons of hell this was not to offend them…as Si would say “WAKE UP JACK!!!!!”

  309. GarrettVascil says

    DeanRice HillaryThomasWatkins Dean, you are so right, and yet very very wrong. As Christians you are called to share the “truth,” but isn’t this to be done out of love? Was Phil making his opinion known because he loves the gay community so much that he wants them to repent? Highly unlikely. He probably said it because he is a bigot and hates that group of people, and is using his faith as a reason to keep hating them. It is all about context. It isn’t about accepting the sin, but accepting the sinner. Phil doesn’t accept the sinner. Simple as that. But keep on defending the church in this instance, although I’m sure my church would do as much as possible to stay away from anything this guy says or believes.

  310. GarrettVascil says

    KatieMartin2  “Your support of Phil and Phil’s messages, whether you mean it this way or not, is hurtful toward other people. And that should matter to us. Why? Because we are the ones who proclaim the grace and mercy and love of Christ. And Christ cares about those who are offended by Phil’s speech.”Yeah, that is such a stupid point. Why be concerned with non-believers feelings. We should just stop trying to get people to believe in God’s love, and tell them about how much he hates them.

  311. SupportforPhil says

    So you’re a Christian blogger, condemning Christians for supporting a fellow Christian, and mocking that he’s being persecuted and having his Constitutional rights trampled on? Your justification is that this is just a meaningless TV show about a family of hunters…you forgot that this family lives and and preaches the Word….might I remind you that Jesus was just a poor carpenter who did the same thing and was also persecuted to his death? And Paul was a pretty despicable man himself before his conversion but Jesus chose him to be a leader of His church…..I sincerely pray that you repent of your sarcastic denigration of Christians supporting Phil

  312. flaw1esscowboy says

    “those of us who lift up the values of Christ,” and then there are those of us who lift up the cross of Christ.

    There are a lot more important things to be offended by, and I for one am thankful that Christianity is dying off in the mainstream. It’ll keep the fakers out.

    Let’s just make sure we don’t forget that Christianity is not about values, but the Grace of one man shown in his death.

  313. KentStraith says

    SupportforPhilThere is something I’m trying like mad to put to rest here, and that’s the completely wrong idea that Phil Robertson is having his Constitutional rights trampled on. He is not. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Phil Robertson has the right to speak. He has the right to publish. He has the right to say anything he wants without fear of fine or imprisonment by the government. That is where his rights end. He has NO right to be not be criticized or attacked by the media. He has no right to keep his television program. Nobody has the Constitutional right to be on TV. He has the right to speak. He does not have the right to be heard by X number of people that’s become accustomed to. A&E Network has a 1st Amendment right to put people on TV that they think are good for business and make it easier for them to sell ad time. Whether or not that continues to be Phil Robertson…we’ll soon find out.

  314. livnfrog says

    Yes I’m sure that’s what the Jews thought when they began putting the “x” or whatever mark it was on the stores so that people would know not to shop there… A Jew was there… Just the beginning. No it’s not about free speech. It’s not about a reality show. It’s about a fellow brother in Christ who has boldly stood up for His God and was fired for it… Yes persecuted. Yeah… It’s just a job… Remember that if you are ever in his shoes. “If you deny Me before man, I will deny you before my Father.” This is the issue. Would YOU be as bold and stand as strong for your God? Would you want an army of your brother and sisters behind you? I would. No, I’m sorry I won’t “duck” down… I will stand up and proclaim Jesus with my brother in Christ.

  315. RobDrury says

    KristenAdams I don’t watch DD and couldn’t care less. I have a problem that he was maligned for speaking his faith, ironically in direct response to loaded questioning by a magazine produced by the same company that produces the show. We are to endure persecution, but that does not mean we have to tolerate it or pretend that it is acceptable. I don’t put what happened to Phil in the same category as those who have lost their lives for their faith, but it is clear that he was mistreated solely for embracing Godly values.

    It is then a tremendous kick to the gut that he in turn endures persecution for those calling themselves Christians.

  316. shalamar1516 says

    livnfrogUh… did you just compare this to the persecution of the Jews? Overreact much? How absurd. Also he isn’t fired, he’s suspended, there is a difference. And no I’m not actually on A&E’s side in this, but felt the need to comment and point out the your overblown absurdity.

  317. RobDrury says

    aproprose DeanRice HillaryThomasWatkins The truth is absolutely NOT subjective! Any one version of the truth is correct or it isn’t. If it doesn’t line up with the Word of God, it’s not.

  318. NangudiLois says

    A broken foundation is a broken house
    As a neighbor of Sudan, I will say that this where it all starts. If we don’t deal with this issue and jump onto issues in Sudan to fix it, we are dealing with a fruit and not the root of the problem. When a country leaves it’s foundation everything else crumbles.

  319. RobDrury says

    HillaryThomasWatkins DeanRice Evolution, referring to transition through mutation and natural selection, most certainly happened; but it didn’t happen anywhere near the way prominent evolutionists believe it did. It was completely choreographed.

  320. RobDrury says

    GarrettVascil jemery84 We don’t use our faith to hate anyone; we use it to hopefully save that group of people from eternity in hell. This can, and should, be done in love; but it should in fact be done, regardless of who gets offended in the process.

  321. Boozleford says

    It’s not “just out of curiosity” if you “know the kind of answer I’ll give.” It is self righteous and condescending. What I should think on is my own spiritual welfare. That, and on how to help the suffering of others. If I wanted to concern myself with the sins of others Id start knocking food out of the hands of the gluttonous to give to the starving. Looking at some profile pictures, quite a few really suffer from love of food. How sad, when so many in the US and abroad are hungry and malnourished.
    It’s interesting that it’s not enough to be Christian, or to love Christ. I should–and this is an implication, of course, you didn’t outright say so–but the implication is that my love for Christ is not the “right” kind. Let’s not make Christian fight Christian. But I will fight if it’s in defense of another. I’ll fight to the death.

  322. TylerLClark1 says

    livnfrog Ah, the slippery slope argument. Instead of debating reality, you’ve decided to jump to an extreme hypothetical.

    If I were the kind of person to use the slippery slope argument, I might say that by allowing celebrities to denounce homosexuals (essentially labeling them as an inferior social group) in mass media without repercussion, we’re taking a step toward rounding them up, shipping them off, and exterminating them.  But, of course, I wouldn’t make such a careless and hypothetical argument. (Even though Jews weren’t the only ones persecuted and murdered by Hitler. Homosexuals were as well.)

    Furthermore, Christianity is one of the most omnipresent forces in American life and culture. We’re never had a president who didn’t profess to be a Christian. We have churches on every street corner. Far more people claim to be Christians than any other belief system. Politicians declare publicly that the United States is a “Christian nation” and use the Bible as the basis for legislative arguments.

    That’s a very far cry from the situation of German Jews during the 1930s.

  323. EricBoersma says

    BradBates JoeNCA BeckyMurphy _Chris Bearnecessity 

    I want to make sure that I get this straight: people literally starving and dying in the streets is less important than who gets married to whom?

    I want to make sure I’ve got that explicitly clear. A few hundred thousand people getting married to someone of the same sex is more important than the 50 million people who aren’t sure whether they’re going to get three square meals today?

    Because like, Jesus had some really important things to say about that kind of thing. And as it turns out, he was super concerned about people going hungry. Not so much about the gay marriage.

  324. EricBoersma says

    RobDrury EricBoersma Johann Popper I want to make sure that I’ve got this explicitly clear: someone raping a child or murdering your family is <i>exactly the same</i> to you as two people who have zero relation to your life having sex with one another if they have the same genitals?

  325. coletterose says

    dawnharnishcoletterose Uh, I think you have confused our democratic republic with communism. “The PEOPLE” are not the government, the elected officials that the people elected are the government. If you were my boss and I called you an a-hole, that is a belief that I am speaking and I have as much right to speak it as the next person. You, however, as my boss, have a right to fire me. A private entity can fire you for the things that you say. Would you want a teacher going into classes and telling people that Christianity is a lie, because that is his/her belief.
    The fact remains, this is not a freedom of speech issue. Being persecuted for faith is different than being persecuted because a person is acting like a jerk. 
    Many self-proclaimed Christians in this nation need to examine their own behavior. You can’t treat people like objects to be converted. Anyone that is doing that is experiencing justified push back and NOT persecution.

  326. EdResleff says

    GarrettVascilDeanRiceHillaryThomasWatkinsWhoa Garret… You obviously missed the part of Phil’s statement talking about loving all people. Gotta reference all – not only the parts that suit your argument.
    HillaryThomasWatkinsI can appreciate your POV… I, a Christian, have a son who has chosen to be gay. I love my son, but I don’t condone his decision. Am I going to hate him and push him aside? No. Because Jesus commands us to love one another, but do not judge lest you be judged yourself. Because I am not my son’s judge (he’s a man now capable of making his own decisions), it has freed me up to love not only him, but all gays. If we are truly Jesus followers, it makes no difference what the condition of the human soul – homeless, drug abuser, rich, poor, helpless, gay, straight, sex trafficked, and countless others. God cares about your relationship with Him, that’s why He gave you the freedom to choose. Garrett got something right – sharing the truth is to be done out of love, but I will add “without condemnation”.

    DeanRice Althoughyour message is correct, we have to approach it with love without condemnation. Hillary is right – God is the only judge. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. My son knows the truth yet he still chose this lifestyle. Does that hurt? Hell yes… but I won’t stop loving him. I also realized early on that if I try to “straighten him out”, it’ll drive him further away. The Prodical story became so much clearer…
    Just my two cents… Love people without prejudice…

  327. TylerLClark1 says

    dawnharnish coletterose  No, you do not the have “a right to speak our beliefs as much as the next person without having to get suspended from our jobs”. That’s not at all what the Constitution says. The First Amendment says that government can’t stop you from saying what you want. You can’t get arrested for speaking your mind, but your employer (a private entity) can certainly fire you. By your logic, I can go into my boss’ office and curse him out, and he can’t do a thing about it.

    You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the First Amendment.

  328. SupportforPhil says

    Censoring his comments by removing him from TV show should bother you…that equates to the censoring of the Church.

  329. Ctownsend says

    Wow! Apparently you are one of the millions who didn’t read the whole GQ article and just chose to read the bits and pieces the media chose to fixate on. Read the whole article and then try again. He whole message was to love. But apparently you didn’t get that far.

  330. KylePierce says

    SupportforPhil Not all of the church believes homosexuality is a sin or that we should constantly oppress them and insult them like other Christians do.

  331. KylePierce says

    RichardEllis1 The Pharisees were the ones throwing out condemnation and rules. Those defending Phil are the Pharisees here.

  332. KylePierce says

    DeanRice The Church. Helping people to shut off the very thing they are since 32 AD!

    But really, I’m a Christian and can’t possibly see a loving God making someone have an unending urge to do something that would send them to Hell. That’s damnation from birth.

  333. DeanRice says

    Keep loving him, of course. I have no doubt that you love your son and would like him to turn from his lifestyle. But God has never changed, he hasn’t evolved. So when I stumble into sin I confess it and ask for help to repent. Your son is no more a sinner than me, but if he wants to follow Jesus he surely must turn from that sin, the Bible says homosexuals will not inherit the Kingdom of heaven. You have to give that kind of love to him, and who knows, I’ve seen and spoken to gays who have turned from that sin. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s ok to hold on to that sin, you’d have to throw out Pauls books from the BIble to take that view. Best..

  334. JaniceWillifordEvans says

    NorwoodPagan  nope. . .not gonna calm down . . .and before anyone starts throwing stones that we don’t care about the homeless, the hungry, the downtrodden. . .what do you know? I donate to the Food Bank. . .and I need to donate to No Kid Hungry. . .I even gave money to a guy on the street the other day. . .he said he was a veteran. . .I gave him my hard earned money. . .if he is lying he can answer for that. . .I hardly ever pass a Salvation Army Kettle at this time of year without putting something in. . .we’ve bought meals for soldiers in restaurants. . .so NO. . .I won’t calm down. . .
    a Jewish proverb says you didn’t care about this one because it didn’t affect you. . .and you didn’t care about that one because it didn’t affect you. . .and now it does affect you, and who’s left to care about and defend you. . .
    Yes. . .A&E has the right to do whatever it is they do. . .and I have the right to act accordingly. . .however I see fit. . .
    ask the Dixie Chicks how it turns out when you offend us radical right wing, gun totin’, religious fanatic hicks living in middle America. . .nope. . .not gonna calm down over this one. . .https://www.facebook.com/pamela.f.hargrove/posts/10152032937953855?comment_id=29642034&offset=0&total_comments=15 · https://www.facebook.com/pamela.f.hargrove/posts/10152032937953855?comment_id=29641585&offset=0&total_comments=13&notif_t=feed_comment_reply#

  335. shakaplan says

    First, I agree with everything you said. Though I have to say this —
    even if it’s nitpicking: Vagina and anus are nouns. They are not curse
    words, they are not nasty, they aren’t even dirty. Frankly, I’m
    surprised he used those words and not the plethora
    of revolting euphemisms he could have employed. If there’s a talking to
    to be had, it should be for the insensitive, homophobic (and a little
    misogynist, if you ask me) way in which he used those words — but not
    the words themselves. As an
    editor, as an avid reader, it shocks me how prude we are as a society.
    Curse words have never bothered me, personally, but I understand that
    they hold a certain power and why
    people choose not to use them. These two words, though, are just words,
    we should be using them and not fearing them or giving them a context or
    stigma that they simply don’t deserve.

  336. EdResleff says

    DeanRiceOh I wholeheartedly agree. God has always been the same. My hope is that he will eventually turn back to Jesus. And yes, he will have to confess when he gets to that point.

  337. kingd21122 says

    well i agree to a small degree there are other issues, but should this issue be ignored. i don’t think so. Yea its a tv, and u say its meaningless, i say look at the youth and look at the tv shows they watch. this is probably one of the few moral christian tv shows on tv that i would love for my kids to watch. Yea we need to handle other issues, and I don’t think Jesus was worried about who got offended from his preaching. he didn’t sugarcoat his comments to not offend people. if there’s an issue with what he said then the issue is with the Bible itself.  whenever you share truth people with get offended point blank period. doesn’t matter, the Bible talks about sinning. So whenever you tell a married man who’s having an affair that he’s wrong that’s going to offend them. It’s about time the Church stops backing down to all these anti-Christian agendas and just preach truth. 
    Jesus said “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Jesus came to offend people, to cause a divide between right and wrong, so that people will have to choose a side. these fence sitter christians that don’t want to offend anybody by “QUOTING” truth, the Bible says you have to choose a side, if your a fence sitter and you want to sugar coat everything, the Bible says you’ve chosen your side. Yea i agree that there are people who need help. But where should we start making a stand. Because believe me if a member of GLAAD or the LGBT came out and made statements, you probably wouldn’t have much to say, Miley Cyrus was on tv, twerking, having sex with her clothes on pretty much and no one says a thing. So would i rather my child watch Duck Dynasty then to be exposed to the vile images the media accepts as good? Yea i think i’ll fight for Duck Dynasty because unless I plan on sheltering my children from tv forever, there needs to be some type of moral show on. 
    & from where i sit Phil showed love and compassion.  
    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Now, I am not a lawyer, but I am pretty sure that Phil Robertson’s dismissal could be in violation of such legislation considering A&E is technically the Robertson’s employer.
    That being said if a gay person had been discriminated against for voicing his views and fired based on his religion would you have a problem with the LGBT and GLAAD fighting for him? I don’t think you would.

  338. Boozleford says

    He’s condemning Christians? You don’t even go here.
    He’s asking people to think rationally when responding to a media debacle, and that’s a condemnation? The advice to think on your words?
    “Hey guys, let’s calm down and think about this!”
    “Think? Calm down? That’s anti-Christian! How dare you! I want to cling to my irrational fear of persecution!”

  339. hickchickinhc says

    RobDrury KristenAdams Interesting. I did not realize that A&E and GQ were produced by the same company. Looks like a win-win for both of them – more people will read the magazine now in anger against Phil’s comments, and more people will watch the show now in support of Phil. Sounds pretty clever on their part as they have gotten more PR than if they had tried. The author of the GQ article should be getting a good payday/raise/promotion for his good work or “good” work, depending what side of the coin you’re on…

  340. kingd21122 says

    TylerLClark1 livnfrog It’s funny that the Nation proclaims Christianity but the moment a Christian voices his views the nation wants him silenced. Sounds like to me you should look more at there actions and not believe everyone is a Christian just because they say it. the KKK claimed Christianity too before they murdered minorities. America claimed Christianity before they murdered the Indians, enslaved, raped and killed Black people. hmmm.

  341. Boozleford says

    No. It does not. There are other platforms to speak about the church. You must see that. A private business has no obligation to give anyone any kind of platform. No one is getting censored.

  342. PrudenceDagg says

    Reallis I can’t believe that this is a serious response by an adult. Did you read the title? Did you read anything in the rest o the post? It should be beyond obvious that that is sarcasm.

  343. Donn311 says

    REALLY????? In what Church do you attend that homosexuality isn’t a sin????? God Himself called it an abomination!! Wondering if your “church” is truly a Christian Church. Just cause someone states their belief doesn’t mean they are being oppressive towards the sinner…they simply don’t agree with the sin!!

  344. SupportforPhil says

    No one is oppressing or insulting homosexuals….oppress is what GLAAD insisted A&E do to Phil…the Bible clearly states homosexuality as sinful, along with many other acts of sin…we are love the sinner and hate the sin….but denying the sin or choosing what you believe is sin is not what Christians are to do.

  345. stuarthyderman says

    Never was any shortage of people who know exactly by God, just how everyone else should live their lives. God has no shortage of spokesman either.

  346. hnest says

    Yes, the World has bigger problems.  But one of the Biggest Americans/ Christians face is worrying to much about being  PC and not stand up for God. 
    We say we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, that God wouldn’t want us to pass judgement.  But how are we going to stand before God on judgement day and tell him why we didn’t try and save all these people is because we  we don’t want hurt their feelings.  How are you going to justify to God, that there feelings being hurt was more important then there souls burning in hell? 

    Yes Its a hard pill to swallow, and yes I am the last person to hurt someone else or judge someone on what they do in bed. Truthfully I don’t care… But after all this and my love for God, how can I look at my Gay/non-beliver friends (who I love dearly) and not tell them what the bible spells out in black and white?  What they choose is between them and God and not by any means my business or my place to judge.

    Americans/Christians What Phil said wasn’t to hurt people, it was meant to open eyes and look around it did.

  347. TylerLClark1 says

    kingd21122 TylerLClark1 livnfrog  I agree with you that there’s a difference between words and action, but that wasn’t my point.

    I’m certainly not saying that I agree that we are a Christian nation. (The idea that we have any sort of official religion goes against the entire spirit of the First Amendment.) My point is that the fact that so many prominent political and cultural leaders claim that we are is evidence of Christianity’s prominence in American society. No one claims to be Jewish, Muslim or an atheist in order to win votes or public approval.

  348. JimMahaffey says

    shalamar1516 livnfrog not an overeaction, just pointing out how things get started. There are a lot of things in this country now, that were at the beginings of the rise of the NAZI party. We need to be aware of the smaller beginings to keep us from the end products we have seen elsewhere in the world.

  349. KylePierce says

    Donn311 The Bible used the greek word for male prostitutes, referring to the temple prostitutes of Aphrodite and Dionysus. Shocking that a 2000 year old book would be slightly mistranslated right?

  350. NellyBrooks says

    I disagree with this opinion.
    1st. I think that his reality show is actually showing the light of Christ to many Americans that are not followers of Christ.
    2nd. I’m aware of many other problems around the world and Christians being in jail because of the name of Christ and I pray and try to help in any possible way BUT that doesn’t means that what happens here in the US doesn’t matter to me.
    3rd. I think that thousands of people that are not necessarily Christians are disapproving this decision from A&E. So it’s not just the church being “ridiculous”
    Plus if you had time to write such a long article about it, it’s because some how (independent of your opinion) this is important for you too.

  351. JaneScroggins says

    GomezAlJaneScrogginsNo one said anything about hate!!! No one hates you!!! You don’t need to fight back! Just don’t expect everyone to agree with you!! The Bible condemns homosexuality. (yeah it does). Most straight men will agree with Phil, at least my relatives or the one’s I’ve dated! There is more hate in your response than anything Phil Robertson said!!!

  352. JimMahaffey says

    TylerLClark1 kingd21122 livnfrog Have you looked at our congress lately? We have a very distinguished Senator from Connecticut that just retired and people had no doubt of him being Jewish, and he was a vice presidential nominee!. There is now a Muslim Representative. There are many others who represent who do claim atheism, Barney Frank for one. Open your eyes!

  353. JimMahaffey says

    KentStraith SupportforPhil You are partially correct. He has the right to say what he did without reprisals from the government. He also has the right to not be fired by his employer for his personal religeous beliefs. A&E violated EEOC by taking action against him for his views, whether you, me, or anyone else agrees or disagrees with his views. This is NOT a first Amendment issue, this IS an EEOC issue.

  354. JimMahaffey says

    Boozleford  Action was taken against him by his employer for his religeous beliefs. This is clearly a viloation of EEOC.

  355. JaneScroggins says

    Boozleford JaneScrogginsDo you really hate everyone who ISN’T gay??? That’s what I’m getting from what you are saying?? If you don’t believe in God or accept the Bible as his word you might have an argument sorta but even then it seems to me that you should allow people like Phil Robertson the right to their opinion. He didn’t say anything about hating you, just gave his opinion on sex! I’m pretty disgusted with bigots like yourself who try to act like they are superior because they don’t believe anyone is ever entitled to disagree with them and who chose to not believe the Bible and call it tolerance!!!

  356. mh_viney says

    Funny how this article is plastered with the famous faces of Duck Commander to make sure people stop to read….a bit ironic perhaps?

  357. JimMahaffey says

    tylerbrainerd Donn311 You need to dig into your Bible a little more. All dietary restrictions were lifted by Jesus himself, and backed up by Peter’s dream.

  358. JoshuaRichart says

    From his beliefs he merely quoted the bible. If you were to read specific verses such as these, word for word, you would probably offend many more people…  I think he did a very nice job sprucing it up!!http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Leviticus+20%3A13&version=ESV ESV / 102 helpful votes
    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Timothy+1%3A10&version=ESV ESV / 101 helpful votes
    The sexually immoral, men who practice homosexuality, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine,http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+6%3A9&version=ESV ESV / 88 helpful votes
    Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+7%3A2&version=ESV ESV / 80 helpful votes
    But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.
    Helpful Not Helpfulhttp://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+7%3A7-9&version=ESV ESV / 65 helpful votes
    I wish that all were as I myself am. But each has his own gift from God, one of one kind and one of another. To the unmarried and the widows I say that it is good for them to remain single as I am. But if they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

  359. JimMahaffey says

    HillaryThomasWatkins I don’t agree with 2/3 of your views, but with all of your words, EXCEPT – A&E does not have the right to fire someone because of their religeous beliefs. This is a violation of EEOC.
    Now, does this affect me and you in any way, not really. If Phil’s lawyers decide to do something, that is between him and A&E.

  360. JessicaJones1 says

    First, I believe A&E had a right to do what they did logically. He is an employee, but its also called discrimination. second, they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into when hiring Duck Commander to do a reality series on their network, and have even said in the past, “The views of the Robertson family is not the views of A&E.” So why this push for Phil to be suspended? Because affiliates like GLAAD get offended that he spoke the truth about his PERSONAL BELIEFS to GQ. They’ve just shot themselves in the foot because The Robertson family won’t involve themselves with a network that picks and chooses what is ok and not ok for him to profess. He had every right in the book to say what he said. But let me ask you this, if it was a gay professing their love for another gay, would A&E reacted the same with christian pressure from the outside? I think not.
    This is the same picking and choosing the liberal antics have bestowed in the govt. Its ok to bow to the king of saudi Arabia, give guns and money to islam extremists , but taking down a cross thats set on a memorial for vets is of upmost importance. Stepping on toes has been redefined into hate and extremism, pushing the christians and their views away and accepting any and every lifestyle whether it be gay, muslim, islamic, or praying to a pasta god ….has taken over the world.
    These people are lost, and as christians we’re viewed as haters of these people because we profess that it is wrong because the bible says, Turn from your wicked ways. On the contrary, it is said out of love and mercy. Phil was stating the Bible because he loves the Lord, not because he hates gays. Wise up, the Lord is the same today as he was yesterday.

  361. RichardGelina says

    Calm the “duck” down? When you so easily and repeatedly violate scripture’s command against coarse language, your credibility on issues of the bible and spirituality are rapidly called into question. I’m quite sure that you have no business using the first person pronoun when referring to the Church (which is capitalized when it is speaking of the body of Christ, by the way). Get it together, dude. This article is all over the place and doesn’t even come close to the truth.

  362. SarahHatfieldDewhurst says

    Thank you for the article – This is exactly what I was thinking! We, the Church, use slander all of the time against those that are not followers of Christ and then we, the Church, say that we are “standing up for God”. I am so sick and tired of hearing that phrase “standing up for God.” God doesn’t need anyone to stand up for Him – He only needs for us to share His love!!!! It’s not about being PC – it’s about being loving in the name of God!!!!!  Showing “the light of Christ” by using slander, hurtful, and unloving comments is not showing the “light of Christ” but the wrath of God. Before you can ever talk to someone about God, showing His love goes a lot longer than throwing Biblical phrases and use them like atomic bombs. I have spent all of my life raised in the Church, and I have seen so many Christians point fingers, judge, and be self-righteous – so much that I asked myself – who is God and what are His priorities? When we the Church say or act in a way that is unloving it misrepresents what God is first about – and that is love. If you have ever interacted with those that do not believe in God or have walked away from Him – it is usually because of people like Phil spouting off the Bible without any context and using it for self righteous purposes.

  363. JimMahaffey says

    DeanRice The problem today is finding that “good church”. 95% of the poeple on both sides of the issues aren’t the extremes that seem to keep making the news. As long as people like Westboro are out there, LGBT has a right to keep pointing a finger at them. The problem is, all of the 95% keep getting lumped in with them because we don’t separate ourselves.
    I understand spreadng a message of love, but all “they” see is the tactics.

  364. Lulu_0318 says

    Because he loves the Lord, and out of love and mercey, he talked about how the vagina has more there than the anus?  Because he loves the Lord, and out of love and mercy he lumped gays in with terrorists?  Come on, stop being so naive.

  365. SFB2009 says

    mckenziejarecoveringyouthpastorI am so sick to death of the “persecuted church” mantra.  Christians in America are not persecuted in the least.  Allow me to quote—Take note: Religious persecution is when you’re prevented from
    exercising your beliefs: not when you’re prevented from imposing your
    beliefs.-Susan Russell.
    The fact that those who do not share your faith are offended when you share your views is not persecution.  Any Christian is free to exercise their beliefs without fear in this nation.  The pushback mainly comes when you try to codify your views into laws that force those who do not share your faith to live by your rules as well.  You have every right to be upset that he was suspended for speaking his mind.  You do not get to call it persecution, because it is not.  He is as free to practice his religion today as he was yesterday.  A&E not wishing to have those opinions associated with their network is their right.  It is not persecution.

  366. BradBates says

    aproprose DeanRice HillaryThomasWatkins wrong. Truth is absolute. God is truth and he has provided it to us via scripture. You don’t have to agree with it, but truth is no less truth whether you choose to believe it or not.

  367. agonzalez8565 says

    You can just tell this guy woke up yesterday early in the morning, probably had some coffee, checked his facebook/twitter feed, saw a few posts, got riled up, and immideiately started typing away after he thought of his extremely ‘catchy’ title. Very little biblical content was used, he summed up ALL Churches in America in a few paragraph, and i CAN’T believe he pulled the “staving kids in third world countries dying from malnutrition” card. In fact I can’t find a single article where he brings light to issues such as that… no he spends his time stalking Mark Driscoll and “exposing” him. He claims “Secondly, remember this is about a reality TV show, a meaningless TV show about a family of outspoken rich hunters. It’s just entertainment, people!” And for a second I thought people on TV were actually REAL. Which is why I’m grateful of people like Carl Lentz and Judah Smith who actually take time to minister and council celebrities and those behind the camera. So much more could be said, but I have to get back to life. NEXT.

  368. MatthewBattershell says

    The first problem with this opinionated blog is a rather blatant fallacy, that of Appeal to probability, namely stating that since Christians are up in arms about the suspension of Phil from Duck Dynasty (DD) they are NOT angry about the malnutrition, poverty, homelessness and other plagues in the world.
    What a perverted way of thinking which is far from the truth, NOT taking into consideration the millions of dollars of support Compassion International and other WORLD WIDE RELIEF organizations Christians support monthly. How can one deduct that simply because Christians (and many non Christians) are angry about a culture that BULLIES anyone who would dare speak up about Biblical belief, that now somehow they DON’T CARE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE?! Now on to some points of rebuttal.
    1. Stop making it about free speech.
    No, we cannot throw out the freedom of speech argument because this issue is PARTIALLY about free speech. Phil has a right to speak his faith, A&E has a right to terminate their contract and people have a right to be up in arms about it by blogging, commenting and petitioning the decision! Telling us to get off the topic of free speech is actually hampering our free speech to create a topic about this issue in the first place! SO BACK OFF.
    2. This is about a meaningless reality TV show.
    That is dense, condescending and blatantly absurd. Phil is a Christian evangelist and minister who has been preaching long before DD came along. Phil, like any good Christian commanded by Christ, shares his faith and the Gospel to all who are willing to listen. When asked a question about sin, he answer with his OWN FAITH-FILLED conviction and has since been bullied, hated, fired and disdained by the media and mainstream culture of our day. THIS IS THE ISSUE AT HAND.
    3. The church should remember people were offended and when we support Phil, we miss the grace we are supposed to share.
    I AM SORRY, have you read in the scriptures where the apostles reminded Jesus he offended the Pharisees? Jesus said this quoting Isaiah, “Hypocrites! These people draw near Me with their mouths and honor Me with their lips, but their hearts hold off and are far away from Me. Uselessly do they worship Me” (Matt 15:9).
    What happened next? In Matt 15:12-14 we read:
    “Then the disciples came and said to Him, Do You know that the Pharisees were displeased and offended and indignant when they heard this saying?
    He answered, Every plant which My heavenly Father has not planted will be torn up by the roots. Let them alone and disregard them; they are blind guides and teachers. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a ditch.”
    WOW Jesus, nice answer, man, what a way to win over your audience in platitudes and nice speech! I mean, that is really graceful right?
    4. How many churches would allow Phil to come and use that language?
    Well, how many American church goers regularly watch TV and movies and listen to secular music? You will find not only CURSE WORDS abounding, but graphic images of violence, sex and drugs often glorified. But when a man explicitly speaks truth, ah we shun. HYPOCRITES!
    The question should better be asked, “Would Jesus be welcome in most churches today?” and the answer would be NO! Look what happened when Jesus spoke in His Church in Luke 4:23-28:
    “He said to them, “You will surely say this proverb to Me, ‘Physician, heal yourself! Whatever we have heard done in Capernaum,[l] do also here in Your country.’” 24 Then He said, “Assuredly, I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own country. 25 But I tell you truly, many widows were in Israel in the days of Elijah, when the heaven was shut up three years and six months, and there was a great famine throughout all the land; 26 but to none of them was Elijah sent except to Zarephath, in the region of Sidon, to a woman who was a widow. 27 And many lepers were in Israel in the time of Elisha the prophet, and none of them was cleansed except Naaman the Syrian.”
    28 So all those in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath”
    So basically Jesus came to Church and preached that God’s elect (Jews) were passed over for ‘lesser’ people because GOD HIMSELF chose to ignore them and NOT heal or help them (because of their sin and hard hardheartedness).
    Ya, that would be like Phil saying, “If you are a homosexual, God won’t bless you.”
    Again, this is not about a TV show, rating, or even Phil. This is about being free to express not only speech, but a Biblical worldview in a Country that tolerates ALL FAITHS and PEOPLE. As Christians, we are to be the Light of the World and talk of Sin. Without acknowledging sin, why would one ever need a savior!

  369. ElizabethMunizsanchez says

    The bible also states that If a man or woman were to divorce and remarry that it would be considered adultery. The form of punishment would be stoning to death. So If you go by a bible that was written over 3,000 years ago chances are you are going to find a lot of things that do not pertain to this culture or time we live in. Sorry but someone being gay affects me none whatsoever. Mary Magdalene was considered to be a woman of loose morals that could range from prostitution to just a woman whose father/family was of low class. As for him being suspended, Many people get let go of their jobs on how they present themselves on FB or other social media. Why should he be different?

  370. says

    SarahHatfieldDewhurst Sarah you are pointing you finger too, look at what you wrote. I read this man’s comments and he is right. He was asked a question and he answered honestly. This the trick of the devil to bring dissension among the believers. Like you have never slandered before? Come on that is a lie and your know it? We are all a work in progress. Does Jesus love the homosexual? Yes! However, he hates there sin. Anyone who is not born again is not a child of God. We are sons and daughters through adoption, not by blood. Isn’t that what Jesus said in John 3 about being born again?

  371. shalamar1516 says

    JimMahaffeyshalamar1516livnfrog Oh I agree there are many fascist things happening in the government these days; domestic spying, police brutality, militarization of the police… all those things smell of Nazi-like symptoms. A company suspending its employee to cover its own ass as a ill-thought-out, knee-jerk reaction is hardly in that category. All they should have done is say “his views do not reflect those of A&E or put a disclaimer on the show (which many other reality shows do). Problem solved. But instead the pulled an idiot move and now we have article upon article treating this like some sort of civil rights issue or anti-religion garbage (or like this article saying it isn’t).

  372. AndrewImlay says

    WayneC AndrewImlay  Thanks Wayne. Hope it helped.

    1) I’d hate for you guys to lose your friendship over this. I hope it’s not going that way.

    2) Self-identified “righteous Christian”? Really? That’s hard to believe. Are you taking that out of context? Wait — “righteous” has a different theological meaning than “self-righteous”. “Righteous” theologically means something like, “saved from the consequences of my own sin not because I do things right, but because I accept Jesus as my Savior and my righteousness is undeserved but only comes through Him”. So your friend might not mean “SELF-righteous”, as in “I’m saved from the consequences of sin because I don’t sin.” Self-righteousness is anathema to Christianity. Great explanation here: http://www.godandscience.org/apologetics/self-righteous_christians.html
    with lots of Biblical references. (Sorry if the organization seems generally skeptical of Christianity but this particular page seemed really fair)

    3) If your friend really has a superiority complex, which you would know, maybe he’s a recent convert and is going through that false-certainty-phase that can gradually morph into a more layered, complex, “thoughtful” (in my opinion) understanding of the Bible/Christianity. Or maybe he’s attending a Biblically-inerrant, literalist church or seminary…naw, those Christians pay attention to the sin of judgment, don’t they?

    4) Well, some people have a personality that needs to feel certain about things, and therefore are incurious — threatened — by uncertainty, including multiple meanings, multiple possibilities, or compassion for people unlike themselves. This spans the political spectrum from right to left 🙂 Maybe you’re a valuable friend to him for all the reasons you know about, but also as an example for him of someone who successfully navigates the world a little differently than he does. In that case, you don’t really need to bring him around to your way of thinking, just care about him and be yourself — your character will speak for itself. Plus, you’ll learn (if you haven’t already) how to be a better friend with someone who thinks the way he does, maybe by learning to take his self-certainty with an affectionate grain of salt.

    I know you didn’t ask for advice or anything, so my bad if I overstepped my bounds.  Andrew.

    P.S. Doesn’t it seem sometimes like Christianity is a bunch of different religions, each with its own Biblically-justifying passages? One Christianity is purely about loving God and our fellow (wo)man; another is all about right and wrong and hell and avoiding God’s wrath. I mean, I know there are different denominations, but sometimes I think some versions of Christianity are closer to some versions of Islam or Judaism than they are to other versions of Christianity (which are closer to other versions of Islam or Judaism). I guess human nature is the same everywhere…      🙂

  373. SFB2009 says

    RobDruryWhen it comes to religious matters, the “truth” absolutely is subjective.  It is only truth to a follower.  Without even mentioning all the other world religions, Christianity has many different denominations, all based on different interpretations of the “truths” in the Bible.  When you share your belief with others, but present that belief as irrefutable proof of their life being somehow wrong, it is offensive to many.  It is even more offensive when many who share your view work tirelessly to codify their beliefs into the law of the land, in an attempt to force everyone to live according to your specific version of “truth”.

  374. SarahHatfieldDewhurst says

    bornagainSarahHatfieldDewhurst We are going to agree to disagree. I have heard all of this all of my life – I could have predicted your words – Love the sinner and hate the sin, right? I don’t want to work against the kingdom of God in any way, so I think disengaging in this conversation may be the best way to go.

  375. WordOGod says

    JimMahaffey shalamar1516 livnfrog Christians and any other religious fanatics are granted the freedom to practice their religion as a courtesy, they have absolutely NO right to affect others with their beliefs. Freedom of religion includes freedom FROM religion. The very foundation of the American ideal is that all men are created equal and we as a society have chosen to respect the rights of every human to live their lives freely and happily, if someone chooses to abuse waive their rights to happiness by targeting and verbally abusing a specific group of people, he or she is granting every other person the right to counter their opinion. Bigotry is bigotry and hate is hate regardless of wether or not it is based on a 3000 year old Sci-Fi novel.

  376. ElizabethMunizsanchez says

    I don’t think The blogger was attacking all Christians on a whole. I think they were referring to the back of the woods bible thumpers who get off on judging others. I think this Duck Dynasty guy Phil honeslty believes he was not being harmful or judgmental  in his comments but that is the problem. When people are to ignorant to realize that they are racist or homophobic. Im sure slave owners thought they were the nicest owners since they didn’t beat their slaves. That doesn’t change the fact wrong is wrong. And telling someone who/how they love is wrong. Plain and simple.

  377. MonicaBTweet says

    MatthewBattershellI totally agree with you.  I am still a little appalled at the “Christians” that don’t believe this has anything to do with Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion.  It does and it does in a big way.  This is how it starts.  A little by little, they chip away here and there until there is nothing left.  It might be today it’s A&E suspending Phil, but tomorrow it could the government not allowing any mention of God on TV or radio.  We can’t sit back and allow it to happen.

  378. JimMahaffey says

    GarrettVascil DeanRice HillaryThomasWatkins Have you read the whole interview? Phil said exaclty that! He stated that it was not his place to judge, that is left to God. You are making Phil into someone that he definitely is not, and you would understand that if you read the whole interview.

  379. MonicaBTweet says

    AngelaPayitforwardAyers, the Robertson’s don’t need a paycheck from A&E….they were millionaires BEFORE the show ever aired!  If anything, the Robertson’s saved A&E!  They were a nothing channel until Duck Dynasty!

  380. ErinWrenCastillo says

    And this is why Christians are losing the battle. We have too many people like this are only so scared of “hurting someone’s feelings” instead of speaking and standing for the God given truth. Phil did not judge anyone. In fact, he said that he leaves that up to the Almighty. He simply quoted scripture. And now he is being punished for it. This is not something that we should just sit back and watch happen. Yes there are many issues, that we as Christians, should stand for with the same force that we are standing for this one, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stand for this one. And lastly, when did “vagina” and “anus” become bad words? They are parts of the human body! He didn’t use any fowl slang terms for them. It’s just really sad that so many people feel that they have to be PC to show “love” to the lost. We are supposed to love the sinner but hate the sin. How will they ever know they are lost and need Jesus if we don’t share what the bible says?

  381. WordOGod says

    The KKK uses the same bible as Phil to rationalize all of their beliefs, where is the Christian uproar in support of the often oppressed and censored views of the KKK? Isn’t that oppression of freedom of speech? Isn’t that religious persecution? Or do we look at them different because they use their religious beliefs to discriminate and direct hate to a specific group of people?

  382. Boozleford says

    Oh honey. I’m a happily married straight woman with a baby on the way. I love God and Jesus and the bible, and I love good people who do try every day to do good unto others. I love too much, I’m heartbroken most the time because I just love too much. I just don’t know what you are talking about. I love hearing others opinions, and I love speaking about God. Actually speaking about God and praying to God are my favorite things in life. Phil Robertson can speak, but I don’t like what he’s saying. As a Christian! I think it reflects poorly on Christians. He can talk, but just like A&E I don’t want someone else’s words to be assigned to me. Sorry honey. I love Muslims and Jews and gays and fat people and old people and ugly people. Oh, I love so many people.

  383. mckenzieja says

    karlamdavis nexu87 mckenzieja  Phil wasnt condemning.
    “You too cannot serve the master of condemnation and love”
    You have scripture for this?
    Condemning and saying something for what it is are two different things. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, even sugarcoating scripture. This generation is a stiff necked one that will turn a blind eye to scripture and God because of the arrogance and pride, not because of people like Phil.
    Quoting scripting is NOT hate speech, is NOT intolerant.  Why do you think they stoned Stephen? They hated what he had to say! Same with this generation. Stephen didnt sugarcoat it. Or wrap the gospel in a fuzzy little pink blanket with love spelled out on all of it. 
    The fact here is that people in America, including homosexuals, already KNOW about the gospel. You act like they never even heard of Christ. They have. And they have chosen to reject him. But this is not a witnessing issue, this is a freedom of religion/expression issue. Phil was suspended because of his expression of faith. If A&E wants to cancel the show.. I say good because they don’t deserve the money it comes with.

  384. says

    We are in the last days and it says in the book of 2 Timothy where it says “some in the last days will depart from the faith (not reject the faith, but depart from the faith) giving into seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.” So if a Christian believes homosexuality is ok, that would be a departing from the faith. Here is a question is homosexuality a sin? From God’s standpoint it is, so is lying, stealing, and murder, read Galatians 5:19-21 it has a list of sins, which is what Phil Robertson was quoting . Here is another question. How many people actually read and interpret the Bible correctly.  It is called Hermeneutics, which is how we interpret the bible, and it  means literally  interpretation of the Bible. The Bible is God’s word to us, and does not contradict itself. So, we have the opportunity to read the masters words and live by them by the power of Christ and his Holy Spirit. 

    However, today we have an enemy that we can not see, and all his minions with him. The Bible says in Ephesians “our war is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, against the rulers, and against the authorities, and spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places. People are  not  the enemy. It is because of the fall of Adam and Eve, that we are conduits of a fallen nature. As a result we have a warfare against our flesh, and they are, the flesh, the world, and the Devil. That is why we need Jesus and adoption into his kingdom, his word (the Bible), and the Holy Spirit. By the way Jesus says come to me as you are. , So, many Christians are being sanctified, which means in our flesh we will never be perfect. There are 31,110 verses in the Bible, and to interpret all those scriptures correctly to where the Bible does not contradict itself means that proper study and illumination of the Holy Spirit must be there.

  385. mckenzieja says


    You say the church is not persecuted in America? Please explain why the Obama Administration is continuing to sit on their hands regarding Pastor Saeed jailed in IRAN? 
    You’re blind to the oppression.

  386. Lulu_0318 says

    The comments on this site have just reminded me why I left the Christian Church.  While you are all praying for my soul, I will be helping the less fortunate, and the gays, and my disabled neighbor, who is Muslim (OMG!!!!!!). You hold so true to a book written by man thousands of years ago; to scriptues and phrases but you forget all about the actual meaning of Christianity.  It’s quiet sad.

  387. Boozleford says

    You need to get out and see the world, honey. Educated and confident men who love and fear God are unhappy with Phil’s remarks. We’ll be praying for you!

  388. DeanRice says

    MatthewBattershell Best reply yet, very well said. The interesting thing about this issue is that I’ve seen non-Christian folks defend Phil’s statements and put it into correct context, where as “Christian” folk are up in arms and taking the ‘friendship with the world” approach and calling truth hate speech. This sure has proven to be a polarizing subject.

  389. says

    Lulu_0318 Your works won’t save you, you know that if a Christian who dies and commits apostasy (walking away) and does not repent of it before they die will suffer a worse punishment in hell than a non-believer. You have been hurt in the Church, understandable. However, why walk away from Jesus and his people, who are imperfect. Are you perfect?

  390. DeanRice says

    MonicaBTweet MatthewBattershell Right on. We’re already more than half way there, just think of the change in the last few decades. Evil never rests. And when it doesn’t find what it wants, it goes looking for more.

  391. mckenzieja says

    1. Phil’s suspension is not only an attempt to silence his religion but it also sends a message to OTHER Christians who may attempt the same thing. Phil wasnt “Imposing” his beliefs, he was interviewed by press and was asked a direct question. Nice try though.

    2. Secularists are ALWAYS offended by ANYTHING Christian. 
    Sounds like you are in denial.

  392. AndrewImlay says

    JoeNCA AndrewImlay 

    Joe —  🙂  I can’t believe they actually SAID that in Loving vs. Virginia. That was what, fifty years ago?!!  Call me a naive white boy.

    Yeah, and we see again the old “I know God’s intention” reasoning, aka “natural law”, aka “just look at peoples’ bodies! It’s obvious!”   I recently read a dispatch to politicians from an allegedly brilliant new conservative thinker, supposedly explaining in *secular* terms why gay marriage is objectively bad for society. It started off with, we can’t reproduce, which is the “intended” use of male and female genitalia, and he squirmed past the question of “who is doing this “intending”?  (0f course, God) because he had to keep it “secular” …. So reproduction was the objective good of marriage… Then he had to make a bunch of exceptions for infertile (straight) couples, post-menopausal couples, and couples who know how to use birth control correctly. Hilariously, he did this by asserting that while their sex wouldn’t produce offspring, their sex was still reproduction-ISH. Gay sex however isn’t sufficiently reproduction-ish. So no marriage for us! And look, a totally objective, secular justification!

    I thought, am I really that smart, or are the people calling him smart actually not so smart?

    Anyway, I stumbled across Thomas Aquinas a week or so later, and lo and behold…  There’s nothing (theologically) new under the sun.

    Above Loving: why do Malays exclusively get their own ethnicity, but no color? Malay isn’t a color. Couldn’t Virginia’s lawyers figure out what color Malays were in time for the trial? And notice the absence of the color brown. What’s with that? I have a feeling this whole thing was rushed before the trial.

    “And but for the interference with his (God’s) arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages.”  Is this as close as Virginia will ever come to publicly regretting its participation in the slave trade? Conveniently, a century after it was over. I wonder if any abolitionists thought to use this argument…


  393. fishb says

    I believe the reason Christians are “in an uproar” is that there IS persecution here. No, not the kind you referenced (and hopefully that you get impassioned to action about daily – otherwise your comments are simply as hypocritically as those you judge so easily). No, not the same kinds of persecution. But if you will recall – persecution for early Christians started in the marketplace. It was a social persecution before it grew into a physical one. I think that is what is upsetting to believers. We see what is coming on the horizon.

    It is not as if Phil Robertson just called a news agency and started this conversation. GQ posed the question in an interview setting. They WANTED to have an answer that would be juicy/controversial. And they got what they asked for. They expected him to speak the Truth (whether or not people assent to something there still remains an absolute truth). I, personally would not have chosen the same words he did but there is a reason he has been so captivating to audiences and that none of us have our own reality show. They chose this family for a reality show because they have opinions, are interesting characters and  people connect with them. That’s another reason people are upset. Not everyone may agree with them but their charisma is undeniable. And like most charismatic people – they will rub some the wrong way BECAUSE of their opinions. 

    As far as your article goes, I find that you, like most bloggers, believe you stand in a position of wisdom and authority over the “rest of us” in order to prove how witty, ecumenical and culturally savvy you are while still maintaining some peripheral version of the Truth. Additionally, wise readers (and authors) need to use “Duck” in place of an expletive.  in my opinion, it belittles your arguments and weakens your persuasiveness.

  394. JeffCraven says

    If you believe this man is being persecuted for his beliefs, shouldn’t you and he be rejoicing? (Mt. 5: 10-12)

  395. Chester12 says

    and I don’t see you caring about murders deaths, starving children when you Matthew Paul Turner are watching your survivor / real house wives/ kardashian crude on tv…when you drive in your fancy car and see a homeless person do you jump out and offer him to come to the comfort of your home…practice what you preach..Phil Robertson is awesome, he’s a Godly man, who said what he thought and believes, why is it so bad when he does it…when I have to watch my tv promote homosexuality, selfishness, crime, Phil is right this world is getting so blinded, & headed for trouble..

  396. Lisa H 46 says

    You write: “Secondly, remember this is about a reality TV show, a meaningless TV show about http://matthewpaulturner.com/2008/07/13/a-family/ of outspoken rich hunters. It’s just entertainment, people! Some Christians seem to believe this is a really important thing to be angry about. But it’s not.” 

    Do I detect some dislike for hunters? You sound a bit dismissive of “outspoken rich hunters.”

    As a Christian and the wife of a (middle-class) hunter, I enjoy watching Duck Dynasty because they are, by far, the people most like my family on TV. Among the countless shows on TV, among all the good and bad, it’s nice to catch a glimpse of something – however silly or exaggerated – that looks and sounds a bit like people I know in real life, including saying grace at family dinners.

    Yes, it is entertainment. And yes, Phil Robertson was blunt and undiplomatic in how he stated his beliefs. But I can be unhappy about his suspension, fascinated by the whole kerfuffle, AND outraged and concerned about people dying in the Sudan, children trafficked in southeast Asia, and babies aborted in our own country. None of those things are mutually exclusive. And you’d be much more persuasive if you didn’t sound so self-righteous about how much better your priorities are than those of Phil’s fans.

    Entertainment shapes culture, and is in turn shaped by our culture. Why should right-wing Christians or hunters either one opt out of that process?

  397. KentStraith says

    SupportforPhilThere have been no censored comments. Everything Phil said is out there for public consumption. He said it. GQ printed it. His employer then announced that, based on these comments, “we’re not sure we want to continue doing business with you.” That is completely fine, and completely within the company’s right to do so. If it wasn’t Christianity, and instead it was Satanism, and a network put a guy on hiatus while decisions were made, would there be the same uproar? We’re allowed to say/write/present anything we want in this country, and we will not be fined or prosecuted for it unless it creates a material threat to public safety. That does not mean there might not be social consequences. Conservatives are all about personal responsibility. You’d think they’d get that.

  398. Chester12 says

    Lulu_0318 that’s awesome, I will also be helping the less fortunate, gays, neighbours and my muslim friends along with my one vegaterian friend, while praying for you, and all those I help and have yet to meet. Maybe you can enlighten me as to the true meaning of Christianity….if you knew the truth, you would not have turned from your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. & He “Jesus” still loves you even though you run..enjoy your free will..

  399. AndrewImlay says

    EricBoersma AndrewImlay 

    Eric — I read it, bro! I’m grinning like a fool. Thanks so much. I’m proud to call you my brother too. Husband, though…I’ve already made a covenant to forsake all others  🙂


  400. ElizabethMunizsanchez says

    bornagainLulu_0318 who is to say she is walking away from Jesus. Sorry but you can not believe in organized religion but still have faith in God and Jesus

  401. KentStraith says

    JimMahaffeyBoozleford There was ZERO action taken against Phil Robertson for his religious beliefs. Phil’s religious beliefs have been public knowledge for years and have made A&E a whole lot of money. There is no tenet of Christianity which requires talking in graphic terms about the relative desirability of Vagina vs. Anus. There is nothing in Christianity which requires anybody pine for the days of Jim Crow. Phil’s being a Christian is not new information for A&E. His being a problem IS new information. We’ll see how they deal with it.

  402. fishb says

    JeffCraven  I’m sure he is rejoicing! I think they have said over and over how thrilled they are that they have the spotlight – even for a few moments – in order to share Christ. I have read an interview where they referred to knowing this would not be a long-term gig. As far as me rejoicing – I am, in some ways, glad that this has happened. I think any type of persecution has a double-edged sword of emotions. 

  403. KentStraith says

    JimMahaffeyKentStraithSupportforPhilI seriously doubt that it is. For one thing, it’s entirely dependent on what the language of the contract is. For another thing, Phil was not talking about the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the need for repentance and belief in the power of the Blood. He compared gay people to a whole list of terrible things. That makes him a problem employee. I have no doubt if this is the end of the show, they’ll all get paid off. In a contract situation, I have every right in the world to fire you because you’re black, gay, a pretty lady, or because I don’t like your shoes. I just have to pay off the contract. I have no idea what Phil’s contract states, and we’ll see how it plays out.

  404. says

    Real Christians are washed, regenerated, sanctified daily by the Holy Spirit, and will be glorified when we stand before Christ, if they stand strong and don’t commit apostasy while on earth, by grace we have been saved THROUGH FAITH. No Christian is perfect in the flesh. However, God calls us to a life of holiness that can only be attained by the inner working of the Holy Spirit, so you must be born again for this to happen. I am tired of hearing even Christians talking about there works and being a good person. Yes, Jesus produces this stuff in us after we are saved. But we are still fallen and subject to sinning from time to time. If that wasn’t the case then there would be no need for a savior and sending of the Holy Spirit to guide us. Also it says in 1 John 1:9 “that if you confess your sins he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness (this is to the church he speaking to, not to the unbeliever, unless that unbeliever becomes a believer). Then it says in 1 John 2:1 where John is speaking to the Church again about sin where he says by inspiration of the Holy Spirit that “I write this letter to you little children so that you may not sin, but if you do sin you have an advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous. We must forgive 70 times 7 in a day. This of course is a figurative statement meaning that we must forgive everyone all the time, this is also to the believer as well, because the non-believer is unregenerate (not born again) and can not comprehend these things. Jesus says “if you do not forgive my Father in Heaven will not forgive you. This is to the believers as well” He was talking to believers. You get it. I don’t care about Duck Dynasty. However, Phil Robertson was not wrong about his comment on homosexuality. Jesus says forgive. By the way to all believers on hear. Trying to rationalize the precepts of the Christian faith with a non-believer is not going to go over well. Why, because they unfortunately don’t believe the Bible. It was written by man and inspired of God the Holy Spirit. Say that to a non-believer and watch there response.

  405. WhitneyHempsey says

    fishb JeffCraven Share christ by making yourself look like an ignorant biggot!?  I’m sure that’s going to win a ton for the kingdom!

  406. KentStraith says

    RobDruryKristenAdamsTwo things, Rob:

    1. GQ magazine has no relationship to A&E. A&E is a joint venture between Disney and The Hearst Corporation, which also own Esquire (a direct competitor to GQ).

    2. Jesus told His followers that they would be persecuted in His name, and each of us must pick up a cross to follow him. Why are we SO surprised when that happens occasionally?

    3. This isn’t persecution. It’s sad that in America, Christians have confused “persecution” with “not getting everything we want.” Visit China. Find a church. Then come back and talk about persecution.

  407. EdVizenor says

    Hi Matthew, I posted this comment on reply to someone posting your blog. I thought I would share it here for you. Thanks for taking the time to read it. God Bless you!
    Rabaszkiewicz, thank you for sharing the blog. I actually kind of want
    to write a counter blog because I think this guy totally missed the
    boat. I don’t have time to write a well crafted blog with all my points,
    it may never happen so I am going to throw out a few, quickly, on here.
    Again, i know I can make my points more clear if I had a bit more time
    to flush out my thoughts better, so please forgive any mistakes or
    unclear thoughts as I give it a quick run…
    major error, or even ‘fallacy’, is that brings up world hunger and
    starving children to and compares the two and says we should not be
    talking about – homosexual lifestyles (cause that’s what this is
    about), until we feed all the hungry children and all the homeless have a
    home, then we can work on other ‘less’ important issues. (On a side
    note someone tried this ‘Poor argument” with Jesus and tried to say we
    should be using the money for the poor. Bam, what did Jesus say? “The
    poor you will always have… me you will not.” In short, it seems clear
    Jesus was saying ‘yes, we have poor people, but there are other
    important issues too’ and even MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES than the poor. What
    was Jesus not compassionate to the poor? I think we know the answer to
    that. In short Jesus said the “poor agreement” was indeed a “poor
    am so proud of all the Christians for talking about this and for NOT
    BEING SILENT out of fear of ‘hurting others feelings’. This touches on a
    second major error in the blog. The over emphasis on FEELINGS and over
    looking the greater issue of what is right and wrong. How would a child
    turn out if a parent was only concerned about their child’s feelings?
    They would never go to school, stay up all night and eat junk food all
    the days of their life. I could expound on this but you get the idea.
    YOU HAVE TO PUT FEELINGS aside and do the right thing. Yet in our
    culture, we have been forced to be THE CHURCH OF NICE, because we have
    been told again and again and AGAIN… in movies, the media, songs,
    billboards, in short we are flooded with the message that… we are
    “haters” or “judgmental” or we “discriminate” if we say certain things
    are wrong. How else do you think “gay marriage” has been allowed in a
    predominantly Christian country? Because they have kept us SILENT out of
    FEAR! Propaganda with an intention. From the sounds of it, I am
    guessing this guy who wrote the blog is a Christian as well, but his
    article is full of the effects and fruits of shaming Christians for
    speaking out against homosexual lifestyles. This is their tactic to
    break us down and it has worked. But we need to start seeing it for what
    it is. When we see a “Duck” lets call it a “Duck”.
    next fallacy that is used on us Christians is one called “Ad hominem”
    arguments, that is… ATTACKS AGAINST THE PERSON. Off the top of my head
    I can’t remember if this article touched on this but its important to
    bring up. In short they don’t focus on the truth of the point being
    made but begin to attack the faults, short comings and personal sins of
    the messenger. I am sure this is coming for Mr. Duck very soon. Just
    watch. Then we see that ever popular word thrown out… “hypocrite” who
    are you too judge? Are you free from sin? Well then don’t throw any
    stones then. They get us to be SILENT because “we are not perfect”.
    Yes, it is true we are not to throw stones. We are not to Judge
    PERSONS, but we can judge actions and say they are wrong. We do it all
    the time and we should, God gave us reason and commandments and laws. We
    should live them and even when we fall short, we should let others
    know them. But this is another deep topic that I won’t expound upon here
    but in short I will say… We MUST NOT BE SILENT anymore out of FEAR.
    And pray for the grace to discern when this propaganda of has crept into
    our line of thinking, our choices… and even our blogs, even tho well
    intentioned and perhaps unnoticed.
    this IS… about FREEDOM. To downplay this attack on freedom is very
    dangerous. Yes, Mr. Duck says things “a little rough” I agree. But
    that’s his style. He is a rough dude, check out the beard. But don’t
    judge him for it.
    Our Freedoms are being taken away from us left and right. The Catholic
    Church was one of the largest Adoption facilitators in the country until
    we were forced to give kids to homesexual couples. We refused and they
    shut us down through financial punishments. Why did we allow this to
    happen? Where are the Christian voices, voters? Why are we not speaking
    of this. Soon the same thing will happen with marriages. We will be
    forced to administer homosexual marriages. We will refuse. We may get
    more financial punishments or we may even someday be put in Jail for
    “hate crimes”. A baker in CO was asked by a gay couple to make a cake
    with and put a gay couple on the top. He refused and was taken to court
    and the judge ordered it. How is that FREEDOM? I own a website company
    and I can’t imagine the day I am forced to do a homosexual website or be
    punished by the law if I don’t. Its already happening, our FREEDOMS are
    being taking away. We are no longer FREE to speak about what we believe
    is right! Mr. Duck is a prime example of this again… and woe to us if
    we continue to be SILENT and don’t talk about it and work to do what is
    right. I think its a HUGE sign of HOPE that Christians are FINALLY
    speaking up about it. Let’s give Mr. Duck a huge wave of support… and
    OTHERS will follow. We need more leaders, more public figures to step up
    to the plate. They need to see our support for them… and TOGETHER we
    can slowly bring back morals to our beloved America, morals what has
    slowly been taken away from us because we have been silent out of fear.
    Paul Turner, if somehow you read this and you are indeed a Christian,
    then I am kindly requesting that you “prayerfully” reconsider your
    position and even be open to taking down your blog post. It would take a
    profound amount of humility but indeed it would be an amazing sign of
    character showing that you are willing to reconsider your position when
    presented other views. Together let’s work to promote a culture of
    Christians who are not afraid to “Speak The Truth… IN LOVE”. –
    Ephesians 4:15
    In His Mercy,
    Ed Vizenor

  408. MatthewBattershell says

    DeanRice I agree Dean! That is the alarming subject at hand here: CHRISTIANS attacking Christians for standing up while the majority of Americans Christian or not, support Phil and freedom of speech.
    What this suggests is that the American Church has been drinking at the fountain of political correctness so long, she cannot distinguish the tainted water any longer.

  409. WhitneyHempsey says

    ElizabethMunizsanchez bornagain Lulu_0318 Exactly, she left the Christian church…apparently to pursue a christian lifestyle.  Good call!

  410. WhitneyHempsey says

    Chester12 Lulu_0318 She said she left the church, not turned on her relationship with Jesus.  Big difference.

  411. karlamdavis says

    mckenzieja I can’t help but to think you and I are not considering the same Bible here. By the way, way to not address the the whole issue I brought up of other sins that people CHOOSE (since you just love that word) to ignore (i.e. do not divorce, honor the sabbath). Sins that EVERYONE commits and that the church (and your loved Phil has discounted). That’s in the Bible too,you know. 

    To prove my point against your evident misinformation and absurd comments on homosexuals supposedly knowing the gospel and ignoring it, here are a couple quotes:

    Romans 13:8Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.

    Ephesians 4:2 with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love,

    1 Peter 1:22  Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere brotherly love, love one another earnestly from a pure heart,

    1 John 4:7  Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.

    And my favorite, by Pope Francis himself: “the proclamation of the saving love of God comes before moral and religious imperatives.”

    For the record, Phil was not suspend because of “his expression of faith.” People of faith aren’t downright hateful and exclusive of who receives the Kingdom of God. If you care so much for this generation, and don’t want to see it “turn a blind eye” to God, then maybe your need to rethink your approach. It’s not only bad interpersonal communication, but also bad faith. 

    Hopefully some transformation will happen in your life soon. You know, since I’m not into sugarcoating the “wrong” beliefs of others.

  412. jlathem says

    You may not care for the way Phil spoke and that is certainly your right as it was his right to state his.  You seem to be so greatly offended by his remarks but don’t seem to have a problem offending with the title of your article.  If your desire is to caution us in our words why did you choose the words you chose in your title.  It is obvious what you were alluding to and I think it is very offensive.  Mr. Robertson was being interviewed and asked some questions.  SO, he answered them.  If you had been asked to be interviewed, would you have answered the questions with YOUR opinion?  Why does it seem that the only time I see comments about something said by a Christian they are negative.  If this interview in GQ had been with ANY other celebrity there would have been nothing but praise for his courage in speaking his convictions.  BUT, because Phil is a Christian, some other Christians, want to throw him under the bus.  Do I think some of his word choices could have been different….YES….but he expressed HIS faith…..HIS.   He is entitled to do that.  If you don’t agree with what he says, that’s OK.  However, you complain about some of his word choices and turn around and do something just as offensive.   What do you think that accomplishes?  If you are so irritated by the publicity he is getting WHY are you even writing this article.  You are just contributing to the publicity.  The Robertsons are just people.  They started with nothing and built a very successful business.  They love the Lord and try to serve him the best they can.  They aren’t perfect….but, I imagine, neither are you…or me.   We are just forgiven.

  413. JeffCraven says

    WhitneyHempsey Actually, no. What I hoped to call attention to was that if Christians believe this man is in fact suffering persecution for the sake of his faith AND they want to follow and obey Jesus, then the only response is to rejoice, not bemoan the fact that non-Christians do not share their beliefs.

  414. SethDelconte says

    Really?  You’re worried about one ‘rich hunter’ offending the homosexual crowd – when the rest of the country tiptoes around their feelings?  Wow. Wishy-washy and preachy at the same time.

  415. BenHouchen says

    EdVizenor From the very start you missed the point. Take off your goggles and read the article again. Your response is foolish for the simple fact that you are not responding to what the author wrote, but to what you erroneously interpreted his words to say.

  416. eh05 says

    What saddens me is that as a Christian, Phil chose to use a platform like GQ for these topics.. The blatant racism is not appropriate, but honestly – neither is the casting of stones towards the gay & lesbian community.. Have we forgotten the way Jesus responded in these situations? I am so tired of people using their platform to further divide, when the bible commands LOVE.. “cultural Christians” have some how affiliated right-wing, conservative politics with the ways and acts of Jesus.. they also have blanketed themselves with such fear, they are blinded to how off base they have become. How many of you casting your stones have really dealt with your own sins? Amazing, the people I know who actually deal with their stuff are not typically the ones yelling & fighting this area… But truly, how many of us can say we are blameless? If we are going to cherry-pick one area, then we need to highlight the others- equally! the ones that we deal with in our darkest moments, in our minds, and in our actions aren’t exempt, and how would it feel if every time we turned around, we were reminded about the corruption of our personal area of sin without the light of the gospel communicated with it?.. I am so tired of the fear, and ignorance that is fueling those claiming to be Christians… I am so tired of Christian’s looking for people to raise on to a pedestal & then totally losing it when they happen to fall.. I get the concern of “freedom of speech” to an extent, but A&E has the “right” to suspend this man.. He represents them, they signed onto that when they agreed to do the show.. Yes, He speaks His faith & views on a regular basis, but if A&E feels like the line was drawn with the racist words & the emphasis on “homosexuality” – then that’s their deal. if you have an opportunity to reach millions of people, choose your words.. I am not saying “deny your faith” – i am saying, if people were to be left with a snapshot, would you rather them walk away hearing yet again, the exact same use of the bible  to further condemn a group of people  OR would you rather them walk away with verses that make them want more? God doesn’t need us to protect His reputation.. I would rather point to the grace and mercy that is the Gospel, all based in abounding love- than to key verses peppered throughout that speak into a point I am trying to personally make. I am so tired of the American Christian’s having their head completely in the sand.. By constantly yelling about the denial of certain parts of the Bible, they themselves are doing the exact same thing – if people were to try and turn it around, and “risk” showing the love that Jesus commands – i wonder what would happen.. i wonder what revival would take place? what would happen if Christian’s actually pointed people towards, instead of away from God? I am not up for the fight on this & I am honestly not saying one way or another what I think of Phil.. I just wish as Christians in the US- we’d stop & look at what we’ve become..

  417. ElizabethMunizsanchez says

    EdVizenor the church also covered up years of sexual abuse. why? because it wouldn’t look good for the higher ups if they lost congregation. So it is kinda ironic that they refuse to help loving homosexuals give homes to children but its ok to put pedophiles as head of congregations or deaf/mute boys schools. Even after they have gotten caught. I think people have a hard time swallowing what the Church commands when They themselves do everything to cover up their own deceit and lecherous behavior.