Maps of 7 Deadly Sins in America…


The folks at Memolition have posted 7 maps of the United States, each highlighting one of the 7 deadly sins and showcasing the sin’s “spatial distribution” or which parts of our great country struggle with said sin the most vs. which parts do not.

The maps were created by researchers at Kansas State University.

How did they calculate our sins by region? Well, it differs according to sin. For instance, according to Memolition, “lust was calculated by compiling the number of sexually transmitted diseases — HIV, AIDS, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea—reported per capita.”

Sloth, on the other hand, “was calculated by comparing expenditures on arts, entertainment and recreation with the rate of employment.”

While it’s hardly perfect, it’s certainly offers some interesting fodder to bring up at holiday parties or family gatherings…

See all 7 maps here.

Which of the 7 sins/maps do you find most intriguing…


  1. VanceWest says

    Well, I was happy to find out where all the holy people are living . . . West Virginia, Kentucky, Southern Illinois and then theres the 10 or so people that live in the states above Oklahoma, which is a little disconcerting, seeing as there are so few holy people out there I guess.  I’m happy to say I now live in the decidedly neutral-sin-rated Atlanta, vs the evil disease-ridden apparently a prelude to hell Delta region in Arkansas.  Whew. Thank you Lord.

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