This Fox News anchor wants all the kiddies at home to know that Santa and Jesus are white…

The embed coded is acting up, so here’s the link to the video.

There’s almost too much stupidity in this piece to even take it seriously. But I think it’s interesting that, when Megyn Kelly brings Jesus into this conversation, she does so with such confidence that it raises a question for me. Do people really believe that Jesus was white? I mean, I realize we Americans have created Jesus images that portray him that way… but seriously, is this a common assumption for Christians in this country?

And sure, I have no doubts that some Americans believe Jesus was/is white. But how does one of those Americans end up becoming an anchor at the largest cable news network? I mean, there must be room for human error in the media, but I don’t think that Ms. Kelly believes she’s wrong on this. I think it’s her sincere historical assumption that Jesus was a white Anglo-Saxon.


  1. michael_parks says

    A lot of ridiculousness in this video on both sides. Not sure which is worse: thinking Jesus was a white man or thinking that Santa should be represented as a penguin.

  2. LeanneZeck says

    This network loses more credibility with me with every show they run. Amazing. 
    First, you have a panel of white people talking about racial sensitivity.
    Second, you make the audacious assumption that Santa Claus is white–seeing that he was from Turkey–which would probably make him darker skinned than the traditional paintings of Santa.
    Third, Jesus is white? really? God have mercy. I would not want to be Mr. Murdoch or any of the Fox News writers or anchors on judgment day.

  3. JimAllen1 says

    Hey, at least she picked up that penguins are from the *South* pole, not North. I loved the guy bringing in a drag queen. Thought she was going to throw up…

  4. EmmanuelFonte says

    I cannot believe these people are for real. “Jesus was a white man too…” How on earth are these people allow on television?! AND… 4 white people talking about this is embarrassing… They should get out more…

  5. StephanieLynn75 says

    Fox News is horribly misinformed on many things. Gretchen Carlson was outraged by the suggestion that Christmas is actually based on pagan traditions that were absorbed into Christian religious traditions. Yet, a little research…something I know isn’t Fox News’ strong suit…would have shown here that, yes, not only Christmas, but also Easter, are essentially pagan traditions rehashed and dressed up in church clothes. The level of ignorance displayed on Fox News on a regular basis has me concerned. Millions of people watch it every day and accept it as truth without doing research of their own. It’s disturbing, and truly frightening.

  6. Boozleford says

    Where have you been all my life? The supremely well written piece on the duck dynasty controversy brought me here, but the wealth of wonderful articles will keep me here. Don’t you ducking change.
    I guess Bethlehem was in Sweden? Maybe an immaculate conception is the same as having blonde blue eyed angel DNA? I mean, this is embarrassing and ignorant to believe in Christ as a white guy, but we can’t blame her. She also believes in Santa. As a flesh and blood old white guy.

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