1. LeanneZeck says

    So what does God proving himself look like? And who gets to judge whether God proved himself or not? Does the church leadership decide it or does the tither decide if the results of their tithing was proof?
    I am thinking this is not what God meant when he said put me to the test–bring the full tithe in….

  2. dannyjbixby says

    I guess I’m just desensitized to this. It’s a pretty normal thing in a lot of large and influential churches. I’ve seen it done regularly at Lifechurch, North Point, Elevation…just off the top of my head.

    I kinda see it as the thought of there are a lot of people who aren’t used to giving. And who think the church is only after their money. Something like this could be used as a step to help people start regularly giving to the church for a set period of time…with also a safety net that if they hit a financial hurdle, the church will give back their money.

    Guess I haven’t seen or heard the negative pushback to it.

  3. MattSchramm1 says

    dannyjbixby It’s nice to think of the tithe refund as a safety net, and that may very well be what is intended, but I think the way it’s worded is designed to keep people from utilizing it. “If God doesn’t prove Himself,” who on Earth wants to be the guy that’s known in church as the guy that doubted God’s faithfulness?


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