I am not authorized to see @pastormark’s Twitter…

A friend of mine sent me an email. It read, check out Mark Driscoll’s latest Tweet!

So I clicked on the link.

And THIS (the above image) is the message I received.


I’ve been blocked by a number of famous Christians before on Twitter. Which meant I couldn’t follow them. But I could still see what they Tweeted. Mark has taken it to a whole new level!

I guess this means that I’ve been excommunicated from Mark Driscoll’s Twitter.



  1. Kevin says

    Well, I have to wonder if Mark Driscoll was in a spirit of repentance and contrite earlier today as His Twitter account stated he had 5, 666 Tweets. Fortunately, Driscoll Tweeted twice to avoid punishment, hell, and went back to his true holiness state. πŸ™‚

  2. Allen Woodruff says

    I wonder if he will tell the entire church to avoid you like he does when a member is excommunicated from Mars Hill.

  3. Tim says

    so, wait… does this mean you’re a backslidden tweeter? because I didn’t get a letter saying so. o_O

  4. Hannah says

    Um, I’m pretty sure you could see it if you just log out of twitter for 10 seconds and bring up his page anyway.
    But… why would you want to waste your time on that?

  5. says

    Congratulations! If you REALLY want to see his tweets you can log out of twitter and check his page. But I’m guessing you’ve got better things to do.
    In other news I got a DM from Jon Acuff today. πŸ™‚

  6. says

    RT: Mark Driscoll ‏@PastorMark
    “Friends, if you’re struggling with apostasy or you know someone who is, the big idea is this: they need to have a bigger picture of Jesus.”
    I wonder who he’s talking about. If one is a true apostate, I can’t imagine he/she would be struggling about it.

  7. Melody says

    Waiting for the offended Driscoll worshipers to come to his defense and say that church discipline is biblical and that you’re being too divisive.

  8. Shari says

    His Twitter account is not allowed to go out to coffee with you except for the purpose of convicting you of your need to repent.

  9. says

    What’s fun is that you can just log into an anonymous account and read his tweets. He’s a moron if he thinks he can actually stop you from reading them.

  10. Leanne says

    I always find things like this incredibly interesting. There is a Conservative Baptist church in my area whose new pastor wanted all the other pastors to sign a statement of faith or else they would not join in the ecumenical vbs. They kept saying the statement of faith was out of the Bible when the pastors said they would not sign it—it was exceptionally Baptist in content. And so they disfellowshipped from the ecumenical group. These people like the Conservative Baptist and Rev. Driscoll believe themselves to have the Truth which is needed for salvation. They believe they are guardians of the Truth and are to proclaim their Truth to all people. And yet, when they find themselves at odds with someone, they disfellowship or block you from the fb or twitter. And therefore, you can no longer hear their brand of Truth, which according to them is the only Truth to get you into heaven.

  11. mirele says

    You can get around this by doing a search on @pastormark on Twitter. You’ll pull in all of his fanbois, but you’ll be able to see what he’s up to.

  12. says

    Bummer. I’m not blocked. I’ve even sent out a few anti-MHC tweets/taunts over the last few months or so. Nothing hurtful/hateful, mind you, mostly tame asides about how it’s nice not to be in a cult.
    Then I got kind of ill when I saw that he saw fit to tweet his picks for UFC 146. The whole macho-Jesus schtick is about as convincing as Christian rock.

  13. HOBO says

    Awesome Matthew! I am proud of you. False Prophets hate to be exposed and you keep Seattle’s biggest False Prophet in the limelight for what he really is. I praywill that Sophia Grace’s Mother will see the truth one day and take her family out of the Cult and back to Christianity.

  14. says

    I’ve had to block a few people on Twitter (mostly spammers), but occasionally people who wanted to argue about something they thought I’d say (as opposed to what I ACTUALLY said) or people who tweet terrible insults/threats (they happen…I usually RT those and then block them). :/ Sometimes blocking is necessary to keep one’s own sanity.
    Somehow I doubt that’s the case here, though. With someone who, very likely, isn’t tweeting for himself, blocking of prominent critics definitely reads more as silencing rather than attempting to prevent a circuitous argument. Sigh.

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