1. Leanne says

    “so you base the entire religion on fear–fear of punishment, fear of hell…..and what happens to the Gospel where it teaches you not to fear?”

  2. lolwut says

    Considering the director, it’s hard to believe that this won’t end up being pretty heavily biased in the “Hell is totally real, guys.” direction, but that trailer made it look pretty awesome. Black metal, McLaren, Schaeffer? Sign me up.

    • says

      Considering the director …
      The director, Kevin Miller, has been nice enough to respond to comments on our blog. He’s arguing that he’s not going to repeat the same mistakes that were made on Expelled. See this comment in particular.

      • lolwut says

        Thanks for all your responses, everyone! After checking out the link, and assurances from the man himself, I’m pretty juiced about this.
        Also, I forgot to mention the one thing about this that I’m most excited about: BOB LARSON!!!!!

      • lolwut says

        Also, fwiw, re: Kevin Miller, I’m a pretty big documentary fan, and I did watch Expelled and thought it made some good points and had some interesting moments during the first half or so. I was kind of wondering how it got so off track after that, and your comments over at Unreasonable Faith shed a lot of light on that for me. I’d be interested to check out some of what you’ve done between that film and this one — are any of your other films easily Netflixable?

        • says

          Thanks for the note. Unfortunately, neither of the two feature-length docs I’ve done since Expelled are on Netflix. Many people don’t know this, but Netflix is often a horrible deal for indie filmmakers, b/c they give you a pittance to allow people to stream your movie potentially thousands of times. It doesn’t matter if 1,000 or 1,000,000 people watch your movie, the amount of money you’re paid doesn’t change. So Netflix is one of the last places you want to put your film, only after you’ve exhausted all other revenue streams. That being said, you can purchase both films online at these web sites: and

  3. Jabbar says

    I know I am late, but I was just having a discussion with my wife last night. To me Hell is a place for those who look at God and say ‘naw’ I don’t need you. In the bible, the Israelites went through many things, most of them highly painful, but a lot of times they chose the pain over acknowledging God, which is pride. The God, Jehovah, had a plan ‘I will give a substitute for all the the things I said I would do to my people’. Then comes Jesus who made the choice to believe the Word of God even unto death and the reward was resurrection and a spot at the right hand of the Father. But that’s not all because through that sacrifice the Holy Spirit was released back into the earth (the Glory of God left for about 4 hundred years) and would be a gift to those that believed this simple thing… that God loves them so much that they do not have to pay for any of the ‘sins’ they have or ever would commit, but all they would have to do is believe on His plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ (which He placed in plain sight all through the bible). From this belief, man is released from the roller coaster to Hell, to live an abundant life with the ultimate life coach, the Holy Spirit Guiding them. Yet the spirit of man is stubborn, man cannot wrap their minds around that concept of redemption because they rebuild God in their image or the image of what they think of a powerful and CHOOSE to follow him or them or it or themselves; thereby rejecting God and therefore instead of releasing all, they decide they deserve to keep every negative, bad, or evil thing because they feel like those are the things that define them. So it’s true that the Word of God says ‘He wish that none would parish but come to the full knowledge of Jesus Christ, but most decide that the Grace of God is not sufficient for them. Hell is a place for those who even though there is evil in the world… even though there is destruction around them… even though children are dying and people are shooting up colleges, refuse to turn to God for anything. There a place in everyone’s heart for something or someone, and if it is filled with temporal things then most will never know the Joy in this life and the reward of Heaven

  4. Jeremy says

    My Theology professor (Sharon Baker, Messiah College) is in this movie, and she showed us the trailer for it in class. I’m very excited for it, especially seeing as it’s an issue that I’ve been struggling to decide what I believe in. If the trailer is any indication of the final product, it should be a very fascinating documentary!

  5. says

    Hell is a post-biblical term. Its not real. Then again, there are a lot of things in today’s bibles that are not real and never were…. then again the Nicene Bible is a joke too because we voted on it and the killed dissenting voters.. how Christlike.

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