A response from Mars Hill Church…

In response to THIS, Mars Hill Church released the following statement:

“In recent days, there has been some discussion surrounding Mars Hill Church and our process of church discipline. We do not wish to comment on the specific scenario in question, as this is a private matter between church leadership and members, all of whom have voluntarily agreed to this prior to becoming members. We do want to be as clear and forthright as possible in presenting our theology of repentance, forgiveness, and church discipline and make clear that our convictions on this come from our study of Scripture and our deep love for our members and a desire for them to enjoy the freedom that comes from walking by the Spirit in response to Christ’s work on the Cross on our behalf. At the heart of the process is our deep belief that church discipline is about the grace of God, not penance.” -Pastor Justin Holcomb

And then they posted a chapter from one of Mark’s books about church discipline. Read the entire response here.

The statement seems a little stodgy at first read. Not bad, but stiff. And I would have loved for them to have responded on some level about their excommunication processes. But hey, it’s a response. I’m happy that they at least “addressed” the matter.

I’m at a conference in Pigeon Forge and am not able to really comment at length on this at the moment. But I wanted to make sure that I offered the response on my blog. Links to this response will be added to both posts.


Matthew Paul Turner’s book Churched for free