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    This video was edited brilliantly by your friend and your letter in 20 year old terms was awesome!

    I just found your letter relatable to life in general. I was literally glued to what you were talking about it because I relate it so much to my life’s questions and priorities.

    I may not be a believer in your faith. In fact I am not religious. Yet, I have come to my own understanding that I have just grown to enjoy life’s mysteries. I think, merely, because sometimes I am afraid to know the answer or I enjoy realising it myself, through my own eyes.

    This definately showed me the bigger picture. Good job!

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    Wow! you all did an awesome job on this. i loved the part where you said your grandmother became okay with letting the questions remain mysteries. i think that’s what we all strive for. getting to that place in our faith where as you said it’s okay for those questions to remain mysteries.

  3. Maryanne says

    I have tears running down my face after watching this. I’ve been so struggling with the questions as of late.

  4. Anonymous says

    Matthew this was Great!!!! I too am questioning alot going through all this with Nana….I like knowing its okay to question the Lord….even though we are not supposed to…Thank you I enjoyed it very much, especially since I just left Nana. xoxox Mom

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    Het Matt,

    Great job! I’ve always been pretty good at letting there be issues that only God knows the answer to. You said well as saying” Let it remain a mystery”. I’m okay with the unanswered questions but it’s hard to explain and convince others. So thanks for that insight!

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    yeah you know, great job, loved the video, from your words, the editing, the shots, everything.

    It’s funny too, when you mention God not becoming a science, I listen to your questions, and in my own personal struggle with constantly believing that I have God figured out, I hear you say certain things and think “well, there is a simple answer to that” only thing is, there probably isn’t, I just think there is.

    Thanks for sharing your heart, made my day.

  7. says

    Wow, you did such a great job on this! Your gift for words is amazing. And of course, Matt did an amazing job pulling the video and music together. I’ve bookmarked this under my fav videos to share with friends.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Love this. Been thinking similiar deep thoughts. Pondering how my Twitter feed and my Facebook page and my blog roll are taking me away from God. No wonder I have questions. I’ve been dragged away from the place and the person that has answers to humans who cannot have the answers. Thanks for sharing. And for always asking the questions that the rest of us want to ask.

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