mad church disease

My friend Anne Jackson’s book “Mad Church Disease” released last week to fantastic reviews and an even bigger response. I had the pleasure of reading and endorsing the book early on. Here’s my endorsement…

If you’re in ministry or thinking about going into ministry, Mad Church Disease is required reading. With grace and hope, Anne Jackson sheds some much-needed light on the dirty politics, emotional abuse, and physical burnout that are plaguing leadership in today’s churches. Thankfully, Jackson’s “disease” isn’t terminal. Her book will help ministers of all shapes and sizes pursue God’s work in a healthy, passionate, and creative environment.

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    just finished anne’s book yesterday. great stuff. i gave it to my pastor today! i am almost done reading churched and love it. great stuff. wish you could meet my hubby. i think y’all could be great friends. a lot in common. looking forward to reading some of your other books too!
    elias is ADORABLE and you have a very talented wife. found her blog through angie’s and love it!

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