1. Anonymous says

    She never said anything about Jesus.

    This falls into the modern paradigm of “How to evangelize without a) using Jesus’ name and b) preaching the actual Gospel”. While I enjoy SPNTRs music, the point of the Gospel is not that Christians rise to the pinnacles of cultural acceptance and popularity. Most of the people who physically walked with Jesus were executed for their “pr”.

    Now good pr means the tone and delivery meet the cultures approval.


  2. davidpeck says

    I love Leigh Nash, and she positively repped God without being shrill or divisive. Since she was asked to explain the band name, you really can’t fault her for explaining the name of the band rather than hopping up on the desk and preaching about Jesus atoning sacrifice. Why do we so often seem to approach the “battle line” and then turn around and shoot at our own team?

  3. Anonymous says

    david, notice in my response that I didn’t shoot at leigh nash. My point that good pr for Jesus happens when the Gospel is proclaimed. If the world notices our goodness our kindness our gentleness… whatever, thats great. Problem is all of that righteousness on our part is filthy rags in light of what Jesus did on the cross, in the grave and at the right hand of the Father. That is all scandelous and will get us mocked for even breathing it. The world wants a gospel that is boiled down to our goodness and our works…. because they know they can probably be better than us and they can probably work harder than us … In fact that is the religion that most of the world follows, call it what you may.

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