1. Scott Packett says

    I was confused at first, but after reading her testimony and her true mission, I feel a little more comfortable with it. There is a desperate need for us to reach these people, because let’s face, it’s who Jesus reached. There really is no difference in what she is doing, than in what the guys over at are doing. And I think it is great. My legalistic friends would disagree, but they are more conscerned with how there fellow christians percieve them, than how Jesus percieves them. That is another time and story….

  2. says

    It is funny how most Christians are comfortable reaching out to people in the upper-middle strata of the socio-economic scale but not to those who are in the demographic that Jesus ministered to on earth.

    Here’s to shaking up some comfort zones!

  3. says

    Annie, Oz (her new hubby) and friends go places where most “good Christian folk” wouldn’t walk, telling women that they matter, they’re loved and that the lifestyle they’re trapped in isn’t what God created them for.

    If/When I get to go to Vegas, I’m hitting her up for some time together, so I can serve beside her. I do it now in prayer, but like when I go into the jail here, I want to be able to look in the faces of women who think they are beyond help and redemption and tell them about the One who is crazy in love with them.

    Here’s to Annie and others like her who have been there and done that, been rescued and now go back to rescue others.

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