Domino effects of hope-you never know what you might start

Many years ago, an American family made a decision to sponsor a child named Jose Nicolas Ramirez. At the time, all that family knew about Jose (nicknamed Jacobo) was what World Vision had printed on his sponsorship folder, a picture, a name and age, and a country in which he lived, the Dominican Republic. Choosing to sponsor a child from the DR probably didn’t change that … [Read More]

(Photo credit:  National Geographic Channels/Matthew Paul Turner)

The story about God, Morgan Freeman, and me

I’ve been keeping a secret from pretty much everybody since August, a secret that I’ve been dying to share with everybody. As you might recall, last October I shared the following Instagram... At the time, that's all I was allowed to share. Today, I've … [Read More]


A Letter To My Son: May the Force Be With You

Dear Elias, Well, son, tomorrow's the big day—the day that you and I have been talking about for three-and-half-years—it’s the day that we get to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I cannot wait. You'd just turned 4 when I read the news online that … [Read More]


My embarrassing addiction…

I’m currently on day 6 of Whole30. If you’re unfamiliar with Whole30, it’s basically one of the current healthy eating trends, a month-long dietary guide that, according to the authors of the idea, will lead to “total health and food freedom.” Now, whether … [Read More]